Persona 5: Another Villain You Love To Hate

Persona 5: Another Villain You Love To Hate

It’s finally here! Persona 5 from Atlus has arrived. And now you know: I’m back to my devious voice over roots.

I had voiced a few dark characters before I merged with Albert Wesker in Resident Evil, but let’s face it, they couldn’t hold a candle to his devilishness. Until this week. I have been quite surprised by the huge reaction online to my portrayal of Kamoshida, the high school volley ball coach and all around creepy teacher.

A “love to hate” sentiment has been a common theme in the tweets I’ve received. I’m starting to think Kamoshida may end up being one of those characters I’m often asked about at cons. (I hope so!)

What’s odd to admit, though, is that I was surprised he was hated so much. I now realize it’s because, as an actor, I automatically see the world through the character’s eyes. I accept their world view, morals, ethics and predilections without judgement. No, in fact I relish in them. Catch me right after a Wesker or Kamashido VO session and you will be meeting the most A moral version of me. “Rob a bank followed by an orgy at my neighborhood United Methodist church? Let’s hit it!”

But once I step back and see the character in the context of the story, I’m back to normal-ish. In my day to day I’m not a criminal or perv. Well, illegal perv, at least. (Check out my erotic Fanfic Show at a con sometime 😉)

Enjoy some highlights of Kamoshida in Persona 5 (spoiler alert for those of you who don’t think things like this through 🙄). Followed by my performance in Persona 4: Dancing All Night… Just for the bizarre contrast!

A huge thanks to Valerie Arem and PCB Productions for bringing me in on both these games!

It’s an honor to be sharing a video game world with the likes of Barbara Goodson, Matthew Mercer (whip me with your hair, please), Eden Riegel, Cherami Leigh, Elizabeth Maxwell, Max Mittelman (my son from a one night stand), Robbie Daymond (my one night stand), Richard Epcar (my favorite Monchichi), Erica Lindbeck, Karen Strassman (my favorite French woman), Kirsten Potter and my Pokemon playing buddy, Erin Fitzgerald!

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