Voice Over: Working With A Pro

hiring voiceover process1 Voice Over: Working With A Pro

“Do you mail your mouth via FedEx? I don’t get it.”
Good question, my sarcastic friend. Let me break it down for the folks at home. Hiring a voice over professional (that would be me) is quite easy:

steps1 Voice Over: Working With A Pro
Write your script and email it to me along with any voice direction.
steps2 Voice Over: Working With A Pro
Tell me what your budget is for the voice over. (Be brave, I can take it!)
steps3 Voice Over: Working With A Pro
I record it, post it online (mp3 and wav or aif) and email you a link to an APPROVAL / INVOICE PAGE.
steps4 Voice Over: Working With A Pro
You approve the voice over by clicking on the PAY INVOICE button on your APPROVAL / INVOICE PAGE.
steps5 Voice Over: Working With A Pro
You’re automatically sent to your DOWNLOAD PAGE to claim your artistically arranged audio vibrations!
steps6 Voice Over: Working With A Pro
We rejoice at the simplicity of it all!

cc Voice Over: Working With A Pro
I am also available for Southern California studios, ISDN and Phone Patch sessions.

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Using D.C. Douglas’ voice over service is as easy as using a cliche about easiness.
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