VO Buzz Weekly And DC

VO Buzz Weekly And DC

If you’re interested in having a voice over career, or just curious about the business, there is one website you must have bookmarked: VO Buzz Weekly!  If my words can’t encourage you to do that, then how about my face?  Talking?  And unnecessary gesticulation?

In other words, I’ll be a guest on the show February 17th and 24th, 2013.

VO Buzz Weekly is an interview series with the top names in the voice over industry.  Occasionally, they let strange people like me on the show. icon wink VO Buzz Weekly And DC  Recent guests include Grey DeLisle, Bill Ratner, Beau Weaver, EG Daily, Dave Fennoy, Pat Fraley, Debi Derryberry, Billy West, Bob Bergen… Okay, I’m exhausted, but the list goes on and on!

The show is hosted by Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad.  I’ve known Chuckie for over a decade and the man embodies the lovable, huggable side of rock’n’roll.  I was honored that he and the talented (and purdy) Stacey J. Aswad asked me to come on the show.

But I need your help!  We shoot my segments this Friday and I don’t wanna show up empty handed, kids.  So, here’s what I need from you guys – QUESTIONS!  I will take the top 10 questions with me to the show and answer them.  I’ll also give you a shout out and mention your website, if you have one.

So, in the comments section below, please give me a question you would like answered (also your name and website, if any).

Help me create the Top 10 Questions About Voice Over That I’m Too Lazy To Google!

But there are rules!

Questions must be about one of these:
1. The business of voice acting.
2. The craft of voice acting
3. The career of the voice actor in general.

No questions about:
1. Resident Evil, Mass Effect, or other shows/games.
2. No fan questions, please.

The point of the Top 10 Questions About Voice Over That I’m Too Lazy To Google is to help the VO Buzz audience, which consists of people wanting to get into the voice over business.

So, won’t you help?  I have 2 days to do this!

Ask away!


Thanks for all the questions.  We got a few into the show.  Be sure to watch!

  • http://www.dcdouglas.com/ D.C. Douglas

    That’s right, kids, ask your questions here!

    • http://www.facebook.com/the.best.mike.wong Mike Wong

      Are there any rituals or routines you’ve developed over the years that help you find the voice of a character, or particular tonal quality of a read?

      Mention of TrueGeekRadio.com would be boss. ;)

    • Loktipus

      I’ve heard that on occasion that a script is dropped on Va’s in a very short period of time. How do you mentally readjust to fit a character that you have very little time or any to get acquainted with?

      I have wanted to ask YOU this specifically because your jobs manage to not sound spectacularly like someone smacked you with a script and said, here you go, make words.

      I am also curious how one might get into this business, because I’ve been told on several occasions that I have very good both female and male range.

    • CrashNBashX

      What preparations would you suggest to people looking in to get into voice acting? (I.e. college, workshops, etc.)

      -Seth Fergus

      (Sorry replied to the wrong thing first)

  • http://zachsmind.wordpress.com/ ZachsMind

    How does somebody with a big mouth and no money break into the voice over business in a manner that would guarantee a respectable income? Not fame and fortune; just enough to quit the day job without starving to death.

  • http://twitter.com/AdaWongLover5 Troy Teegardin

    Okay, not really directed towards me but how does one get an aspiring Voice Actor into said business? I really want to support my friend in any way I can cause he’s really talented.

  • Whart

    Do you feel that your political life hindered your career, or do you feel it opened new doors?

  • http://twitter.com/hoshinaito 星B

    Greeting, DC Douglas. I guess I’ll ask the most basic question to get you started: What sparked the idea to become a voice actor? Your very first moments in realizing, “Hey! I want to voice act!”

    My name is Lisah by the way. Just Lisa with an h.

    Cheers and good luck with the show!

  • Smith

    Based on what I’ve seen and read from several voice actors, there’s no definite path to the career.

    That said, I still can’t help but ask, what’s the best way to tackle the field and get “in” so to speak? Major in theater? Practice at home? What’s the hardest thing about the actual ‘craft’ of voice acting and its nuances from traditional performance?

