Short Films Library: D.C. Douglas

So you have a lot of time to kill? Enjoy these suckers! Film shorts are called shorts because the producers were usually short on time, money, or talent (myself included)! But I have been lucky enough over the years to work with talented people… Some of whom still speak to me.
There is plenty here to tickle your sensibilities and a few fancies. From comedy to drama to “what the hell…?”
FUN GAME: See if you can figure out which one of these films actually paid me! (Hint? It was only one. Yeah, indie film shorts, baby…)
DC is always the tallest actor in a short film.. Okay, this is a lie.

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Enjoy watching uncut, full length independent film shorts! Many were produced, written and directed by me. All feature me acting in them one way or another. Some are under five minutes while some are almost 40 minutes. Yes, you’re going to get to me very well.

Flower Power

I produced this little short with my mentee, Joel Henriquez, whom I met through the Youth Mentoring Connection here in Los Angeles. A story about video games and the power of imagination.


I barely remember the shoot for this, but it was an indie I auditioned for through Backstage West, I think. It’s more a test case film. A jewelry heist that goes haywire.

Duck Duck Goose!

A film short about love, romance, France, Charles Boyer and The Casbah. Features Bryan Cuprill, Robin Dalea and D.C. Douglas. I had a fun time writing and directing this short. Shot in 4 days and then played over 30 film festivals worldwide.

Billy Makes the Cut

Written, directed and produced by Justin S. Simons. Also produced by Emily Bloom. Stars the sexy Jenny Mollen. And I’m in it, too, which takes away a lot of the sexiness. A very fun comedy film short about sports and entourages.


Written and produced by Paula Brancato. Filmed by Kevin Atkinson and 1st AD was James Cotten. A fun little romantic short about hooking up at a bar… It’s also one of the few times I git to kiss on-camera.”A nightcap with some sexual politics on the side. Hold the love.”

The Pitch

Actually a monologue from a great script by New Mexico writer Grubb Graebner whom I met through Theatre of NOTE in the early 90’s.
Filmed this with Reagan Wilks on an old 16 mm camera he had. We had to wind it up every 5 minutes. In editing I had to add space in-between sentences because the film began to stretch as the wind wore down.

Freud & Darwin Sitting In A Tree

A film I wrote and co-directed about first cousin coitus. Stars Jamie Donahue and myself, with Reagan Wilks, Delaina Mitchell, Larry Roop, Chayse Dacoda, Wil Wheaton’s mother, Debbie, And the late, great, Pamela Gordon - who was a fixture on the LA theatre scene for the 80’s and 90’s.

The Ugly American

This was a silly little film my friend Reagan Wilks and I made while vacationing in Amsterdam. He had a silent super 8 camera so we came up with a silly story and then put it together. I later recreated the soundscape of Amsterdam and added in some ADR.

Just Add Water

A very funny film short I was cast in by Megan Foley. Filmed in San Francisco and starred Liz Sheridan, Laraine Newman, Mario Yedidia and myself. A fun family tale of life after death, Belize and condoms.

The Eighth Plane

A dark film short about Scientology. I co-wrote and co-directed. Had hair extensions that made me look like an average Jesus and had tape on my nipples. Unfortunately, others in the production were scared Scientology would come after us (or maybe we don’t get cast in a Tom Cruise film?) so we had to parallel L. Ron Hubbard’s lingo. The title should read The Operating Thetan Eight.

Falling Words

This was the first film short I wrote and produced. Directed by Jason Phillips and co=produced and scored by Chris Emerson. Financed by Eric Cotsen. Stars JJ Rodgers, Tom Jourden, Jason Oliver, Chayse Dacoda and myself.