RE4 Remake (Resident Evil 4) Art NOT Leaked By Wesker Voice Actor! 🙄

RE4 Remake (Resident Evil 4) Art NOT Leaked By Wesker Voice Actor! 🙄

But Online Blogs Confirm They Have No Journalistic Integrity, Go Figure.

Well, the click bait hungry blogs had a field day with this… And got it wrong. Here is the official statement by me, D.C. Douglas, the voice actor for Albert Wesker from 2007-2019:

re4 remake rumors art leaked

[as posted on my instagram account]

What all these blogs failed to do was actually reach out and ask me. I would’ve saved them from… All those clicks? Mmhmm.

Had they reached out, I could’ve added context:

The only thing I can add is that my kitties names are Hepburn (14 years old) and Monkey (8 years old). They are both rescues and adorable.

As far as the source of this “drama?” It’s part of a twitter revenge/defamation campaign being waged by Heather Vandagriff, Peyton Waukau and their anonymous echo chamber twitter accounts, et al. They were never getting enough attention for their false allegations (as conventions have never received complaints and fans who have met me have had good experiences) so they tried to tie it in with current popular news in the Resident Evil world.

Here’s who they are and what this is about – – read, visit the links embedded, and read the critical thinking breakout box below it.

False accusations do tremendous damage to victims of actual assault. I encourage people to fact check these accusations (because Twitter doesn’t) as well as critically assess the accounts propagating them.



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