* * * DC DOUGLAS EXPOSED! * * * (Twitter, Vic Mignogna, Bathrooms, KiwiFarms, Peyton Waukau & #IStandWithVic)

* * * DC DOUGLAS EXPOSED! * * * (Twitter, Vic Mignogna, Bathrooms, KiwiFarms, Peyton Waukau & #IStandWithVic)

UPDATED 6/2021

This post has grown into a huge train wreck! 🤣

“D.C. sneaks into bathrooms to film women!” “DC is a sex pest!” “D.C. killed my grandparents!”

You’re here because you found or were given this link to help you debunk what all that bullshit was you were reading/hearing. This post covers VicStans, KiwiFarms, a Wisconsin stalker (Peyton Waukau/@BewareCreepyVAs) and a trust fund lawyer. Go with God, but take your critical thinking skills with you.

Twitter Vicstan Shit Show

So, what happened to my old @DC_Douglas twitter account?

Well, sit right down and I’ll tell you a story, a story of a faithful fandom that starts with young anime fanatics (aka fans), #MeToo, a low rent troll farm, lower rent twitter lawyer and the odd mosh pit of anime, Trumpsters, INCELs, MRAs, and fake news. Packaged, amplified and distorted via YouTube, Twitter and all-right forums.

If you know nothing about the Vic Mignogna tempest in the anime teapot, count yourself lucky. But you will need a little background for this blog post. This Variety articles gives you a glimpse as well as linking to other articles.

The following is part recreation of a twitter thread no longer accessible due to my permanent suspension, as well as additional context and opinion. I created the thread as a response to misinformation being spread on Twitter about me. I’m recreating it here because it’s a great encapsulation of the shit-show that was excreted by agenda driven fans and stirred up by alt-right trolls.

Grab some anti-microbial soap and enjoy!

Not embedding it because this is an STD-free blog.

FYI, there are mainly 3 conservative kiddie-journos who have “made” (in the most basic sense of the word) clout-chasing smear/sneer videos about me: ThatUmbrellaGuy (who is by far the funniest in that he truly sounds like a Southern schoolmarm or chaste librarian constantly pursing their lips in disapproval), YellowFlash (haven’t bothered to watch any but I imagine he’s just as “talented”), and SGSAMI (who comes off like that new friend in 8th grade who ruins the bromance by wrestling you to the ground and farting on your head.)

I re-uploaded this 2018 mediocre self-deprecating IG video in case the kiddies decide to edit it down for more disinformation ax grinding. I actually deleted it from IG when I got in the taxi that day because I thought, “Do I really want some strangers’ fart on my IG?” (or was it mine…?) but I forgot I auto-posted to twitter via IFTTT. The next day I saw it was there but had 100 likes so just left it.

Here is the original post (media missing due to suspension) and a couple relevant replies.

5/6/20 Update: 
Throwing this in to show just how insipid these faux pearl-clutches were (and are, those last few VicStan/KiwiFarms fanatics)

I mean, at least I didn’t tweet this more succinct one 😂:
Nick Rekeita 2

Pretty sure this is where I ended up fully on the VicStan™ radar and became #KickVic in their eyes – even though I had never said I was nor did I advocate for his dismissal from his non-union anime looping gigs in Texas.

This fact still eludes many who post about me. It’s an easy thing to fact-check… But, meh, why bother when you’re having fun gaslighting?

Of course, many of the VicStans who came at me with their “disgust” that I filmed myself in the wrong bathroom also had hentai images in their banner and all throughout their feeds. You know, anime images of tweens with inordinately large eyes and breasts with sex acts being performed on them. Their morals are complex, I guess.

Then one of the kiddies tweeted at the Denver PD to see if they could get me in trouble.

At this point I just decided to start fucking with them. Retweeting Cristina’s rebel tweet and some other lovely eye-pokes:

All along I was blocking anyone with the #IStandWishVic hashtag because most had proven to be disingenuous, bad at non-binary thinking, Trumpsters in disguise and/or just plain rude. This simple act was seen as me “losing” yet they were even angrier than before. For binary thinkers, they certainly seemed to love pretzel logic.

Once they beat that dead bathroom horse to death, they found a picture a fan posted from a con a few years ago! (Relentless fuckers.) A picture her husband took of me “astonished” at her “largess.”

