Voiceover: National Campaigns

You’ll probably recognize some of my commercial work from the past 25 years… (and if not, please don’t say anything – I live in a fragile reality). From national campaigns for McDonalds and GEICO to Jack In The Box and Mercedes Benz, my voice does get around… Yup, I voice and tell.
First up – a couple of national commercial campaign highlights. Be sure to check out the other categories in the “select playlist” tab below (because I’m an exhibitionist).
Having a Hollywood pro voice your brand helps prevent hair loss.

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National campaign announcer

This is supplemental information regarding D.C. Douglas as a national campaign voiceover announcer. I have been quite lucky to be the male vo talent on such national campaigns as Nespresso, Experian with Tom Kenny, Netflix, McDonalds, Radio Shack, national commercial announcer for Ashley Furniture Homestore for years, United Healthcare, GEICO, Hooters, and so much more. National campaigns are rare to come by, though. And there is nothing a voice actor can do to make it happen, either, aside from being with a good agent.

GEICO Announcer

In fact, I always tell the story of my first campaign (and most lucrative and long running to date). I booked the GEICO Real Persons campaign in my underwear. Yes, that's right! It was on of several auditions I received in my email that I did that morning. In my closet (this was before I had a snazzy booth) and in my underwear. In addition, speaking of the stars aligning. I booked it because of my third take. I went off spec (their breakdown for the voice style they were looking for) and I essentially impersonated, as best I could, the Law and Order opening announcer - Steven Zirnkilton.

What made that gig amazing - aside from the insane money windfall and three year run was that in one of the spots I actually was the voiceover guy for the godfather of voiceover - Don LaFontaine! Talk about one of those rare actor treats… The Martin Agency was the advertising company that cast me in that, as well as several other spots afterwards (i.e. post Tea Party PSA) for other brands.
What truly stupefies me, knowing how much I made on those three years of commercials running nationally, is realizing how much more other spokespeople make. I'm thinking of Stephanie Courtney as Flo from Progressive, my friend Maurice LaMarche on Lexus, James Spader for Acura, Jon Hamm for American Airlines, Will Arnett for Bank of America, and Martin Sheen on, well, everything!

Molyneaux Guy

A strange offshoot of my notoriety for that campaign (see my Tea Party PSA to understand why I say notorious) is that some voiceover clients see that I also am an on-camera actor and offer me commercial or industrial gigs. Occasionally I say yes. Molyneaux carpet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is one such client. I've done 20 or so spots for them so far.

Ashley Furniture Homestore

I should take a moment and also thank Ashley Furniture homestore. I was their national announcer for several years in the early 21st century. There were several regional commercials I'd have to record every few days and it kept me very busy and helped pay the rent.

Odds are you are not here looking for your next national voiceover guy. That's why I have a whole other television playlist, too! Regardless, I look forward to providing voiceover talent for your local, regional or national television commercial needs.