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Hollywood Roulette

Hollywood Roulette

In 1997 I was hot, baby! Well, not physically (there’s 50 videos on this site to prove that sad fact) but rather, career wise.  I had just been a recurring character on NBC’s “Boston Common” and had auditioned for a series regular role on a “Police Academy” spin-off show.  Then I booked a guest star on “Diagnosis: Murder!”

It was in the middle of the 8 day shoot that my agent called me and said I had a Network audition for the “Police Academy” pilot!  The final audition before becoming a series regular! But I was already committed and on-set of “Diagnosis: Murder” – had even shot the first of four scenes with Dick Van Dyke!

I had to pass on a possible series gig to finish the guest star gig…

16 years later, it happens again, but just before I’ve shot anything.

I recently booked a great antagonist role in this indie film that shoots the next two weeks.  I had also auditioned for a Nickelodeon pilot a month ago.  Yesterday they had a call back.

And today they are calling me back one last time for a “test” on Monday.  IF I book it, it works smack in the middle of the film!  But also, IF I get it, it would be a guaranteed recurring role (more than half the episodes of a season)…

For the first time in my career my agent and manager conference-called me to offer strong advice (while I was at the costume fitting, of all places). It was an awkward feeling: first world problems.

I had to drop out of the small indie with the great role for the possibility of booking a fairly huge gig… And find some Proactiv for that zit.

While I’m excited by the prospect (and Monday’s call back) I am quite bummed that I won’t be an amoral sheriff kicking ass and taking names. (Though there’s still this.)

But, it’s Hollywood roulette, baby… I may hit it big!

Or I may end up with nothing, drunk, defeated, sitting on the curb outside a casino and folding my last dollar bill into a little boat and setting it on the gutter stream running under my legs. [Yes, stole that image from the end of a film about gambling I saw when I was a kid but cannot remember which one it was!]

Curious what you would’ve done. Leave a comment below. Make me feel like crap. icon wink Hollywood Roulette



About D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas is a voice actor and film / television / theatre character actor based in Los Angeles, California. He also dabbles in gadflyism during slow weeks. Leery member of Google +.
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