Enter The DragonCon

Enter The DragonCon

I used to write blog posts to get my website indexed better on Google (shocker).

Then I used it to pontificate on the Tea Party and revel in my lurid past.

Now, with 280 characters on twitter and video stories on Instagram – combined with the utter disdain of most people to have to click on a link – I have abandoned this outlet for more superfluous pastures.

However, some things just can’t be left to the social media ether…

I love DragonCon the way Trump loves Trump. So much so that I promised cyberville that, if invited back to 2018 DragonCon, I would cosplay as Kamoshida (whom I voice) from “Persona 5.”

Well… They did… So I did.

Kamoshida DC

And to make sure the internet never forgets, I am making this simple blog post. Here until some day after I’ve died and my hosting provider deletes this site due to an unpaid renewal invoice.

Next year, should DragonCon invite me back… I will cosplay as a middle-aged voice actor with no shame…

If you wanna see me back at DragonCon BE SURE to go rate my Fanfic Show on the DragonCon app! (And if you want me at your local con – go send them this link.)

Now, lets just post more random loveliness from my favorite convention in the USA:

The lovely Mark Meer, folks:
Mark Meer DragonCon DC Douglas

My beautiful Notorious [Zombie Related] Fanfic Show audience:
Notorious Zombie Related Erotic Fanfic Show DragonCon

I love this one. Someone took a pic of the über talented Jason Marsden and captured Courtenay Taylor and me having a great, intense (very) drunken conversation…

Many more pictures and retweets on my Twitter page and Instagram.

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