CosPlayers! Take Off Your Clothes!

CosPlayers! Take Off Your Clothes!

And go swimming with me!

My 2013 Summer of Con Appearances is under way and I’m having a blast!  This last weekend I was at T-Mode in Rockville, Maryland.  It’s a small, intimate con run by the lovely and sweet Sharvonique Renee Fortune (Renee).

Rennee asked if I had any ideas for a unique VIP panel and I suggested a “swim n chat” at the hotel pool. Renee worked it out and Saturday night I had one of the most lovely, intimate panels ever. The fans present were so open and game for anything that we ended up not even talking about my career as a voice actor, but rather about the things in life that were important to us and defining pride via self-esteem, etc.


It was truly special. But that was the vibe with the whole con. Even my 21+ Drinking Panel on friday night was lovely. It started with me hugging each attendant as I didn’t think many would show up. Turned out I was doing a lot of hugging the first 20 minutes! And I loved it.


Thanks to the AWESOME Team Rayearth for these video clips that I stole and stitched together. Here’s a quick taste of the panels, including an erotic Wesker reading and sheep counting a la Japanese Vas!

Here’s what’s coming up next! And if you’d like to see your con listed below, have them checkout this video and booking form!

May 10-12 SaltFest Con
May 31- June 3 KinightroCon
July 5-7 TBA
July 26-28 MetroCon
August 16-19 AnimeFestival Orlando

And I DO plan on asking these cons to arrange a pool panel for me! 😉

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