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Zombies, Pimping and My Mother…

Zombies, Pimping and My Mother…

Yeah, yeah, you clicked for the zombies, didn’t you? How Pathetic. It’s May 1st! May Day! A celebration of life? Fine, so the Christians gutted that lovely pagan holiday — I’ll give you your damn zombies… (The neo-pagan’s revenge for “conversion?”)

But first, some odds and ends, people:

2 Broke Girls

In case you missed it, here’s my cameo on CBS’s 2 Broke Girls:

Did you catch the voice reference?  From the minute the writers added that I have been plotting my new voice over sizzle reel.

Voice Over Sizzle

Muhahahah!  The plot thickens… Or soup’s ready?  Well, after 2 years, it felt the time was right to redo my sizzle reel… Especially since Kat Dennings gives me an on-camera review!  Yup, I be pimpin’ my vocal box:

Thank you, Michael Patrick king!

My Mother

betty malicoat2 Zombies, Pimping and My Mother...

Believe it or not, I do have a reason for mentioning my mother above and beyond perfecting a blog post title.

My mother is an artist, a writer, and an intuit.  She overcame a complicated start in life and raised two children (also artists) mostly on her own.  She has been my best friend since I was 16.  She gave me her humor and some of her insight.  She passed down a great cackle of a laugh from her mother to me.  She also gave me creative OCD, but the results outweigh the missed meals.

My mother is the main reason I am an actor today.  Aside from genetics, she sat me down when I was 11 and asked me what I wanted to be.  Then she told me to start working towards it.  And here I am, on May 1st, having the best year I’ve ever had as an actor…

And writing a public Happy Birthday to her.

She is a May Day Mother so I am reclaiming the holiday from the Christians and crowning her the May Queen.  Queen Betty.

If you’d like to help my mom celebrate today, I have two options for you:

1) Got to iTunes ( and watch “The Crooked Eye,” a film short I produced based on a short story she wrote in the 90’s.

2) If you’re into energy healing and metaphysics, visit The Lotus Path and see if her services are for you.

Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you!

Now it’s freakin’ “zombie” time!

dc douglas wesker walking dead Zombies, Pimping and My Mother...

Or to be specific, “The Walking Dead” time.  I’ve said it before – game fans are the best!  This last weekend I had a quick back and forth on twitter with Nathan Narain (@_N_a_t_h_a_n__) about the show and he asked if I wanted to be on it.  Before I knew it, he had started a petition to get me a guest role on the show!  Albert Wesker’s voice actor on The Walking Dead?!

Okay, that’s nice and all, but it’s such a long shot!  Like Albert Wesker surviving two missiles to the face.  And I figured Nathan would forget it the minute he put it up and start into a bag of cheez-its…

But he didn’t.  100 signatures in the first 24 hours!  The second day – another 145!  I had my pr group send out a casual press release about it and now the “Resident Evil” websites are passing around the petition…

It may not get me a role on the show, but the fact Nathan did it and that people are responding just tickles me squared!  … And if it does work, Nathan get’s a 10% commission, baby!

Wanna sign it? D.C. Douglas on “The Walking Dead!”

Oh, and a quick reminder:  Next Tuesday I’ll be in a few scenes on NCIS: Los Angeles!  Tune in!

  • Silvia Sturm

    Finally got something to say again :)
    1rst: Don't know the show (is it on german TV at all?) but that girl's darn right about your voice!
    2cnd: Love that Uroboros-part of your new voice-over reel B)
    3rd: Best wishes to your mum! Honour and love her as long as you can. Time's so short…
    4th: Signed the petition. Dejavou: Don't know the show, though (is it on german TV at all?) ^_^

    • D.C. Douglas

      Iche habe neine idea? I bet my German is just as bad when I try to spell it out!

      • Silvia Sturm

        Poor performance, indeed… erm, no, it's impressive! ;) But I think I got what you meant: "I got no idea", which could be translated "Ich habe keine Ahnung" (try to say that ) :)

        Found out just in time: German free TV airing of The Walking Dead starts on May 11th.
        Now you really need to get on it, as there are no schedules at all for the broke girls, yet.

