Television Shows: D.C. Douglas

After a childhood spent rotting my brain watching syndicated TV sit-coms for hours on end (Bewitched and Benny Hill, how you soothed me so…), I now try to reclaim my youth one TV job at a time… Not really working.
FUNNY MEMORY: When I first moved to Los Angeles, some short, unemployed mime told me I would do well in television since I was so tall. He was right. Weird, huh?
Enjoy the guest star and co-star gigs, but don’t judge when you get into the 90’s.
While filming NCISLA action scene, DC knocked down the set.

DC Douglas IMDB page


I began acting in TV in 1990 with a tiny role on ABC’s Coach sit-com. Sadly, they cut my 3 lines and I can now just be seen in the background of that episode. But it was a better start than what I thought my first union TV show was going to be - Playboy Channel’s attempt at a sexy Twilight Zone. I almost booked the part of a 15 year old discovering masturbation with his sister’s barbie doll… Yeah, it was a close call.


Max and David gave me my real first break in television. They cast me in the pilot episode of NBC’s Boston Common (the had success with HBO’s Dream On and would later go on to historic success with NBC’s Will & Grace). By being competent and promoting the hell out of myself as an actor, they brought me back for another 10 episodes.

Guest star and co-star

I wish I could say I received other breaks, but I only came close. I’m an odd “type” in the casting world so finding the right role to cast me in has always been hard. I rarely go out on pilot auditions, but when I do I tend to get semi-close. No network test callbacks, but just before. No real complaints, though. I love what I do.

Cable, network and Disney

Since the 90’s I have had a steady amount of guest star and co-star acting roles on television. From hit shows to obscure kids shows. Some of my favorites would include Kickin’ It, ER, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Charmed, Castle and Star Trek: Enterprise.