Goodbye Video Games, Hello Fans!

Goodbye Video Games, Hello Fans!

Albert Wesker is dead.  Legion is gone (for most).  And, coincidentally, so is the videogame aspect of my career at the moment!  But no worries, as the film, television, and commercial voice over parts of my career are going pretty damn strong (thank you, Zeus, er, my agent!)

Even though, as of this post, I have no games coming out in the future, I did snag a lovely personal appearance manager for anime, sci-fi and videogame cons (read the press release)!  Jeff Zannini of Jeff Zannini Management will now be handling all con appearance requests.  His roster includes Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, Richard Hatch, John DiMaggio, Billy West, Quinton Flynn, Jess Harnell and Maurice LaMarche (my Transformers: Rescue Bots castmate and sweetheart!)!

Jeff also has a great reputation for making things happen. In fact, one day after joining his roster I was booked for this years Florida SuperCon!  And with the demise of my two biggest and best videogame characters, what better way to say goodbye then to go out and meet the fans? … Well, landing another big game would be a great way — Oh, sorry.  Yes, the fans, baby!

There is one other way I could say goodbye to those characters.  I could make a final fan-centric video mash-up.  And so I did!  This one’s for all you Resident Evil, Albert Wesker, Mass Effect, Legion fans:

If you want me to come to your local con, tell their con guest committee to contact Jeff at Jeff Zannini Management!  And if you’d just like to see me on television, I’ll be on NCIS: los Angeles in May and Comedy Central’s Workaholics in June!

Rest in peace Albert and Legion.


Thanks for all the great comments!  Warms my cockles.  Don’t tell anyone.

However, there seems to be some confusion and, I admit, it’s due to my writing a blog post at 2 am!  Let me clear it up;

1. Wesker, as far as I know, is NOT in RE6.

2. I am NOT leaving VO work or Videogames.  I just have a lull at the moment.  Usually I don’t post about that!

3. I still work everyday in VO (commercials, narration, etc) and have a nice streak going with film & TV gigs.  In fact, you can hear me as Chase the police car on Transformers: Rescue Bots every week on The Hub!

Hope that clarifies.  Next time, I’ll go to bed and write my posts after 8 hours sleep! icon wink Goodbye Video Games, Hello Fans!

  • crazyfreak

    Hahaha 7 Minutes/Jill Sandwich/Charlie Sheen and Wesker Jr. references! (Pfff Jake Muller will never be as awesome as Wesker) Great goodbye :( although it makes me sad. I was actually rooting for Wesker to return in Resident evil 6 just to hear you voice him again. Good luck in your carreer and maybe one day Wesker will appear in Resident Evil 7 or in the N3ds games.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thanks. And fingers crossed for RE7, though I may be 80 years old then!

      • crazyfreak

        We'll have to cross our fingers for a RE sequel on the 3ds. I heard Revelations did very good in sales and reviews and even the director wanted to create a sequel for it. Oh well, I'm glad for you that you have other projects going on. It's always good to have diversity in your work. I'll be following your website ;D

  • Aleksandra Shpeht

    *crawls in a corner and cries*

    • D.C. Douglas

      *crawls over and offers a hug and some reassurance*

  • Silvia Sturm

    I'm very sad that the aera Wesker is finally over. Guess I'm getting too old for that video game stuff after all… Not too keen on any juniors
    Still looking forward to see and hear you in new projects to come!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thanks, Silvia! I truly appreciate fans like you who enjoy the "other stuff" that goes on in my career aside from Wesker! ;-)

  • Torley

    There's that saying that in sci-fi, no one really stays dead. ;) Glad we got in touch. Keep bringing memorable characters to life with personality!

    • D.C. Douglas

      And THANK YOU for coming to my rescue with the Getherlizer!

  • Untitled

    I shall forever mourn the lost of Legion.

    • D.C. Douglas


  • Sara

    Nice! My favorite parts are “Uroboros” in unison and “why am I wasting my time talking to a flashlight” and…well it’s always nice to hear Wesker swear <3 it. Now I get to go repeat this comment on FB and maybe Twitter, although it surpasses their limit =)

    • D.C. Douglas

      Yay! Glad u liked it!