Does this look like a candid “gotcha” shot of me or rather a posed joke shot with a woman in her twenties? 🙄

But, oh, how they tried to spin it for more clout! Bless their shriveled up, impotent hearts… (Ironically, they took the image from her timeline without her consent nor any follow-up as to the nature of the photo. I guess making their false, misleading point trumps their integrity?)

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KiwiFarms Shit Show

Meanwhile, I discovered this festering herpes sore on the rectum of the internet called KiwiFarms. It seems the most vile of the VicStans organized themselves there.

alt-right asshole

If you wanna journey into the heart of ugliness where empathy is mocked and snuffed out, just google Vic and KiwiFarms. Be near a shower, though. (Extra credit if you read about the suicides connected to their tactics.)

Seriously, Vic. With friends like those…🤢🤮

I was sent a KiwiFarms link wherein they mentioned I was horrible to my father on FB because he was a Trumpster and would comment on my political posts. To those kiddies let me say this:

“Bite me.”

Our relationship is far stronger than politics and has dimensions and history you know nothing of. Because we both still have access to our empathy and can handle public disagreements with a smile and an appletini bet over possible impeachment (though, thanks to Pelosi, I’m gonna lose).

You’re essentially projecting your own dysfunctional familial relationships onto ours. Try getting your own house in order, maybe? Oh, and still bite me.


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peyton waukau madison wisconsin
Stalker Shit Show

But wait, it gets better (also known as are you fucking kidding me?)!

Peyton Waukau (of Madison, Wisconsin), who suffers from a severe personality disorder, has been stalking me/smearing my name and reputation for over 3 years. In 2021, her actions crossed over into tortious interference territory.

I had a casual, non-monogamous, relationship with her that spanned a total of 8 hours in person (3 different events) over a year, as well as only 20 text exchanges before her personality disorder became apparent. Once contact was cut off, she resorted to harassing female friends for information and then anonymously pursuing an unsuccessful #KickVic/#metoo inspired campaign on twitter.

Her real identity can be seen on her Instagram. Every few posts will have a hashtag of my name in association with narcissism/abuser. If you go back to 2019 and read forward you will see she expounds about an intense, abusive (seemingly in-person) 3 year relationship with me (an impossibility easily disputed) and how I controlled her behavior daily through my “abusive narcissism.”

Her anonymous twitter accounts change and have included @LesBean94, @BewareCreepyVAs and @BewareCreepyMen. Occasionally her tweets get megaphoned by a few other anonymous accounts that have their own questionable agendas (as demonstrated by this entire blog post).

Please DO NOT engage with her.
If you wish to share this information with those she’s conversing with,
respond to only those people and please include:

www.dcdouglas.com/stalker/ (with trailing slash).

A few conventions who booked me actually investigated her anonymous allegations (and were offered access to archived personal correspondence I have) and deemed them to be wholly without merit. One of the cons is run by a municipality and had to receive clearance from their legal department before booking me – which they did.

Referral info for these third parties is available to other conventions upon request through my reps. I also recommend scrolling to the “critical thinking” breakout box below.

In September, 2021, she attempted to stir up controversy again on twitter. I posted the attempt on Facebook. Over 100 comments in support or in testimony to my behavior at previous conventions: Facebook Post.

The original blog post below has additional information, albeit, with subjective commentary and fractured by past updates. I will no longer be updating this post section and will, instead, continue solely with legal recourse.

“… Truth will out…” – Shakespeare

Inspired by #KickVic, an ex-convention-acquaintance-turned-stalker of mine from Wisconsin (who usually kept her special hobby to just me) has now branched out with her very own #KickDC. In her goal to defame me as a predator/pedophile/alcoholic/[fill in the absurd blank] at cons she’s now posting fake screenshots, ludicrous stories and personal way out-of-context messages, as well as contacting any young con-going females connected to me via social media with disturbing and manipulative DMs.

Peyton BSHere’s one of the screenshots she posts. Her context? “DC is sending random underage women messages on IG!”

In reality, it’s a message I sent to her after she and I agreed to meet later with her friends at a bar. She and I had already flirted earlier that year at another con and at a restaurant afterwards where she was drinking a hard cider. This message was me realizing she wasn’t yet 21. She was 20. This is the level of integrity she’s operating at. (By the way, if you have a moral issue with 18+ consenting men/women/non-binary humans flirting or more across a large age gap – I address your concerns with as much sensitivity and nuance as possible here.)

