Making Zombie Erotica Better in 2019

Making Zombie Erotica Better in 2019

This post is for a very limited audience: only victims, er, people who have experienced my “Notorious [Zombie Related] Erotic Fanfic Show.”

Hi! Long time, no see. How have you been? Still can’t shake your experience with me that one night? Good. Because I want to pick your brain.

I have a few months left in 2018 to tweak my show for 2019. My problem is that I love how it is at the moment, but I also want returning audience members (like you, oh you…) to have a new experience, as well!

So, won’t you help me? Think back to the show and all that you saw. Afterwards, when you were still in the glow of it, was there something you wished you had seen that wasn’t in the show? A “shipping” combo? A character not in the zombie realm? More of something or less of something? Was there any piece where you felt it was the weakest/not needed? Something else that would be a great addition (script, actions, video, music, fill in the ____)?

If you have something, anything, email me at rasterblaster66[at]

Who knows, you may see your recommendation included next time you see the show in 2019!

After you email me, be sure to bug your favorite con to book me in 2019! Send them this link!

(Sending you a big hug with a twisting motion™)

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