Albert Wesker Died For My Career

Albert Wesker Died For My Career

“Yea, though I walk through the valley… and parts of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, I will fear no casting director, for my work as Albert Wesker precedes me, and thy fans and conventions comfort me.”

And when, exactly, did I sell my soul to this religion?  In the year of our Wesker 2006.  I was asked to audition for a video game called “Umbrella Chronicles” over at Cup Of Tea Productions in Burbank, run by two great ladies – Danni Hunt and Lainie Bushey.  I hadn’t heard of the game… Actually, to be honest, I’m a workaholic and haven’t heard of many video games at all.  Only the ones I audition for or get hired to work on.  (I didn’t take my first vacation until 10 years after I moved to Los Angeles!)

A Wesker Nativity

Picture 121 Albert Wesker Died For My Career

Peter Jessop

I auditioned for several characters.  One, in particular, required a voice match.  They played the voice of Peter Jessop doing Albert Wesker. They said Peter was unavailable as he had several other gigs lined up, which makes sense.  In addition to being one of the good guys in this biz, he’s also a very talented and sought-after VO guy.

The voice Peter created is near impossible to recreate as it’s so unique in accent and intonation.  I gave it a whirl and then completely forgot about the audition.

Wesker On The Mount

About 3 months later, I got a call to come do the sessions – still having no idea how huge this character was.  I went in and worked with the lovely and accomplished Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.  I have to give her props for these sessions.  Voice directing a video game with producers from another country is a big challenge.  Not only is there a language barrier, but there is the abscence of a cultural shorthand.  When we thought I had nailed the voice, the direction would be translated and relayed back to us that it needed to be more this or that, etc.  The final result is a bit of a mish-mosh.  No worries.  It was a job.  I got paid.  They were happy.  The world continued to turn (as well as some fans, I heard!)

Wesker Raises The Dead

0wesker Albert Wesker Died For My CareerAbout a year later, my agent calls to tell me I booked “Resident Evil 5” as Albert Wesker.  I thought it was strange the character would appear in a different game.  I mentioned this to a friend.  He was a fan and, needless to say, he schooled my ass lickety-split (always wanted to put “ass” and “lickety-split” in the same sentence).  I went on the internet and realized I had landed into the middle of a huge franchise with hundreds of thousands of zombie-killing fans… Yeah, I felt a little pressure!

Picture 10 Albert Wesker Died For My Career

Ken Lally

Then the producers cranked it up by asking me to audition for the physical motion capture part of Wesker.  You know, where he walks slowly with a gun and looks über-bad-ass?  I was excited to experience that aspect of video game production.  But I had also thrown my back out four days before while renovating our new house!  So my audition consisted of me walking around, not looking that bad-ass, but more broke-ass…  Hmm, that phrase seems wrong.  In the end, they hired Ken Lally (an actor and stunt man) to be the physical mo-cap guy.

[Side note:  In response to the emails, “No,” Ken didn’t do any of the Albert’s voice in the final production.  That was all me.]

Wesker’s Last Supper

Picture 4 Albert Wesker Died For My Career

Richard Waugh

The first recording session of RE5 started off a bit scary.  They played what I had recorded previously, but also what popular Canadian VGA, Richard Waugh, had done previously (not Peter Jessop)!  I thought, “Uh-oh…, Me no study his voice!”   They said they wanted to merge the two, but then to evolve the voice.  “Thank Wesker!”  I was all for evolving it. (I prefer to create, not impersonate… Oooo, I’m a poet!)

[Another side note:  Albert Wesker has been voiced by four actors over the last 13 years, Peter, Richard, myself, and the original; Sergio Jones.]

Picture 51 Albert Wesker Died For My Career

D.C. with bad skin.

Of course, what made the process so much more complicated and fun this time was that I was also mo-capping the facial expressions.  That was a first for me.  Stand perfectly still and emote facially, but larger than life — and keep the subtle voice acting going – “Oh!  And don’t gesture!” Oy vey… Telling a voice actor not to gesture while performing is like asking a chef to cook without utensils… Like asking Jude Law to wear a condom before sex… Like asking Sarah Palin to think before she speaks! … Like… Oh, never mind.

Working with Reuben Langdon, Capcom, and director Liam O’Brien was a real pleasure, though.  I recorded over an 8 month period, I think, which is unique for most video games.  I really enjoyed the humor and talent that everyone brought to the experience.

Picture 71 Albert Wesker Died For My Career

Wesker’s Crucifixion

This time around, I was excited for the launch.  It didn’t hit me until after “Resident Evil 5″ actually came out that Albert – sweet, cold, evil Albert – was dead.  No more franchise for me, baby… Of course, had he not died, they might have used a different voice actor in the future.  I’ve been at this long enough to know that’s the biz – money, logistics, time, and then talent…  But it was still a little bittersweet that he took that lava plunge and ate missiles. (If you haven’t played it, yet, I’m making that up.)