Thankfully, most folks who dig into her DMs, posts and words can see how she uses conflation to manipulate.

Side note: I, like many VAs, have several stalkers. Most harmless. Some very strange and persistent. None I’ve ever met nor felt the need to out like this. This person I thought was a normal, non-fan. Hoo-boy…

When she publicly tweeted to someone I respect in the con community from one of her sock puppet accounts, though, I had to respond (against my better judgement):

At this point, what am I going to do?

Post all her bizarre personal texts/letters to me?

Sue her?

All options just give her distortion campaign oxygen and a limelight, as well as turn my personal life into a circus for strangers on twitter to “judge.” No thanks. The twitterverse isn’t the best at parsing nuance given, um, oh, I don’t know, everything I just listed above! Lol!

So, this blog post is my response. She gets nothing more, nor do any of the VicStans/KiwiFarms kids who decide to distort/exploit and run with it. Hopefully she gets the mental health help she needs one day soon.

UPDATE 7/3/20

Another voice actor (who is beloved and genuine) had accusations leveled against him last week. But a cursory reading of his accusers bizarre 95 page account (plus her 3 hour “reading” of said writings in a video – seemingly to highlight her own voice over chops – yes, bizarre) revealed her obvious delusions. And one of the convention staff mentioned in it took her to task on twitter, breaking down all her lies – complete with other witnesses chiming in, too.

That’s where my stalker jumped in and added her own bizarre accusations against this staffer. You can’t make this shit up. The other stalker quote tweeted it as “proof.”

Let’s pause here.

The beauty of this is that my stalker has now gone on record lying about another person and the internal workings of my favorite convention (who keep records). Now I will always be able to point my future cons to this mess to expose her sociopathy.

Including some of the aftermath below.

stalkers lied
Con Liaison


Critical Thinking User Guide:

#BelieveWomen was meant to upend the history of a patriarchy that silenced victims. It was not intended to silence respectful and legitimate inquiry nor halt all application of facts and reason. It was to shield those coming forward from societal knee-jerk attacks. It is possible to hold space for people with true grievances to come forward while also withholding judgement of the person accused. (See end of the blog post). Notice “all” is not part of the hashtag. Why? Because, as Jon Oliver said, if it did we’d have to buy into Rachel Dolezal’s idiocy.

#MeToo is a justice movement – a way for victims of assault to be heard, have support, and to hold the perpetrator accountable. Women stood up and told their stories. They put themselves out there (their identities) and counted on others to not immediately dismiss their experiences anymore.

In many cases (such as Cosby, Weinstein, etc), the courts were able to see the evidence, hear directly from the victims and pass judgement. In others (like Vic Mignogna), the companies that hired him were able to look at the evidence, speak to those who had come forward and pass judgement. This is an important distinction.

Rumors spread by anonymous people from social media accounts are not being brave, nor are they accountable to the truth. If you want to ruin someone’s reputation, you do it through a “whisper campaign.”

If you can persuade other, well-meaning people that you (an anonymous person online) are speaking on behalf of “other anonymous victims,” then you have yourself the makings of a whisper campaign. Possibly ruining a person’s reputation without that person ever being able to respond to the “victim(s)” making the allegations.

        • While I know exactly who this person is (including IP address and a large file of texts, etc) they have not come forward under their real name.
        • While they are well “spoken” in their posts, they have not produced any incontrovertible evidence.
        • The majority of their accusations are moral in nature (50 year old man hangs with 25 year old women, drinking, porn.)
        • Other accusations are piled-on to the extreme (groper, pedophile, rapist – not adding serial killer was a missed opportunity).
        • They dismiss and block any person who has actually known me for years in the convention community.
        • No one else (non-anonymously) has joined their campaign with their own personal horror stories. This post of hers from October 2019 implies several victims are about to come forward… 2019. None have. You getting the picture?
        • And, most telling, no conventions – who are very sensitive to this kind of controversy after the Vic stuff – have bothered to give these anonymous accounts any credence. In fact, as you saw above, a DragonCon ex-convention employee shut it down unequivocally (and with style, I might add).

