“Snorkeling In My Mind…” Music Video

A Christmas intro into a kid’s psychedelic song (unveiled while on winter vacation in the Caribbean).

What started as a casual utterance from a mere child turned into an explosion of bad photoshopping, basement Final Cut Pro effects and many inside jokes. However, perhaps there are some people out there who may find freedom in the message of this music video…

In honor of Dustin and Dylan & Kathleen and Ben Malone…

Lyrics and Music written and performed by
Lily Popova,
Abraham Peraza,
Robin Meyers,
D.C. Douglas
and guest guitarist Tom Wilson.


About D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas is a voice actor and film / television / theatre character actor based in Los Angeles, California. He also dabbles in gadflyism during slow weeks. Leery member of Google +.

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