The upside is that it has elevated my voice over profile for other video games.  Most notably, I landed a major new character in [redacted] –  a completely different genre, but one helluva game (2010 release)!  This game also features some great actors from a certain awesome Sci Fi television show…  (Oh, how I taunt and tease…)

Another upside; I’ve received requests for personal appearances at conventions around the world.  Some of which I might actually go to.  More on that at a later date (I’m looking at you, Ohio…).  That’s something my film and television career hasn’t done for me… (Though, oddly enough, “The Bold And The Beautiful” called today about a gathering of fans… Something about me and a horse… Yes, more on that later, too!)

The Resurrection Of Wesker?

Lest you gamers think I take it all for granted, let me be clear: I truly know how important Albert Wesker was to my voice over life.   In fact, every night, I recite this prayer;

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to Wesker my soul to keep;
When in the morning light I wake,
Please don’t kill me.

It’s worked so far…

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Picture 6 Albert Wesker Died For My Career

My abs are a little better than these, but protected by a layer of state-of-the-art fat.

  • Tom Stanley

    I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

  • LEC

    Life looks good as a video game icon… :-)

    • misterdc

      At least my abs do!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Almost as good as being an heir to a soap dynasty… ;-)

  • Smiley

    Well now. Just because Wesker kicked the bucket doesn't mean DC has. And what's this I hear about Wesker being in Darkside Chronicles hm? ^_^

    • misterdc

      They will cut off my… um, they just wouldn't like it if I said anything!

  • Dix

    You were the best Wesker, by far.

    • misterdc

      Bless you, my son…

  • David R.

    Why again would Resident Evil kill off their franchise character? You can make the games better than ever, but they continue to make the stories worse. Either way, I hope we all see Wesker in the future.

  • John

    It was in your best interest to assist me!
    I suppose i should thank you!
    You failed me…
    How is this possible!?

    • Jay

      Oh my lord, MARRY ME!

  • Andrew

    Honestly, since the first Wesker (Sergio Jones and "Eric"), I thought nobody could do a better voice than that (the voice, not the dialogue, which was…..I can't say those words here), then I heard Richard Waugh, he was very good, seemed better than the original. And Peter Jessop was even better. Now what could be next? Douglas, you sir, nailed it. Umbrella Chronicles worked like a marvel with that voice. Since then, I tried to do a Wesker voice MYSELF. All I have to say, if I ever get an audition, don't be mad at me for taking your job (laughs?). Seriously, I am really expecting an audition, I feel confident to know that my voice is A. Almost identical to yours. B. Has something I feel Wesker VAs have, like some magic, you know what I mean.

    As of now, congratulations for quite possible the best Voice in a video game up to date. I hope I can be next, no hard feelings I hope!
    Best of luck man.

    • misterdc

      Thank you… And be careful walking to your audition for RE6…

    • Michelle

      Andrew Smylie? :D I've heard your voice on youtube videos. You could definitely be the next Wesker. Amazing voice acting. And your laugh…! x) <3

      • LostMagikNyram

        My god Andrew! If is that you, YOU'RE MORE THAN AWESOME MAN! And you're right, I've heard your videos Andrew all this time and I realized that your voice is similar to D.C's! Absolutely agree with Michelle, you are the next Wesker for sure my man!

        • D.C. Douglas

          Oh dear… Looks like Andrew is going to have an accident now…

          • LostMagikNyram

            hahahahahaha it seems that you've adquired the same character as Albert D.C!!! Just see him as a good replacement if something happens to you… (I doubt it! That never happens :D)

    • ICWOFURY00

      we all know that Andrew is the future Wesker (influenced by Richard Waugh), his voice acting has helped my little conspriacy wrestling show go viral on the net. D.C you have a great spin on Wesker too. In the voice acting business, no one is "better than the other". Peter Jessop was awesome too. :) Now does any body know where I can find a Richard Waugh myspace, twitter, facebook, etc page? lol You Wesker va's are all awesome.

      • misterdc

        Now THAT'S the attitude! Cheers!

  • Dredgon

    You made Wesker badass, best voice for him EVER! Your voice makes the game too! And, I think I know who you voice in Mass Effect 2…The Illusive Man!!!!!

    • misterdc

      Thanks for the nice words… As for ME2, I'm afraid you're wrong…

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Dredgon

        Well, I tried!

  • Elliot

    You became the best representation of Albert Wesker, you brought so much to the character that the other voice actors didnt. I used to think oh no it cant be done better than Waugh. i was wrong…so very very wrong. I applaud you sir. well done.

    • misterdc

      Thanks Elliot! Though I admire the other Wesker voice actors' work, too! Nothing is better, just different.