  • Jonathan Powell

    Does you career ever “get in the way” of your personal life? Perhaps you had planned an important event, but then you get a last minute audition or call back and have to cancel? Or are you able to generally plan around it? Thank you D.C.

  • Deb Coloma

    Hi D.C, I am a fan and luv your quirkiness :-). Wondering what inspired you to go into Voiceover and how you got your first big break? Rock on VO Peep, Deb Coloma VO Talent http://www.debcoloma.com

  • GoldBlaze

    Based on what I hear and read from other voice actors, there is no definite path into the career.

    That said, I’ll ask anyway, what’s… the most optimal path to making it “in” the voice acting career? Major in theater? Practice at home? It’s a hard, dedicated road.
    What’s the hardest thing about the craft itself and the nuances from voice acting from traditional performance?

  • Deb Coloma

    Hi D.C., I am a fan and luv ur quirkiness :-). Just wondering when and how you got your first VO break? And when u got your first Aha! moment that you felt you became a ligitimate VO talent? Rock on my VO peep, Deb Coloma. VO Talent. http://www.debcoloma.com

  • http://twitter.com/jinjaapan パンK.O.

    Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m not very knowledgeable about the voice acting career (although I would very much like to dabble in that profession), so forgive me if this sounds a bit confusing, but I’m curious: how do you know what voice to put-on or use for a character? Do you base your decision on their looks or do you learn a little about the character’s personality and make a judgment then?

    Good luck with the show. I, among many others I’m sure, wish you the best of luck.

  • Lediel Juarez

    What’s your best advice for someone that finds VA fascinating? (I can do a pretty good Zorc from the Yugioh Abridged series,i know whatever but still)

  • Lediel Juarez

    Also, Any tips? or tricks to remain in Character?

  • CrashNBashX

    What preparations would you suggest to people looking in to get into voice acting? (I.e. college, workshops, etc.)

    -Seth Fergus

  • http://www.facebook.com/yossi.b.flores Yossi Berrocal Flores

    Hi D.C. My name is Yossi. I’m a theater/film major wanting to become a film/tv actor. I’m taking a voice acting class as a requirement for my major. My teacher tells us one of the best things to do is really get to know your voice. I don’t understand, how I go about doing that since my perspectives can differ from those I audition for. Do I just pick up some dialect tapes, sit in my room playing with different voices?…not entirely sure how to go about this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/manik.half Damien Millard

    for things like yelling/screaming/deep growls/etc over long periods of time, how do you warm up or prepare for that?

  • Snape Plissken

    Is it possible to become a voice actor without going to school?

    What’s the ratio of female to male voice actors in the business?

    Do celebrity impressions help? Hurt?

  • Z.T.L FIRE

    What are the issues that can hurt a voice actors vocal performance? Can the elements or smoking affect vocal performance?

  • Elizabeth Stevenson

    Either it’s the website, my browser, or I’m going digitally insane. So third time’s the charm?

    This is Elizabeth Stevenson, hey DC :)

    So my question is, is voice acting done by contract to contract? Like for instance you sign up with a job for a year, then the contract ends and now you’re stuck finding another job? Or do you stay with a company as a full time employee and they provide you various jobs in the industry?

    If you could mention my design portfolio http://www.elizabethstevenson.designbinder.com/

  • Queen

    What are some methods of gaining more variety for your voice? (Accents, pitches, etc.)

    ~Sam Strong. (http://www.youtube.com/user/NerdQueen314)

  • John Lano

    How many VO agents do you have? And when an agent asks for exclusivity, is that a bad sign?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.marshall.94064 Ryan Marshall

    Is it tough to take a lead role and then go to something like generic soldier number 2? Or is it more like this is just one role out of plenty more auditions and he just had the right voice over me? Along with that is the voice acting business really hostile competitive or friendly competitive?

  • Terri Williams

    How would a person who knows nothing about the Voice Over industry even begin. Where does one find out information what is involved with being a Voice over artist. Do you need to have a special voice or just have special friends? Do you take a class? How would you know if the person giving the class really knows what they are doing? Do you have to have special equipment or can it be done now over the internet? Can Children get involved with Voice Over’s? If so again how do you find someone who is reputable that can guide you through the process?
    I hope these questions help D.C.

    Take Care

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