The Final Albert Wesker VO Interview

The Final Albert Wesker VO Interview

Without further ado, here it is:

The Final Fan Conducted Interview of The Last Wesker Voice Actor

[Correction:  The awesome title song is actually by Beau LaChance and is called “Savior” — The music under the questions is by Fernando Valle]

For the backstory, be sure to read Albert Wesker Fans: It’s Time.

Now feel free to saturate the globe with the link!  It’s in your best interest to assist me…

This was a remarkably ambitious project that we attempted to do in 8 days – from the idea, through gathering video from around the world, to marathon editing sessions! Delivering the final video within hours of its premiere on

Harrowing? Yes… And a fun experience, too.  (Oh, and please pardon our green screen mistakes!)

I also want to thank everyone who sent in video questions. YouTube has a 15 minute limit which forced us to be harsh with our editing. Sorry if you were one of the fans who didn’t make the final cut.

Also, thanks to everyone who sent in music! Beau LaChance had the perfect title song for us.   In addition, everyone else’s submissions were too good and unique to place underneath the interview sections. They deserve to be front and center. So we opted for some generic music and Resident Evil soundtrack cuts. We hope you’ll understand.

Again, thank you all for joining the #WeskerWeek Twitter mayhem… It was a blast!

  • Abbey Collins

    THANK YOU D.C! for putting me in! ^_^ i am so grateful! i'm wishing you only the best for you and your career!


    • D.C. Douglas

      I was happy you sent video in! You've been a long time fan and I appreciate it!

      • Abbey Collins

        your welcome! ^_^

  • Mr. $miley

    Excellent interview. Hope to see you in Mass Effect 3. As a favor if you ever run into Peter Jessop at some point during your projects could you also tell him a Wesker fan says hi and that the remake was his favorite game in the series. Or better yet, talk him into having a fan page on facebook or twitter so I could tell him that. You guys were great in the Mass Effect series by the way.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Peter and I used have the same agent, but if I do run into him, I will! He's a sweet guy. He's also a dad, so I think he doesn't have too much time for social media – he has to supervise his kids social media! ;-)

  • MBJ_01

    Hey, D.C. Douglas! Thanks for the video! I'm kinda feeling embarrassed seeing myself in the video, but again, thanks for the video!

    Hope to see you again in other video game voice acting or maybe even films or TV shows. And I hope someone casting you in CHUCK series, 'cause I really like that series! :D

    ~ MBJ_01 from Brunei Darussalam
    (real name Munir bin Julaihi)

    | END OF LINE |

    • D.C. Douglas

      You, sir, have STYLE! Got a big kick out of your video.

      I'll tru for Chuck, but it's up to about 35 different people ultimately, plus luck…

  • Aimee

    Thanks so much for being the nicest V.A guy to us fans to the extent that you have graced this interview!

    I wish you all the best in your future! <3

    • D.C. Douglas


  • Silvia

    Sorry I couldn't join the fun but loooove the interview!

    • D.C. Douglas

      There you are! Yeah, it all ame together very quickly. But glad you liked it!

  • Natalie

    Oh heck, I look a right fool getting confused over whether it was recording or not!! But really, I am so grateful to have been included in the video, thank you ever so much!! It was a fantastic interview and I look forward to seeing you in other roles and perhaps, one day, as Wesker once again :D! (Also, I will totally ask the people at London Expo to invite you or something because that'd be so wonderful!)

    • D.C. Douglas

      No, Natalie, you were adorable!

      Fingers crossed with London Expo… ;-)

  • Monique – REDatabase

    I miss #WeskerWeek already… Feel kinda depressed now it's over, but it'll pass… I hope so! :)
    Thank you for everything, DC!

    • D.C. Douglas

      There's always next year… ;-)

      • Monique Alves

        Yeah! The fans are already talking about next year's #WeskerWeek on Twitter! ^_~


    It took a 2 hour trip to the internet provider to FINALLY get my internet freed and I just missed like my only chance to ever as DC a question – go figure. (sigh) but he mentioned my deviant page with was so cool! Thank you so much Mr. D.C Douglas *hugs*


      …so sick of my typos…so sick u_u

    • D.C. Douglas

      Oh, sorry about that! Glad your name and picture are in it! I get names and "handles" confused, so I wasn't sure if you had sent a question in or not. But, hey! You are one of the voicemail winners! ;-)


        Yep! I've got that which still makes me jump over the moon XD. But this was a great gesture to us fans and it is not unappreciated in the slightest. But personally I'm a bigger fan of your own work and I hope you make another movie that stimulates the brain cells. And of course your famous political views – mom never stops smiling at those. So it's something both she and I look forward to.

  • Begin

    Hi. youtube bueffering is too slow.
    I think video is too high quality and heavy capacity.
    Can you upload another low quality (low capacity) version?

    • D.C. Douglas

      If you follow the link to YouTube, you can choose the 360 version there. Thx

  • WeskerZombieWanker

    Ever wanted to say something like –
    I’ll give you something to moan about lurkers!! – ?

  • WeskerZombieWanker

    What for dog do you think wesker will cuddle when hes not working? ;-)

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