Creating The Perfect After Hours Panel

Creating The Perfect After Hours Panel


This panel now exists:

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This post is for you fans that like your convention panels and your erotica combined — like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, only you have to be over 18 to eat it.

Ladies and gentlemen! I need your help in creating an hour long 18+ panel that will premiere at Florida SuperCon July 5th (11:00 pm)! Here’s how it works:

1. All submissions MUST be put in the comments section below!

2. Send me an erotic passage of Albert Wesker (or Legion?) copied from actual published material, someone’s fanfiction or your own fanfiction. YOU MUST INCLUDE CREDIT AT END – Who wrote it and where can it be found. (Not whole story!  Just a passage you really like.)

3. Yaoi? Why yes-si! I’ll have a Yaoi version of this panel should any gay friendly cons book me.

4. It can be as explicit as you like, but I’ll only choose ones where the creativity and writing justify the explicit nature.

5. Submissions close July 1st, 2013!

The resulting panel will feature me reading these passages, as well as showing my videos and answering questions…

So, ready? “Submit” below!


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