  • Mike

    Thank you for making Wesker my all time favorite video game villain. Can't wait to hear your work in DSC, good luck and keep it up!

  • Lauren


    *cough* Yeah, best variety of intonations for a single name, ever. Job well done ;)

    • misterdc

      Thank you! I was lucky it was only one syllable long!

  • Nia

    Yeah! I prefer your voice… is more bad-ass and suits Wesker perfect! I was sad when I discovered he died too… he is my favorite character T_T

    A peruvian RE fangirl comment =D

    • misterdc

      Helllooooo Peru! Thank you!

  • Fernando

    It's a shame they cut out Wesker when he finally got a fantastic voice for him. If Capcom decides to reboot the franchise from scratch they MUST give you a shot to reprise Wesker. I guess it would be great to interpretate him with liberty.
    Jones, Waugh and Jessop were great too, but for me, Wesker = DC Douglas.

    Best of luck on your future works.

    Greetings from Mexico!

    • misterdc

      From your computer to Capcom's screen!

      Thanks for the kind words!

    • Daniel

      AGREED D.C. You embodied the absolute best. Goddamn you've got an awesome voice and talent Sir! All the best to you for continued success!

  • victor ruiz

    you totally nail wesker voice Mr.Douglas, your my favorite of the 4 VA, and i want to ask you something:

    a few months ago u had an interview with unwired tv and you said u did a prequel thing as weskers VA and then u talked about wesker being in DSC but my question is: are these two proyects the same? or are they different?

    • misterdc

      They are, indeed, the same. Again, it was a short piece…

      • victor ruiz

        damn im disappointed, well i guess DSC can't handle more than one scene of the awesomeness of D.C Douglass/Wesker. =) good luck on your future proyects and i hope to hear you again on another resident evil game.

  • Reilly

    I’ve been a fan of RE since the very 1st one came out- so I practically grew up with the RE series. That being said, you are by far the best Wesker VA, and I’ll even go as far as saying I can’t picture wesker in a game without you as the VA. Great job!

    • misterdc

      Thanks Reilly, though your post makes me feel old! :-)

  • Lauren

    Hm. For Darkside Chronicles, are they doing the same thing they did in Umbrella Chronicles, with the remade scenes? Or is it all new footage? I know that Code Veronica had four or five Wesker cutscenes… will those still be in it, and the ‘flashback’ is new footage, or is the flashback the -only- footage of Wesker in all of Darkside Chronicles?

    Also, you have one sexy voice Mr. Douglas!

  • Uroboros

    why did capcom killed Wesker so easy i mean he was the mastermind of viruses and information we saw him in many RE's they could atleast kill him like he could survive and for god sake he wasn't even scary at the end , Tyrant, Nemesis, Sadler, Salazar, those were scary mutated monsters, but Wesker like a care bear only his voice was so sinister and badass serious thanks misterdc for good VA

  • GacktsL8dy

    I think i know CAPCOM and the RE series well enough to know that WESKER is NOT GONE for good!

    It's only a matter of "I HOPE" they cast you as WESKER again because in MY opinion. YOU were the best WESKER in the line of his VA'S. And iam not just saying that either. Wesker is ma fav character in RE and i believe you did an AMAZING job. Please continue to do a great job! And come to Houston soon!:)

  • Elizabeth Stevenson

    I think the biggest fight i see with fans is "DC" or "Waugh." For me personally when I compare yours with Waugh, I prefer yours just a bit more and here's why:

    I really really don't mean to shoot down Richard in any way because his Albert Wesker voice is very distinct in its own nature, but I honestly feel that it sounds a bit too……..aged? I don't know how else to explain it in words. I mean god Albert is in his late 30's to 40's in the game is he not? And Richard's Wesker voice seems a bit beyond what Wesker should actually sound like in age, at least in my opinion. I know Wesker is serious minded character, but yours sounds more fresh and less….for lack of better words, stiff? I have to admit honestly though, there are parts in the game where Wesker just makes me laugh. Especially at the end when you have to scream "CHRIIIIIIIIIIIISSS!" or during mid-fight scenes like "You can't hide four-EH-VAH!" I'm sorry, but its just so epic and awesome and sounds funny at the same time for Wesker because you put a bit more emotion in to the voice than Richard does and I'm so used to hearing Richard's so hearing the emotion in it is very very amusing. But that is the most epic scream from Wesker I have ever heard and I doubt any other actor could duplicate that. All in all I absolutely love your work, you have a very distinct voice and not many have that.

    On a side note, I still can't get over the fact that you do the voicing for the Geico celebrity commercials. God that's awesome. I love those commercials so much, but I had no idea it was actually you voicing for it. Just simply awesome!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thanks for the nice review! It really is just a matter of taste for the viewer. The performers in VGs usually have several balls of influence to juggle. And that changes with each game.

