Voice Over: Writing The Script

hiring voiceover process1 Voice Over: Writing The Script

“Since you use your voice for a living you’d be the perfect person to write my script!“
Oh dear. I’m afraid I would just write down a lot of vowels since they feel good to say. But fear not:

I have worked with RDM Copywriter for almost a decade and I highly recommend her services. In addition, we have come up with a Tune-Up service specifically for my voice over clients.

RDM Copywriter will help you with your script for just $100 (up to 5 pages, prorated thereafter)! Perfect for your script if you:

are worried about how it flows
need it edited down for time (e.g., 90 seconds of words for a :30 ad)
need your English translation from Pirahá cleaned up
or simply want a second opinion

Just visit RDM Copywriter , check out her samples, then email her and mention the Voiceover Tune-Up! Once your script is ready for my voice, just come back here and send me an email!

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Voice actors, like movie stars, need a good script… and groupies.
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