  • Marielle Matuszak

    DC, this just made my day =)

    • D.C. Douglas

      That was on my To Do List.

  • Courtney Bloomer McCans

    D.C. Thank you. First and foremost thank you. Legion was new to me, but I've witnessed Wesker's incarnations since 96'. When growing up you have heroes. Now I had real heroes with the likes of Luke Skywalker & President Clinton, but Wesker inspired a sense of strength when I was young. Many Halloween seasons were "mad" as a scientist. In the last few years your incarnation of the super villain was brilliant. I think many here would agree, we were rooting for his return not because of the character alone but what you brought.

    Ah, but what a way to end. Tis true everything must have an end, and this farewell was the perfect seasoning of comedy and sentiment. I hope in the coming future to thank you personally at a local con (if I get myself out of the Redwoods) for your work. You sir are an artist.

    Thank you again and I wish all the more success in television and film. Perhaps VO will come along again. Personally, you are the best but who ever listens to opinions anyways. Don't we base every decision on factual information? hehehe…

    • D.C. Douglas

      You're very sweet. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  • Alexandra

    As much as I hate to say goodbye to Wesker and Legion, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you nab more television (OR IDEALLY FILM) roles. Thanks for bringing these characters to life, DC. :) You nailed it.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thank you! And, yes, me likie the TV and film gigs a lot!

  • Kathryn Haynes

    I'm sorry to hear that you don't have any more video games coming up as of right now, but I'm glad to hear your Television and Film work is going strong. You deserve it!

    Now, onto the video… I was up to 32 seconds before I thought my heart was going to explode from the awesomeness of the "sexual canibalistic nature of a Jill Sandwich!"

    Beautiful work, D.C.! Beautiful and amazing work! You are, and for shall ever be, EPIC!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Aw, thanks!

  • Ariel

    "Wesker is dead" – just reading that crushes me….why do all the good (…bad?) characters have to go : ((
    I guess the VG voice acting scene is a little quiet lately, but it is good that you have other work to keep you busy and fed!
    As for the video…..I just want to say – the dialogue is PERFECT. "a Legion-Wesker Vid–" "WESKER- Legion." "Uh.. Wesker-Legion video game…"
    You know how to remain in character, it makes me happy :') hahaaha. Long live Wesker-Legion alliance! lmao

    • D.C. Douglas

      Long live the alliance!

  • Erin Brown

    Does this mean your not going to do voice overs ever again? Oh god I hope Not! BTW I love you DC thanks for making my day with this vid!

    • D.C. Douglas

      Oh dear! Of course I'm still doing VO!!! I have a show on The Hub and I do a lot of commercial work. I just have no videogames in the pipeline, that's all! Whew!

  • Chadalyst

    Although you tried to kill off most of the worlds population and made some…pretty bad last decisions…


    Imma miss ya :C

    • D.C. Douglas

      Because I COULD!

  • Kristen

    Just thought you ought to know that you're my favorite Wesker :). Thanks for making this!

    • D.C. Douglas


  • Jan

    I produce a Resident Evil Podcast. Would you do me a Favor and send me a mp3 File with "I am Albert Wesker and you listen to the Resident Evil Podcast" or "I am Albert Wesker and this is the Resident Evil Podcast" ?. That would be awesome!!!! Thanks again for your Work on the Series. All the Best Things for your future Career!

  • Gaby

    awwwwwwwwwwwww no way….i will miss your voice in games…and really…:( :'( -starts crying- ;(

  • Dan

    This is absolutely, 100% amazing. Seriously, it’s SO cool that you did this. You’re awesome.

  • Jessie Rodriguez

    My God. You have to be the cooles actor ever. most actors don't have time to give back to the fans in you did it a n one video. man you will be miss in the video game world but you Can always do wesker voice anything you got plan for the future. take care man and good luck with your work. Marty Bison Out.

  • Blind Rapture

    Your Legion is incredible. you did the impossible by bringing a machine to life and giving it emotions and a personality without betraying the fact that it is still just a machine. Love your Wesker as well and this video was pretty awesome of you to do.

    Look forward to seeing you do more gaming VO in the future, hopefully.

