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Aside from being the voice of Chase on The Hub’s Transformers: Rescue Bots series, you may also know me as Legion in Mass Effect, or Albert Wesker in the later Resident Evil games.

But you probably don’t know me from the innumerable Japanese anime jobs I revoiced into English in the 90′s, or that time I called the operator when I was eight and pretended I was Will Geer having a heart attack.
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Book D.C. For A Con

Book D.C. For A Con

Thanks for your interest! For cons, I prefer to go through my Appearance Manager:

Jeff Zannini | (978) 886-0966 | Celebrity Talent Booking

For those cons who prefer to deal direct with me, please fill out the form below.

(Though be aware that the particulars are the same whether you deal direct or go through Jeff. The difference is that Jeff can help you with your con programming and packaging several actors together.)

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Talking in funny voices all day will get you punched in the face.
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