        So, if you’re here because you were duped by her smear campaign, go back and really read everything again. Go to the source, not the accounts blindly megaphoning her. Ask yourself “Who is this person? Where is the hard evidence? Why is their twitter account only about D.C. Douglas?” In short, please use some critical thinking when parsing it all. Thanks.

Here is a sample of her sociopathy from her IG account. Does this read like a sane person?
Peyton insane
Keep in mind I have only been in her presence FOUR times over an 18 month period. The first 3 times were voluntary and added up to about 8 hours total at most (conventions, socializing). The last time I told her I needed my liaison with me at all times (because she had gone nuts in text at that point – which I have saved).
Peyton stalker
con booker tweet
stalker Peyton Instagram


  • At one point, she had convinced some very young (and seemingly troubled) Resident Evil fans in one tiny online social circle about her cause and stirred up enough controversy on a livestream to spur an investigation. [Insert JFC gif of choice]
  • But, given the obvious genesis and agenda, the journalist/blogger decided it didn’t warrant further consideration.journalist reporter blog
  • [Blog and name removed to protect them from being harassed.]

    10/19/20 Update: It appears, even during a once-in-a-century pandemic, she finds contacting people in my life and spreading her lies is a worthy hobby. So, I will no longer hide her identity. She is Peyton Waukau of Madison, Wisconsin. Here are her accounts:
    Twitter and Instagram
    We know they are the same because we got her twitter account to click a honeypot link. The IP was in her hometown in Wisconsin.
    Her twitter is her alter-ego that pretends to be a righteous activist in the con community (yet only posts about me) and is enabled by some kid in Canada who cosplays as a Resident Evil character and is, apparently, duped rather easily or has her own psychological agenda. The IG account is real identity. Once a month she posts something about narcissism/abusers and then hashtags them with my name, etc. Still. 4 years later. Again – we spent no more than 8 hours together in a 2 year period. And the last 2 hours was at the con where I wouldn’t be alone in a room with her. Read her posts. Engage critical thinking. Come to your own conclusion.

    1/6/21 Update:
    If you’re here because of the lady trying to get more attention about Q Flynn, I have no idea who she is but, regardless of my past associations with Q (whether positive or negative), I have no intention of joining her bonfire. Also, anyone amplifying my stalker dilemma to get my attention or win support is undermining themselves. (As for “liked” tweets, etc… Come the fuck on, people! 😂 Can two things be true simultaneously? Could there be multiple reasons for it? Also… You’re literally wasting hours of your life parsing a fucking “liked tweet.”)

    I now use my (erroneously suspended) account to look up quickly unfolding events in politics. I’m appreciating the zen task of taking in the info and the reactions without the ability to “be heard.” It’s irrelevant in the grand scheme of life and happiness. Twitter is a cesspool of conflation, idiocy, agendas and binary logic. It’s intellectual toddlers with way too much time on their hands. A game of telephone played with insecurities and egos.

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    UPDATE 1/25/20

    Vic Oddity

    Vic weirdness

    So Vic had a recent live stream on UnLocked and said this. Not sure why he included my name. But since he did, let me break down why it’s weird.

    First off: “friend?” We do not have each other’s phone numbers or email addresses. I have never done anything social with him. I have never worked with him. I’ve only ever met him at conventions when we signed at similar times or saw each other in line for coffee before respective panels. I crossed paths with him on three separate occasions in con green rooms – several years apart. The first time was in London and he sat at my table as we were the only two people in the room at the time. He asked me questions about my career. After 5 minutes I excused myself. The second time was in Tampa and we didn’t even acknowledge each other. The third time was in Chicago and I drunkenly ribbed him for not following VAs on twitter and he immediately followed me (only to unfollow me by the time I was sober). That’s my extent of our interaction. That is not friends. That is the definition of a professional acquaintance.

    And I certainly was not receiving any “benefit” from even being that. But what an odd thing to even say about anybody. Do you assume others are benefitting by simply being your friend? VERY telling sentiment on his part. Unless he means professionally? But even that does not follow as I live and work in Los Angeles. He works in Texas. I have no plans to move to Texas after 30 years of acting in LA. (No offense, Texas.)

    If by “pretending to be friends” he actually means “pretending I never intimated that I had heard rumors and also had an unsettling reaction to his public persona,” then, yeah. I never did. Why be rude to a fellow guest at a con? I just generally avoided him.