  • Gustavo Albornoz

    Happy birthday to Mrs. Douglas!

    I already signed the Walking Dead petition. I've got my fingers crossed! Would be so thrilling to see you there! :)

    The fact that you're achieving in your career everything you've ever dreamed of, makes me TRULY, REALLY, HONESTLY happy. At the same time inspires me a lot to fight for what love and believe. For that and more, you always have all my support! Besides that I'm pretty sure more good things are on the way. So, keep it up! Cheers! :D

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thanks, Gustavo! Yes, always fight for your dreams!

  • Vonnegutting

    A very happy birthday and early Mother’s Day to Queen Betty! She did well by you by choosing to nurture your dreams instead of stunting your creativity (which is all too common with parents of children that wish to pursue an acting career).

    Still whoring out Nathan’s petition, as well. Thinking of telling my folks to send it around to law enforcement (There’s gotta be a ton of zombie fans there!).

    Glad that this year is going so well for you. Now you can cover Sinatra’s It Was a Very Good Year and talk about zombies, banana pants, and being a super hero’s boss!

    • D.C. Douglas

      So true! & thanks for helping out with whoring duties! As for Sinatra, I kinda did my own version of it:

      • Vonnegutting

        I recall, but now you can tweak it (no nipples involved here) with some of your newest accomplishments!

  • Sara

    Next tuesday we get to see the “electric banana” pants?? Awesome =) That was a fun week to have you share with us.

    I loved the sizzle reel, you really do have an amazing voice (I’ll even say it on camera) ha.

    Your mom is too cute, it makes me miss my mom, she lives in Hawaii so I don’t see her often. I thought I read somewhere that you could buy a hard copy of ‘The Crooked Eye’, is that still possible?

  • Alfi

    Cameo???!!! Surely more than that.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Always under promise and over deliver.

  • gardevoir_529

    1. Happy Birthday to DC's mom! For we are blessed that she has such a talented and wonderfully whimisical son who brings us joy, laughter, and complete global saturation.

    2. Signed the petiton, now to bug people to follow suit. ;)

    3. Electric banana pants are sexy, but only when YOU wear them *giggle*

    4. ????

    5. PROFIT!

    • D.C. Douglas

      That was sweet!

  • Mlie

    A very Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    And I'm still very much hoping that the petition will work – would be great to see you on the show, mister! =D

    • D.C. Douglas

      Thanks, and ME TOO!

  • echo

    You're just beyond awesome, you know that? :) Never thought I'd see an actor care so much about communicating with the fanbase. I just signed that petition for the Walking Dead- I wish you'll get the role eventually.

    On a side note: those Wesker ringtones are brilliant :) Moar plz for us fangirls ? :P

  • gardevoir_529

    You're welcome, sweetie! (^^)/(^^)

  • John

    I grew up an orphan. I spent my life bouncing from one foster home to another. Most of my childhood and teenage years became a cycle of depression because I didn't have a role model to look up to. Drugs and crime became my way to deal with this, and I have been struggling most of my life to overcome these issues.

    I am glad you have such a strong bond with your mother. I don't know what it feels like to have a mother let alone having her as a best friend. I hope she has a joyful birthday.

    • D.C. Douglas

      Sorry to hear that, John, but it appears you've found your way out of it. Yes, I do know I'm lucky. I also know that there are MANY types of families and the enduring quality amongst them all is love. But the most important is loving ourselves.

      Thank you for your honest and sweet comment.

  • Albert-W-anker

    hmm… i think capcom will need you as wesker anyway soon he and jill are popular and capcom can make a dcl for that with re6 or a spin-off title something like before re5 but then the main character ll be wesker with maybe jill or krauser but you will do his voice again because after re6 capcom will see that the game won’t be played long or much without… btw wesker ll be jackin it with his uroborros arm if he is alive :)

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