      Yes, I miss GEICO! However, keep an ear out for the McDonalds breakfast "be the sizzle" spots! Should be airing now!

  • Nahuel Matias F.

    Sos muy bueno en el doblaje de Wesker, la verdad me dejaste impresionado. Soy un fan de la Saga Resident Evil desde el primer hasta el ultimo juego (aunque mas que como "juego" yo lo veo como una historia que trasciende esa palabra).
    La verdad yo no creo que Albert Wesker haya muerto. Posible es que no tengamos noticias de el en un buen tiempo, pero estoy seguro de que una franquicia tan grande y con una historia tan buena no dejaria morir a uno de sus mas emblematicos personajes (junto con Jill Valentine, Ada Wong y Leon Scott Kennedy), seria tan ilogico como si mañana se muriera Bowser de la Saga Mario.
    Por otro lado, opino que si se hiciese otro Resident Evil con Albert Wesker, vos deberias ser irrefutablemente quien sea el actor de doblaje, porque tu trabajo fue genial.
    Un saludo.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Gracias? Sorry! I had a dumb American education and can only speak 1 language! But I think what you wrote was nice? So, Thanks!

      • Gustavo

        Don't worry! He just said only good things to you! ;-)

  • Jean

    In less than 5 seconds this message will appear in your blog, ensuring…

    Complete. Commentary. Salutations.


    • D.C. Douglas

      Damn you!

  • UK Wesker Fan

    DC, I wanna say that I've probably watched and rewatched these scenes many a time with the same sense of satisfaction that I did when I first saw Wesker's foreboding figure in the spencer estate Cutscene just a few days after launch.

    I have to thank you from pretty much every angle for making Wesker so much more memorable with merely a vocal contribution. Love the game, LOVE Wesker just so much more…and definately a fan of how you portrayed him.

    Here's to you, man – No Poor Performances here at all, that's for sure! =D
    Have a good day, wherever you are and whatever you may be doing!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Right now I am pondering whether I should eat something that will surely make me fat… But I suck at resisting temptation. Ice cream and "The Daily Show"!

  • Chris Targett

    Mr.Douglas, I am a fan of Resident evil and your work was highly appreicated as Wesker. he was so simply awesome and my favourite character, Umbrella Chronicles and RE5 were my favourite…. You made it awesome for us! Thanks!

  • GacktsL8dy

    I've noticed that you curse alot more than other VA'S do. You are like a spinning image of ME (If i were a man)

    >>>>>>>>>I LIKE IT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    • D.C. Douglas

      Sh•t, really? Oh, okay, I have a potty mouth. And I like the "spinning" image thing. I think it's "spitting image" but yours sounds much more fun.

      • GacktsL8dy

        You see "spitting" is known as a "POTTY WORD" and yes "SPINNING" is F.U.N!

        I like to throws those kinds of words in, every now and then. to cover up my POTTY MOUTH. You should try one day! :D

        And let me know how that turns out for ya!

  • Reilly

    Nice, you watch the daily show too? Y’know I know asking this is totally cliche, but do you have a Twitter account? Or at least consider opening one?

    • D.C. Douglas

      I do have a twitter account, but it really just posts links to my blog when I post here. Just can't find the time to twitter what I'm doing, which is usually illegal or disgusting!
      Best thing is to sign up for email updates or join the Facebook fan page (where I do occasionally drop a line about an audition or what not.)

  • Gustavo

    I'm sure you've heard this a lot of times, but I'm really really serious:

    As a HUGE fan of Resident Evil saga I can honestly say you are by far the best voice over that Albert Wesker ever had before.

    I'm so glad for what this amazing character gave to your career. You truly deserve it 'cause you have done an awesome job! Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Argentina!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thank you Gustavo! And say Hello to Argentina for me!

  • James Donohue

    You saved the RE5 storyline. Your voice is unique. I'm actually having trouble finding someone who can do a good enough impression for an RE parody I'm doing.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thanks! Good luck with your parody!

  • Steve

    I'm a bit picky about how Capcom "does" Wesker, he's my favorite character. But I think your voice acting was absolutely perfect. Even if he didn't look badass, you certainly made him sound badass. Thank you!

  • GacktsL8dy

    I see you love going to conventions as well!

    "I’m looking at you, Ohio!"?

    What about, "I'm looking at you, HOUSTON?!" :)

    Just saying!

  • Han Hyuga

    DC, when I played Resident Evil 5 my expectations were already very high. I watched my brother play number 4 and when I heard the new one was going to have co-operative play it almost made my jaw drop. Not ONLY was the gameplay very fun and exciting, but there was just ONE other character who just made the game… Excella. Joke! In all the originals I was a fan of Wesker, but you just brought to him so much more like he appears to be more witty, more conniving and I love his really melodramatic way of talking. Combined with the way he has all his super speed, super fighting skills… It all makes one badass dude! He's such a cool character and because of your work he's probably now like my most favourite villain ever.

