Voiceover: Corporate Narration

The corporate read really includes three categories; the kind of narration that explains with a smile (you’re on the right playlist), the kind that implores with bi-polar excitement and the kind that thanks you for holding. (Scroll to bottom for that kind of sexiness…)
This is another area where my grandmother’s rules prepared me for success: The likeable, clean-cut “read” that informs. Also, the “read” that washes his hands before lunch and doesn’t poke dead things with a stick… Still need guidance? Check out the search field on the upper right area of player! Cool.
Boring narration leads to employees stealing office supplies.

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Corporate Narrator

Corporate narration voiceover is a whole other beast. It can be short or long form with the voice style ranging from friendly and conversational, to almost stilted and pedantic - all depending on the company and their audience. For instance, instructional videos for a foreign audience to whom English is a second language, less emotive and more plodding pacing can sometimes be required. Or technical language to the employees familiar with the details can be casual and uptempo - so as to not bore them.

There are many famous narrators that have set the bar pretty high. The include Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, Kiefer Sutherland, Peter Cullen, Keith David, Peter Coyote, Patrick Stewart and so many more.

Medical Narration

One of the most challenging areas of narration voiceover work is with medical scripts. The medical jargon is often dense. Adding to the complexity, many terms are said differently depending on the company or medical field. But I do like a challenge. I have narrated medical scripts for many companies. One of my favorite is Arthrex. Both their in-house videos and their patient educational modules have taught me much about the human body. ;-)

Instructional and promotional Narration

While instructional videos (also known as industrials) can vary in vocal styles, promotional narration - scripts explaining the product or services to potential customers or investors - can vary widely in style. In my voiceover video samples above you can search through the different styles used.

Voice of the Narrator

When your company is ready to hire a voice to read your script, make sure you find a suitable voice. Not just one that sounds good, but one that speaks for your company, your vibe. How do you want your intended audience to feel? Now, does the voice you’re thinking of hiring embody those qualities? Does the voiceover artist possess the range to do that? Once you have found your voiceover guy or gal, it’s always best to stick with them. Having a consistent voice to represent your brand and image does wonders for marketing consistency.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos is the newest terms for corporate and industrial narration media. There are many companies that will produce your project from start to finish.
The only downside is that many will include the voiceover talent in the price. That is usually where the quality will suffer for your video. Just keep in mind you can always hire your narrator separately.

Some good companies that make explainer videos include:

1. Epipheo Studios
2. Demo Duck
3. Think Mojo
4. Blink Tower
5. Simple Story Videos
6. Explainify
7. Motioncrafter
8. Illustrate iT
9. VideoExplainers
10. Video Jeeves

Being a corporate narrator is a whole different kind of challenge. A warm, conversational voice that still illustrates the product or service for in-house audience is a talent. I have been lucky enough to narrate corporate projects for Student Universe, IBM, Apple, Oracle, NEC, Microsoft, Lawyer Idiots, IcueTV, Sony, ShipRush, XMatters, Avanade, Bellota, H and R Block, Chronic, Arthrex, NetFlow, Cinema Dome, MovieMedia, Lexus, Dupont, IQtv, Medtronics, City of Glendale, Manga High, Mobius and much more.

Announcer Narrator

Corporate narration is voiceover you hear on training videos, web instruction e-learning modules and product promotional videos for industry conventions. It is usually not for broadcast and tends to have a more constrained style of voice delivery. Businesses want the service or product to be explained in a clear voice. A voice that is easy to listen to and understand. Yet, at the same time, companies want their narrator to have a friendly, warm quality - to represent their business or brand persona.

The extremes in corporate narration voiceover announcer work is exemplified by web promos and technical education videos. On the one hand, they want an excited, intense read similar to a commercial or movie trailer. With technical voiceover narration, such as medical, financial or engineering, the narrator needs to get out of the way of the text. Be an assured voice that teaches and guides them.