London Comic Con Welcomes My Erotic FanFic Show

London Comic Con Welcomes My Erotic FanFic Show

That’s right, kids! The folks over at MCM Expo saw just how popular this show has been in America and decided it would be okay to do this “adult” panel after the general con closes!

I have all of you and your rave reviews to thank for this!

So, if you have friends in the UK or YOU are in the UK – SPREAD THE WORD! I want to pack the room and get other Europe cons to book it! Then we can truly ensure complete global saturation!

Read Kotaku article here.

London Comic Con Welcomes The Albert Wesker Erotic FanFic Show With D.C. Douglas

D.C. Douglas, the popular voice actor of Albert Wesker from the “Resident Evil” video game franchise, is bringing his smash hit to the United Kingdom for a one-night performance at the MCM London Comic Con, Saturday, October 25, 2014, in the South Gallery of ExCeL London at 19:00 sharp.

Actor and voiceover artist, D.C. Douglas, has been touring the anime/video game convention scene for the past few years to meet fans and sign autographs. His draw usually is for his work as Legion in “Mass Effect” 2 &3, Chase in “Transformers: Rescue Bots,” Bud in “Sharknado 2,” Jazz in “Eternal Sonata,” Raven in “Tekken 6” and “Street Fighter X Tekken,” Zepht in “Star Trek: Enterprise,” and, of course, as Albert Wesker in the “Resident Evil” franchise.

Recently, though, conventions have been booking him specifically for his smash hit panel, “The Albert Wesker Erotic Fanfic Show.” Wherever he performs it fans of the franchise take to twitter with raves such as “Epic,” “The best panel I’ve ever seen at a con,” “A must see for Resident Evil fans,” “I laughed so hard I was crying,” and so on.

“Fans used to send me fanfics of Wesker all the time,” says Douglas, “and I realized there was a huge block of my fans that wanted to hear me read these. So I made it official and had fans send me specific match ups with characters. Then I tweaked them and put together a sexy and silly evening.”

Douglas’ show grew from a 45 minute segment into a stand alone 90 minute panel and has become one of those exclusive con experiences.

“Each show is different,” Douglas continues, “because I’m pulling up volunteers to read with me. How they interpret their roles and my reaction to them is always a surprise for everyone – including myself!”

Though Douglas has performed his show at over a dozen conventions in the last year, the London Comic Con will be the first time ever he’s performed it outside of the USA. To get the word out, he’s released a video announcement via YouTube:

Douglas will be signing autographs October 24-26 at the MCM London Comic Con. The Albert Wesker Erotic Fanfic Show is Saturday, October 25, 2014, in the South Gallery of ExCeL London at 19:00. Limited seating, 18 and over.

D.C. Douglas can be booked for conventions directly through his website ( as well as through Jeff Zannini’s Celebrity Talent Booking and Emily Danyel’s Tri-Booking Management.

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