Hire A Voice Actor By Voiceover Style

Hire A Voice Actor By Voiceover Style

So, you want to hire a voice actor for your project, but you’re thinking like a corporation type and wanting to see resumes.  Stop right there!  You need to hear your voice over talent.

But first, you need to determine what the sound is that you’re going for.  Do you want a low, manly kind of read?

Or perhaps you want they friendly corporate voice over:

Sometimes you might not want a narrator or announcer, but a character to represent your brand or project:

Now, if you have a fun production team, you can look for more stylized reads.  Like the big, fast announcer:

The point is, don’t think like a corporate type.  You’re now a “creative” looking for the right sound.  If you don’t know what that sound is, yet, then better to stop your search and really define your goals.  Then bounce ideas around with others in your team until you have a voice prototype in mind.  Then searching for the right voice actor for your project will be much easier.  You may even find this guy:


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