    Second: “vocal haters?” Not sure why he lumped me in that category as I have not vocalized “hatred” for him. The extent of my reaction to his melodrama can be found in my blog post above.

    But, since we are on the subject of “haters,” it should be noted that Vic’s most vociferous supporters include a live streaming lawyer who donned black-face and who regularly spews hateful notions, as well as a large doxxing contingent on the crusty cesspool website KiwiFarms. Pretty sure he has not come out and denounced either by name.

    I could go on but I have cats who need to be pet and coffee that needs to be sipped on my sunshine splashed balcony.

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    Twitter Resurgence

    Back to the “twitter account demise” portion of our show!

    So, after all that, I just resorted to using (what was once a twitter thread) as a response, blocking, then commenting for others to get a chuckle and some proper context, and then moving on.

    But the kiddies kept at it and started looking up my old tweets and reporting whatever they could. A tweet from 2014 got me a 3 day suspension. One from 2016 got me a one week suspension. And, I guess, Twitter has a 3 strikes policy as my last reply tweet about Trump being a rapist and ejaculating into Stormy Daniels got me permanently suspended.

    I tried the online appeal form a few times but that’s just automated and it was rejected every time. No way to get a human to look at the algo misread of my offending tweet.

    Two weeks after my ban (an account I had for a decade to the month) I embraced the ban.

    Turns out to be a blessing, after all. I spent way too much time ridiculing trolls, bullies and assholes every morning while drinking my coffee. Sure, I got many laughs with my responses like, “how do you tweet from inside your rectum?” and what not. But I skated very close to Twitter’s TOS many times in an effort to be as biting as possible. I certainly wasn’t dancing with my better angels.

    And while I liked bullying the bullies and showing my followers that it’s important to stand up to racism, homophobia, sexism, etc etc etc, it really was wasted on anonymous troll cowards online. Those battles matter not. Voting, organizing, getting out onto the streets is what matters. One asshole can be 20 accounts online. Best to block and move on. I let myself get dragged down into the Twitter sludge.

    Yes, I’ll miss the Twitter form of direct communication with fans and friends. I met so many cool people from Twitter (and many are now IRL friends). But I still have FB and IG to connect with them. 🥰

    The other upside? I actually start working as soon as my coffee is finished and not another hour (or two!) later because I fell into some inane twitter hole about how Trump connects with the average blue-collar guy when he shits into his gold toilet…

    UPDATE 8/20/19:
    Who am I kidding? I love knowing when Trump tweets between cholesterol filled craps. You can find me at @MrDCDouglas there… And everywhere!


    UPDATE 4/22/20
    Turns out this isn’t completely true. Got tired of Zuckerberg’s coddling of Trump fake news and am no longer on FaceBook at all. I am also limiting time on twitter as it’s gotten very toxic this last 6 months. But IG? Come see me there, baby!

    UPDATE 1/2/21
    Lol! And they banned me again for a sarcastic tweet of mine mocking @LLinWood’s unhinged tweet about putting VP Pence in front of a firing squad! Read about it here. Unless my appeal is accepted, I’m fucking done with Twitter – it’s shitty algo and it’s assault on facts, nuance and satire (not to mention the young anime/VG outrage mob).

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    And so…

    Now, I’m pretty sure one of those newly potty-trained YouTube clout-chasers will make a 15 minute video (with ads that help pay for their Clearasil™) wherein they show this blog post and scroll uuuup and doooown repeating their single half-baked point over and over infinitum while collecting 200 “cuck soy beta” comments from “quality” YouTube denizens (who, oddly, don’t seem to exist on other platforms).

    And you know what? Cool!

    It keeps this old chestnut I made relevant:

    Feel free to use this blog post to respond to any distortions they may continue to propagate on twitter by the #IStandWithVic troll farm someone hired, the VicStans who harbor MRA/INCEL/MAGA notions, and the occasionally misinformed yet well-intentioned Vic fan.

    I’ll be by the pool with an Appletini.


    And join me on Instagram!
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    The Point

    And, finally:

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    D.C. Douglas is a voice actor and film / television / theatre character actor based in Los Angeles, California. He also dabbles in gadflyism during slow weeks. Leery member of Google +.

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