“The Pitch” (2002)

D.C. Douglas serves up some Hollywood BS.

“The Pitch” is a scene from an un-produced screenplay called “A Surplus of Available Joy”. The story behind how this scene was cobbled together with old, broken equipment is quite entertaining. See http://www.TheDCTube for more information.

Written by
Grubb Graebner

Directed by
Reagan Wilks & D.C. Douglas

Edited by
D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas

New Mexico writer, Grubb Graebner, wrote a wonderful screenplay called A Surplus of Available Joy from which this scene was filmed.

This was not an “official” short, but more an experiment in technical austerity – filmed with 3 lights, a CD-walkman and an old wind-up 16mm camera. The crank would only last about 20 seconds. Then it had to be recranked.

In editing, D.C. found that the crank gradually declined, making sync sound a nightmare. Audio had to be cut or expanded by 2 to 15 frames, depending on where he was in a take… Music was created with a newfangled program called Garage Band…


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