  • yossi

    Yay! That was hysterical! I've been an RE fan since I was 11 and I always thought Wesker was cool but it was when you voiced him that he became my most favorite video game character. :D

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I'm sure many others are that they bring him back and especially for you to voice him again, lol!

  • Mel Rey

    Ellen Page here (pft you wish).
    Anyways, glad to hear your moving up the food chain. Waiting to finish the damned semester here to get my mojo on in Cali. My agency finally decided to get me a full ride in some snappy place there, so who knows, maybe I'll see you around if I manage to get lost and spam your blog with directional help (because, it's not like I can turn to the internet or GPS on smart phones for help or anything lol)

    Also, I forget- was A&G con your first?
    If so, also glad to hear you're getting to experience more of them.
    I've been rather burned out though, same thing every year. You might get to that point, but for now, be cool, and just drink the night away.

    Anyways, thought I'd see what's going on in the life of D.C.

    Mel Rey, out! (that was corny as hell)

    • D.C. Douglas

      Snappy place…? It wouldn't happen to be the Oakwood Apartments in Burbank, would it?! (

      Listen, when ya get here, feel free to drop me note. I'd be happy to scare the hell out of you with Hollywood horror stories. ;-) (dc [ a t ] dcdouglas d o t com

      • Mel Rey

        Horror stories? Haha…

  • Blarg

    ……ssoooooo where Wesker got the egg from?????

    • D.C. Douglas


  • Ina Szu

    Dear D.C. Douglas,

    Or shall I say Albert Wesker?
    It seems that you have announced your departure from the video game industry (for the time being). And it actually saddens me tremendously. Oh dear, a tear rolled down my cheek.

    I must say, as a fan of the series for almost a decade now, your voice has somehow revolutionized Wesker's personality. Of course, all videos games in the early 90s have surely gone through very cheesy, slow speaking voice acting. But I personally think you've given Albert the perfect pitch and it's really does suit his charming, evil personality. I'm pretty sure you're just as evil as he is, but you do hide your "evilness" bloody well.

    Even if I am wishing for your comeback in the Resident Evil series (technically that would possible if Wesker is dead, but I don't see why you can't be given another role), I'm quite happy to see your career bloom day by day. I do hope we get to hear more of you and your works. You've won yourself a dedicated fan, Sir.

    Anyway, I just subbed to your blog and I can't wait for you to spam my inbox with updates! I shall leave you be with ghastly plans good old friend.


    A previous Umbrella and Tricell executive, now a mere Wesker-mourning-fangirl.

    – Ina Szu


    • Ina Szu

      Aw dang my iphone just had to butcher my message. Damn you autocorrect.
      Let me correct those!

      * it really does suit his charming, evil personality
      * technically that wouldn’t be possible is Wesker is dead
      * I shall leave you be with your ghastly plans

      I’m sure Capcom will find some unbelievavle excuse to bring back Wesker.
      We need him! Even if, yes yes we all know that he doesn’t need anyone because… He has Uroboros! ;)

      • D.C. Douglas

        ha! thank you! And autocorrect is a nasty piece of computer code…

        • inaszu

          Funny, even if I tried correcting there were still mistakes in my previous message, there is still one persisting.

          Seeing your reply made my day. Thank you!
          Yes, yes, I suffer from autocorrections, even more when the person I'm texting is my mother. x

  • tom

    Sad to hear you're leaving the voiceover industry. Definitely have left a legacy in acting for them.

    As a side note, here are some interesting video game commercial voiceovers

  • Heather Lum

    Dear D.C,

    I tend to lurk about because it's a sad little trait I picked up when I was in theatre tech school, however I have to say I shall miss the voice of Wesker, so delightfully evil and fun to listen to. It's sad to hear you are no long in the video game realm for the time being, but I am sure they will be able to bring something about. I would enjoy seeing Wesker come back (the one that dies was a clone and not the REAL Wesker). ((Wishful thinking)) It's nice to see other projects working about and so I wish you the best on future endeavors.

    Question, what's a good way to get foot into film industry… BC, Canada is a dry bed unless you are a union (sadly I am no) and no one will look at me here otherwise… any ideas?

About D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas is a voice actor and film / television / theatre character actor based in Los Angeles, California. He also dabbles in gadflyism during slow weeks. Leery member of Google +.
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