Famous Voice Over Actors

For every 20 working voice over actors, there’s one celebrity voice in the mix.  Sometimes it’s obvious, such as Martin Sheen or Keifer Sutherland.  But more and more, it’s getting harder to pick them out.  How many people new that Billy Crudup is the “priceless” voice over for the MasterCard commercials?  It’s true.

One agency that specializes in celebrity voice overs is Special Artists Agency.  Their voice over department is broken into two levels – Scale and Celebrity.  Their scale department has a small, select list of voice over pros, like D.C. Douglas, Stephanie Sheh and Dave Mallow.  Their Celebrity department is a who’s who in Hollywood.  Below is a list of just their male celebrity voice over actors:

Armand Assante
Billy Baldwin
Corbin Bernsen
Kenneth Branagh
Jeff Bridges
Pierce Brosnan
David Caruso
Justin Chambers
Chevy Chase
Clifton Collins Jr
Paulo Costanzo
Brian Cox
Richard Crenna
Timothy Dalton
Tim Daly
Ted Danson
James Denton
Leonardo Dicaprio
Tate Donovan
Stephen Dorff
Richard Dreyfuss
David Duchovny
Craig Ferguson
Andy Garcia
Balthazer Getty
Jeff Goldblum
Ryan Gosling
Paul Gross
Ioan Gruffud
Gene Hackman
Ed Harris
Nigel Havers
Emilie Hirsch
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Paul Hogan
Dennis Hopper
Peter Horton
John Hurt
Frank Langella
Bobby Lee
Jon Lovitz
Kyle Maclachlan
Madsen, Michael
Cheech Marin
Tim Matheson
Ben McKenzie
Julian McMahon
Matthew Modine
Jay Mohr
Dominic Monaghan
Rob Morrow
Gary Oldman
Timothy Olyphant
Patinkin, Mandy
William Petersen
Eric Roberts
Robbie Robertson
David Schwimmer
Charlie Sheen
Sheen, Martin
Gene Simmons
Tom Skerritt
David Strathairn
Sutherland, Donald
Havers, Nigel
Steven Tyler
James Van Der Beek
David Walton
Michael Weatherly
Treat Williams
Owain Yeoman
Michael York


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