Pretending To Be A Star: Comic Con Adventures

Pretending To Be A Star: Comic Con Adventures

I am a nobody. Well, a nobody with a name and a history and personality with dreams. But certainly not famous. However, there are small niche crowds that are obsessive enough to give a healthy fiber induced poop about the voice actors in games, anime and cartoons. I got lucky. I was cast in a few. The result? I get to occasionally have a summer like I did this year.

No tour bus, cocaine or orgies (that I can remember), but certainly some lovely moments with, dare I call them, fans? Yes, I dare to and the Gods be damned!

Carlos Ferro, Jon Bailey, DC Douglas

First up was Comic Con Palm Springs! A newer convention with sweet folks on staff and an opportunity to hang with/keep up with Carlos Ferro. Also my first con with über talented Jon Bailey.

Carlos Ferro, Tom Kenny, Jon Bailey, Maurice LaMarche

Also my second time hanging with Tom Kenny (SpongeBob)! Our first time was for a 4 hour commercial session. This was far more entertaining!

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Of course, the best part is the fans…

videogame fans

Next up was my most favorite con in the world – DRAGON CON, BABY!

This is the largest fan-run culture con in the USA. It’s 5 hotels in Downtown Atlanta. If you are a fan of cosplay, this is your Burning Man.

Dragon Con DC Douglas Fans 2017

And, of course, Carlos Ferro was there, too!

Carlos Ferro - Dragon Con

I have to give Dino Andrade a lot of credit for getting me to participate in his Improv show a second year in a row. Improv scares the bejesus out of me… But having Mark Meer, Quinton Flynn, Keythe Farley, and Adam Croasdell as my teammates it was much more fun than when I was twenty-two and desperate for the love of a jaded audience.

Dragon Con Improv Show

And, of course, my Notorious [zombie related] Erotic Fanfic Show! We were standing room only and I was told they turned away up to 200 people! Next year, the Peachtree Ballroom, y’all!

Followed by too much free time for me to get into trouble…

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Yeah, I know. Sorry.

Next up was Optimus Comic Con Bristol in the UK! REALLY sweet people run this con. It was small but very warm and friendly. The only downside was that I had picked up a bug from Dragon Con and ended up sleeping whenever I wasn’t on the convention floor. But I stayed a few extra days so I could explore the city – which is really quite lovely.

Bristol Comic Con

Then it was on to Canada… Oh, Canada… First I stole two days in Toronto. I. Love. Toronto. Though the first morning there was very hard given my jet lag and this lady:

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I love that you can walk in any direction in Toronto for miles and find something cool on every block… Like New York stretched out 5 times larger and populated with slightly nicer people. (Bring it, New Yorkers, I’m ready!)

I wandered alone for the whole trip but met two kind Italian cousins who I pontificated to on the subject of bad nose jobs. (Feel my pain, people.)

Toronto adventure.

Then I flew to the easternness eastern part of North America – Newfoundland – for Atlanti-Con! Another small con run by super sweet people in one of the most beautiful woodland islands I’ve seen in person. It was the perfect way to end a whirlwind 11 day trip.

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Atlanti-Con 2017

When I was a kid I had dreamed of being an actor so I could fly to different parts of the world to shoot films and have new experiences. While my film career has only led me to Houston and Philadelphia (which I did enjoy) it was that other career I never imagined I would have – voice over actor – that has stepped up and filled that childhood dream. Every day is a day to be grateful when you have your health. Add in traveling to cons and meeting strangers who feel a connection to you for doing your job? Freeakin’ priceless.

Next up?

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Are you a con looking to book me? Why don’tcha click on over here.

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