Sometimes An Actor Must Feed His Soul Some Cheese…

Sometimes An Actor Must Feed His Soul Some Cheese…

Yes, I’d prefer a filet mignon with a peppercorrn/burgundy sauce, but one can’t always land the interesting guest star spot on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (God I want to do that show!) or Mad Men (I will do this show one day).  Sometimes, an actor has to just roll around in some gorgonzola.

Case in point: The Bold And The Beautiful.  I am thankful for the gig.  Paid for 3 episodes, shot it in a day.  I love to work.  This time on the show (my fourth!) I play a Minister called… um, Minister.  Yes, that kind of Minister.  I marry Ridge Forrester and Brooke Logan for their 27th time.   I had a butt-load of dialogue that served as voiceover, really.  Essentially, I have now memorized an actual wedding ceremony.  So, if any of you out there would like a Christian wedding without much Jesus or God, I’m your man – Minister, I mean.

Now, if you dare to watch below, here is something to look for;  At the ending a horse is supposed to be galloping up to the house.  I was directed to look around as though it was getting louder.  Apparently this note didn’t make it to the editor, because there’s nothing to hear – no horsie… But I’m looking around because I have bionic hearing.  Also, I delivered the last line underplayed.  I thought that would be funny.  They asked me to go as big as I could.  I kinda hesitated and the rest of the cast sorta debated the wisdom of the direction (I love them), but were overruled. I am an actor and must please everybody or I may not be loved.  So I went big.  Oh, did I go big…

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