Breaking News! & Tweaked Nipple Productions

As an artist, I’ve always needed some creative outlet to amuse myself. After amusing myself into poverty with Hit-The-Fan Productions, live theatre and strip clubs, I needed something cheap, but still included the harsh rejection of strangers. Thank the Goddess for YouTube!
Forget cute baby/kitten videos, I was going to make random, offensive, music videos. But then a sarcastic voicemail to a Tea Party group led to Tweaked Nipple Productions… And then a reality TV star got elected which birthed the Breaking News! cartoon series… now I can’t stop… please, help me…
There’s no better PR firm than one’s own outrage and creativity.

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Viral Videos

Tweaked Nipple Productions began as a way of having fun at the expense of Matt Kibbe and Freedomworks’ online reputation crushing machine. To understand that, probably best to start at the beginning of the playlist. After the Teabagger Boogie, the Tea Party PSA will put it all into perspective for you. From there I had to make fun of just how inane YouTube commenters are with a quick cartoon - How To Comment On YouTube. Then one more parting shot at Matt Kibbe.

Religion and Politics

The some racists and bigots got me going with Burn A Koran Day. The election of 2010 now had my full attention. I started with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and never looked back. I also put together some serious tweaked nipples, like my NOH8 campaign one. I traveled to Washington DC to see Jon Stewart’s Sanity Rally and revisited my Tea Party roots. And, yes, I still would reach for The Tea Party's nipple. And now Donald Trumps.

Musical Rock Opera

But I really outdid myself with the Sarah Palin / Michele Bachmann Rock Opera. Who knew Trump would make those two look sane? I then went after Andrew Breitbart for his weiner obsession. The swung back around for the Tea Party blocking legislation.

TCOT and Elizabeth Warren

Then I started to get more unpredictable with my musings. Flower Power is my tribute to YMC - Youth Mentoring Connection. My GOP Vagina Rules are pretty funny. My Why Occupy Wallstreet #OWS video went truly viral and almost hit 1 million views. More political videos followed.

Random Viral Videos

After I landed my Transformers cartoon gig, I had a little fun with Steve Blum. A feminist I met on twitter inspired the cartoon The Feminist In the Wild. And my Resident Evil video game fans inspired my Better Than Trump video.