I’ve been a voiceover artist for over 25 years and there is nothing I appreciate more than a great writer. (Okay, and those residual checks!) Whether it’s video game dialogue or commercial copy, the writing still comes first. When the words just flow the way people really speak (or robots, announcers or evil bad guys, for that matter), my job is made all the more fun. I can really explore the character and the voice and not worry about sounding inauthentic. Great writers make voiceover not only fun, but easy.

But when the writing is poor it’s a different story. When the writing doesn’t sound real, has strange word choices or the tone doesn’t fit the character, I have to work much harder to compensate for the writing. Frankly, these jobs are a pain in the ass.

Luckily, I’m able to recommend a fantastic writer to clients that are struggling with the copy. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking Robin Dale Meyers’ written words on numerous occasions and she never disappoints. From commercial copy to industrials to cartoon characters, Robin Dale Meyers’ delivers voiceover copy that sounds real. Any business owner looking for a great copywriter for voiceover (as well as other written materials) should check her out. She makes my job a breeze and a joy.

Writing authentic dialogue has a lot to do with understanding human beings and actors. Robin has an innate sense for both. She has a deep understanding of what makes people and characters who they are, including how they speak, relate to others and their behavior.

Not surprisingly, she also happens to be a fantastic acting coach. There’s a clear creative connection between the talent of writing authentic dialogue and the ability to coach actors to be more authentic when working with written dialogue. Her clients have booked series regulars, guest stars and co-stars on TV as well as feature films.

The care she takes in crafting dialogue for VO is equivalent the attention she gives an actor who is working on an audition or a role. In short, she’s a creative powerhouse!

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