Tsubasacon, London, Legalese & Ghosts

Tsubasacon, London, Legalese & Ghosts

2014 has been a wonderful marathon of conventions (14) and work! Though grateful, I did get my share of colds and hives.

The latest round started 6 weeks ago with a quick gig on Nickelodeon’s “Haunted Hathaways” playing a snooty haunted house tour guide. It was nice to get back to on-camera work. My episode airs sometime in February, I think!

Next up, an appearance at the very well-organized Tsubasacon in West Virginia, I have to admit I was going to a tiny con and was pleasantly surprised by the people, the panels, the costumes and the turn out. Their mayor was even at opening ceremonies! But the best part? They gave my Wesker Erotic Fanfic Panel the rock star treatment with lights and sound! It was by far the best technical presentation to date.

Then back home for the taping of my final Kurtz episode of “The Young & The Restless.” Sadness. Airs November 20th.

Then it was off to MCM Expo’s London Comic Con! Simply huge and quite fun.

I went several days early to enjoy the city, but ended up sleeping during the first act of two West End plays. I can’t master the jet lag even after 4 UK cons this year!


Two highlights for me were the Resident Evil photo shoot:

london RE

And the 4 am texting session with my agent informing me that my Wesker Erotic Fanfic Show was possibly infringing on a certain company’s copyright. Oops!So London was the final performance of that show (don’t worry, I have an DC Douglas After Hours Panel that’s just as good as a replacement). London didn’t disappoint! They had to cap the line after 160 audience members! It was a glorious final performance.

Then, finally, after 2 days back in LA, I flew to Detroit for Youmacon! I loved it last year and loved it just as much this year! I premiered my DC Douglas After Hours Panel to rave reviews and popped into another fun Resident Evil photo shoot.


[See more of Cameron Zoldak Productions photo shoot HERE!]

I could write more, but I think I’ll let the videos and pictures speak for me. I’m freakin’ exhausted!

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