    And now because of that I actualy can't remember the last time I DIDN'T play as him in Mercenaries mode. XD So congratulations, even though Wesker has died I hope you'll continue to work with Capcom, at least I can look forward to Darkside Chronicles if nothing else. :D

  • Tanya4Wesk

    You can check out my video I done on Albert Wesker.
    Be sure to read the right side top corner where it says
    more info.

    Thanks to all who viewed it. Tell others about it
    and you can paste this url site for others to see,
    I don't mind. Thanks, for Wesker!!!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Very cool! Fingers crossed it works!

  • victor ruiz

    i know u answered me this but what exactly do u mean by a short piece? one scene only, or is it many but small scenes in the game? im really diying to know.

    thanks for your time.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Sorry, not supposed to talk about it. I got in trouble recently with lawyers on another game, so I have to be mum.

  • John

    Hey DC,

    We all love Wesker. The actress for Jill in RE5 has said she has recorded new stuff for an RE5: Director's Cut. Have you done any work for this at all?

    Cheers dude!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Sadly, no…

  • geminix

    The real albert wesker is not dead !i mean he was working for umbrela cooperation.then the umbrela boss took his blood for experiment and kidnap him…he knew a lot about umbrela virus development.and umbrela created clones of wesker…the real wesker is not a bad one in resident evil series know his real id..till in resident evil 6 he will reveal it…i hope that zombies like resident evil1,2,3 series will apear not like 4 and 5.but the real zombies like in left4 dead hope capcom team will put all characters like,leon,clair,ada,wesker,cris,baerk,rebeka and some character in outbreak,it will be more fun if they could make it a multiplayer,also can drive some vehicles.also the umbrela lab is still underoperation in a town but underground.this town will be infected by the umbrela virus.there will be more fatal zombies and beast…

  • Random-ass guy

    Wesker be praised!

  • Eddie

    omg when i first heard your voice in Umbrella Chronicles,one thing came to mind-
    Wesker is at his best, Your voice gave him such clarity,every quote said by the Character stuck on like glue "You will learn of the history,I will write for this world". This quote said at the end of UC sums up Wesker's awesome character perfectly

    Thank you for making Wesker the ultimate badass in history.

    • D.C. Douglas

      You sir, are an anomaly! A lot of folks didn't dig me in UC because I was trying to be a sound alike per direction. I'm glad some of you guys liked it, though!

  • ldh

    I'm complete crap at games like RE; it was the cinematic aspects of RE5 that drew me in–and I was immediately grabbed by the way you voiced Wesker. In fact I'm currently listening to a bit of RE:UC gameplay on Youtube in another window right now, just to see what else you do with his voice. Believe me it's not the sort of thing I'm inclined to do with games. You did an outstanding job creating a character so memorable.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Wow. That's very nice of you to say. Thank you!

  • Luisa Martínez

    D.C, since the first day I knew you made Wesker voice in RE5, I became in a fan of yours, seriously! I've also seen some of your movies in your "Hit-The-Fan Productions" webpage and I love them, especially "Duck, Duck, Goose!" (loved the ending song). You're a great actor and I love your performances.

    But related to Wesker, everyone who had wrote in this blog (and the people who will write something) will be agree with me in this: the Wesker quotes that you've said all along the game are unforgettable! I mean, I bet there are more than one Wesker fan out there repeating ramdomly phrases like: "you can't hide forevah" "you dissapoint me, this is the best you've got?" "Uroboros will be released into the atmosphere, ensuring complete…global..saturation" "I suppose I should thank you" (My favorite quote, I laughed a lot when I heard it by the first time, very Wesker hahaha) and more, and more, and more.

  • Luisa Martínez

    D.C, you not only make this character awesome and badass (as he always is), but you also make him memorable and you made his phrases completely unforgettable. Your voice fits perfectly for this character and you were able to express his feelings… (I hope you understand what I try to say… I'm thinking in other words but nothing better comes up). I also respect Richard Waugh work but I all my respect goes to you D.C. Awesome work and I'm sure Wesker is not dead and you'll contunue doing the voice of this outstanding villian (an unique character, I most say).

    Thanks for becoming Albert Wesker the awesome character he is. I enjoy his performance through all the game. You made him important into the game and I admired now this character thanks to you! (I have to say that I'm always looking for someone who want to play with me in cooperative mode in Mercenaries, just for hearing Wesker saying his excellent quotes! Hahahaha. A bad-ass humour, that's the mark that you put on Albert).

    Greetings from a Colombian fan!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Many thanks! I'm quite flattered!

  • King

    I really like you~ you’re the best wesker!!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thank you! Very sweet of you to say!

  • silverstro

    Thank you for creating a unique Wesker,who stimulated not only a personal negative character love whirlwind,but also a wave of score race in RE5 Mercenaries mode(In this mode,you should spear no effort to kill 150 emenries in limited time).
    I know you can’t concentrate on video game for a long time,but Mercenaries mode really killed me so much time.I am lost in it due to our sweet-cool-evil- Wesker(You!).I love the voice,so I played so much,I even skip my college course,over two months for you!(You failed me!)
    And I replayed the STAFF list in order to find the cast,then i found you.After googling,It is amazing to realize that you took part in so many animation and games we met. And the discovery channel,a programme about weapons,glad to hear your voice in other programme!
    You had been almost a core topic in Chinese fangirls’ group.After reading your blog articles for a period of time,I found you’re handsome,cute and considerate.Your blog is so funny…I want more Chinese fans to know you,but because of language problem,It is hard to make you known .(Hey,this is DC Douglas>_<)So I ask your permission…Can I translate your blog articles into Chinese for our Chinese fans?
    Forgive my poor English…and wish you have a magnificent career!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Wow. I am very flattered and humbled! Yes, by all means, feel free to translate them into Chinese — but ONLY if it doesn't interfere with your school work! I don't want to be blamed for you flunking out! :-)

  • cmdexe

    I love your voice very much!…..I don't konw how to say> <my poor English…and BTW,I'm one of the Chinese fangirls' group that silverstro said~XD
    And,I don't know if it should be asked:your name,D.C,is short for?Forgive me T T

    • D.C. Douglas

      Welcome! And DC is short for Darling Chinese! ;-)

  • nasty queen

    well…a Chinese fangirls’group….= =||||||

    so we are here with our poor english, to say that “you are the best and you really did a great jod and ?????????? ????????????????????????????????????????D.C.????”

    PS????????????????????????"damn u"…^?^…

    by the way,if you design this website yourself,my god damn Critical teacher will give you full marks,i bet, really good taste^?^

    maybe just like someone said,We are right here to fawn on you= =i’m kidding…

    god?What the hell is the crap that I'm talking here?T T….sorry…my poor english must kill me sooner or laterT T

  • D.C. Douglas

    Actually, I love your English. It puts a smile on my face. And thanks for the website compliments! Hopefully I can get into a GameCon there! Would love to see China!

    • nasty queen

      sorry to reply so late?in the past 48 hours we spent 16 hours in laughing as idiots ?you know why^?^?
      then spent 16 hours talking about your sweet reply…
      and…then spent 16 hours translating our new reply into English with friends T ?T god i hate English
      DC: liar?u guys never sleep?
      nasty queen: OK?i just want to say that you really mean a lot to us^?^

    • nasty queen

      ?it says: sorry, your comment is a little too long…so i have to make two parts?
      forget it…….i got a bad news just for you,,now all the kids in our biolove club are taken by you, so i guess the Chinese boyfans'group will be here soon.—?—
      we wanna keep on afflicting your eyes and your endurance with our elementary English …..until drive you carzy?someone of our club: i bet you guys will go carzy first……maybe she’s right T? T?whatever, you asked for it… so cute and make us like you! ^?^
      ?????????????????…?????????????…???????????????…?????????T ?T

      • misterdc

        ????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ????????… 7 minutes… 7 minutes is all the time I have to play with you…

        • nasty queen

          it's unfair ! so i spent 1 minutes this time…hahahahahaha^?^

          PS: i hate translating webpage now T?T you afflicted our eyes successfully


        • Bernice

          Erh, the chinese letters you wrote seemed well…. wierd? O.o I'm from Singapore and am a chinese. I'm gettin frustrated. We take English as a first subject and Chinese as the 2nd one. You really should come and listen to our country's 'magnificent Singlish'

      • Bernice


  • BioTech

    What is DC short for?
    "Divine Comedy", umm…isn't it? :P
    Well it's just a joke and I think you're an artist with great sense of humor haha,it's really a lot fun to read your articles here, I really like the "snorkeling in mind" video, may be I should try to snorkel in mine when I feel bad next time -). And thanks for creating such a impressive Wesker with your "lovely" voice, excellent work DC, keep it up, we're with you!

    • D.C. Douglas

      "Dastardly Criminal"… And glad you like the snorkel video! A work of love and silliness!

  • John

    Have you played all the way through RE5 yet? Are there any things you did that were left on the cutting room floor? Stuff that will be included in the upcoming Gold Edition with the new level in Spencer's Mansion? Fingers crossed…

    • misterdc

      I haven't played all the way through it…. So maybe???

  • silverstro

    Thanks for your permission,and I didn’t fail any exam in this semester.RE5 Alternative Edition will come soon in Feb 18th,there will be a stronger wind of Mercenaries mode huh…Wind of madness?

  • Hadden

    You played a awesome Wesker, and lets hope under all that lava that wesker will come back :) who knows ;P

  • Krystal

    I keep an eye out often for other works you've done, just because I like the style of voice acting you do. The talent required by people is usually not fantastic, but your work and Mr.Langdon is simply just stunning. Art comes in many forms, but it's not often so many people can enjoy once piece of art together.
    Can't say I'll ever want anyone else to do Wesker either… besides… -cough- It's not fair I can't have fantastic phone sex with you as it is. -snort- lol. I joke, yet I don't. Oh me… I show nothing but respect for your married other half. -nervous smile-

    • misterdc

      Thanks for the kind words… I'm considering a new company that provides Albert Wesker phone sex, so we'll see… ;-)

  • LadyRed

    You did a fantastic job with Wesker and are definitely my favorite actor in the role. You gave a sleek, dangerous (dare I say, sexy?) edge to him. It was nice to see the character come to the forefront in RE5, since he'd been more of a behind the scenes type of guy for so long. Bravo!

    • misterdc

      Thank you! Love the "sleek" characterization!

  • Denisa

    Dobrý ve?er, musím Vám up?ímn? d?liž že když jsem poprvé uslišela Albert?v hlas ve h?e Resident Evil 5 tak se mi zježili vlasy hr?zou. Máte skute?n? výborný hlas, celou hru jsem m?la ledový pocit. D?sil mn? Weskr?v hlas až do mork? kostí pokaždé když otev?el tu svoji pro?ízlou papulu. Dobrá práce jen tak dál. Gratuluji tohle se Vám opravdu povedlo. :DxD

    • misterdc

      Argh! My widget doesn't translate this one! But, thank you?

  • silverstro

    one of my friends asked me to leave a message for you:-)

    “I do love your particular Wesker,better than the former one in RE4.TK6’s Raven is also impressive.I shall never regret since Wesker call JinKazama’s name in my whole life…:-)”

  • Brooke

    Let me just say you are one of the best voice actors of our time. You not only add a great voice to a actor, also high quality acting. A lot of voice actor lack the good acting. You are also portrayed Wesker the best. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, so I’ve got to witness all the changes in his voice and character and your portrayal in my opinion is the best. I’m also a big fan of the villain, so I say this with love. You just captured his character perfectly. Your roles in Umbrella Chronicles in Resident Evil 5 Peaked my interest in you, but your humor made me a fan. I remember playing Umbrella Chronicles and thinking, “Wow Wesker sounds cool in this game.” Then in Resident Evil 5 I was blown away by the great acting. I remember after 5 I went on a D.C binge. Researched you on the net and found out Wesker was voiced by a guy with a wonderful sense of humor. Who’d of thought? Funny equals massive points for you my friend. I also found out you voiced characters in Tekken 6 and Mass Effect 2. Bought those and enjoyed them. Legion was boss, always kept him in my group.

    I hope you succeed in any venture you take, cause I enjoy your work. I hope to be able to see more of it. You set a high bar with Wesker. It’s made me not want to see that new Resident Evil movie, cause I know you wont be portraying Wesker. The kid playing him is going to fail, cause he lacks the epic voice that is D.C. I will accept no other man as Wesker. Well I love Wesker so I’ll probably still watch the movie and play the games, but I’ll be wishing the whole time it was you behind the shades.

    As you can probably tell by now you got a bit of a fan girl in me and as a fan girl I have and will always continue to defend you from haters on the net.

    Also that blooper thing you did as Wesker was FUNNY!! Man that was a treat. Again big points for the funny. That whole blog was a joy to read! The Wesker prayer, the comments about Jude Law and Sarah Palin. Even the name of this blog made me chuckle. Wesker or not you are a fantastic human Being.

  • D.C. Douglas

    I am flattered and very humbled. Thank you! I hope I can land a new gig in the future that will be in line with your VG tastes!

    Again, thanks!

  • Sefiroth

    You made Wesker the most badass character…ever. While the other actors were okay (They used monotone) your voice acting was incredible, the accent you gave him is unique :D Capcom should feel terrible for killing him off after the epic voice you gave him, I expect their sales to drop >:( Best of luck getting new jobs! Try to make more characters this badass later on down the road.
    P.S. Did you get any props from the game?

  • Mistral

    Douglas, I loved the voice you gave him.
    Actually, n last Manga and Videogame Festival, I bought the same clothes to look exactly like him and with a pancart saying: "¿Are you there, D.C Douglas?" (In Spanish, of course.)

    Thanks a lot for all.
    Your name will be always remebered on my mine :D

    – A Wesker Fan. (lol)

  • John

    So then…Resident Evil: Revelations, a newly announced RE game seemingly set before your 'death'. Have you been contacted by Capcom about this at all? Thanks for your time!

    PS: Great work on Mass Effect 2 by the way.

  • WeskerFangirl

    Someone should've given an her to Mr. Wesker. I hope he sticks to his 'nine lives' status and didn't really die in that game. RE feels empty without him… :(

  • WeskerFangirl

    *I meant "herb", the green one.

  • WeskerFangirl

    Oh, and may I stress DCD, your voice made Wesker sexier! I would've given you a million green herbs if I could ;)

  • reilly

    hey DC, are you voicing wesker in marvel vs capcom 3? check out the wesker reveal trailer for the game, you beat the crap out of captain america, lol.

    [youtube LHWhCP9ETsk youtube]

  • Ando Drago

    -Hi DC DouglaS!-How Are You Doin"?-Large Than Life I Hope.I just Finished Playing Resident Evil 5 & Just Couldn't Help,but To Find Out "Who The Hella Was Behind" The Most Magnificent Villain Voice Ever Created.But What Surprised Me The Most ,isn't The Fact That You have A Superb Voice but at same Time Who You Are.-You're Talent Is Remarkable.-Resident Evil is Much More Than A Game Action/Horror Experience it is A Large Than Life Experience that Never Stop Evolving From The AsheS,Fire & Lava?…lol[youtube szGefZERoI4 youtube]

    • D.C. Douglas

      Glad you loved it! I am also a big believer in evolution for Wesker!

  • Ando Drago

    -Ando Drago (Yamato King) -Official Artist Home Page:


  • M-Greg

    Your performance in Umbrella Chronicles made me fall in love with the character theme of Albert Wesker and the conspiracy theory-ridden corporate underworld. I cannot praise your work as Wesker enough. It sent shivers down my spine so many times, such as in trailers for Biohazard 5.


    HOW THE HELL ARE YOU NOT MARRIED?!!! I've got 5 or 6 Japanese friends who want to marry you! EVEN I WANT TO MARRY YOU!!!!!!! *marrying Wesker? FTW!!!!!*

    • D.C. Douglas

      I am SO blushing!

  • Lakota

    Wesker is seriously my favorite Video Game Character of all time! For every game even though they used different voices for Wesker, they never failed. But You, YOU definitely nailed Wesker for RE5, I cannot tell you how many times I had chills running through my body when you spoke in the game! XD Good luck D.C!! <333
    And best of luck for you also, Andrew =]

  • Lakota

    ProjectUmbrella is a GREAT site for any RE fan. Even though I have my Umbrella Archives book for Info, theres no other site that has more RE info. I love it, and I cannot WAIT for RE 6! I just wish Wesker didn't die in RE 5… But everyone knew it was gonna happen, I did at least -sigh-

  • D.C. Douglas

    That's so sweet of you! Thanks! (I miss Australia and the bats in Sydney!)

  • The-Jill-Sandwich

    Gotta say (this is quite late xD) but you are my favorite Wesker. You really made the character in my opinion, and I wish they had found you sooner! Waugh is great (and I'm Canadian), but you really ARE Wesker. I am still VERY angry about the story of RE5, but you can't dwell on these things…….:'C

    One thing that makes you the best out of all VA's for me is that you are such a goof, it's awesome (such a contrast! xD) You really care for your fans, and you are a riot! I found this site via your "Old Uroboros" ad (well, found it after I stopped laughing my ass off x'D).

    I still have you on my voice mail, and get compliments on it all the time. "Excella, don't touch that!…GOD DAMMIT WOMAN! *beeeep* *person who is calling laughs during recording*" xDD (p.s. I donated to the Heart and Storke foundation)

  • Crell

    Best Wesker ever. And this is coming from a complete noob who went out after (days) of playing MvsC3 (Straight) to play RE5. And you know what? I'm on the hunt for every RE game, just because you alone completely changed my opinion on giving RE a try. That is…


    You also voiced Jazz in ES! And Alexei in ToV! <3 I hope to see more Wesker, and more of your talent in the game industry. I'll just be…over by my Ps3….watching Wesker destroy ignorant gamers on MvsC3…..

    "Mortals are so weak! You mean nothing to me!"

    <3 You made Wesker a character to be remembered (A bit more than the others x)). For now I will enjoy RE5, Umbrella Chronicles, and whatever else I find…

  • Zell

    Awesome work done mate! Your voice acting really adds to the scare factor during that first fight with him and his "partner".

About D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas is a voice actor and film / television / theatre character actor based in Los Angeles, California. He also dabbles in gadflyism during slow weeks. Leery member of Google +.
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