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Anime Midwest
July 6 – 8, 2018, Chicago, IL

Anime Zing
July 13 – 15, 2018, Davenport, IA

July 20 – 22, 2018, Green Bay, WI

August 17 – 19, 2018, Birmingham, England

August 30 – September 3, 2018, TBA

December 14 – 16, 2017, Chicago, IL

Rachel Hooper



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Erotic Fanfic Wesker

Please see CREDITS page for film and television credits.

Hunter X Hunter – (TBA 2018)
Berserk – Locus, Priest
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – Jasley Donomikols
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower – Vincent Pike
Cyborg 009 – Professor (Steven Archimedes), Swiss Rep
Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi) – Dr. Kitamura
Durarara!!x2 – Various
One Piece – X Drake
Naruto: Shippûden – Gari
Hajime no ippo: Champion road – Sanada Kazuki
Hajime no ippo – Genji Kamogawa
Kyô kara maô! – Shori Shibuya

Breaking News: Fake Trump Cartoons – Andrew Lime-Blitzed, Various
The Tom & Jerry Show – Mick
Monchichi – Aikor, Sylvas
Mother – Damyr
Regular Show – Colonel Rawls, Various
Transformers: Rescue Bots – Chase
The Story of Ginger & Snapper – Narrator
Family Guy – Superman
The American Dream – Half the cast

Monster Hunter World – Analytics Director
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology – Gafka
Persona 5 – Kamoshida
NieR: Automata – Pod 042
Valkyria chronicles 4 – Jester Mooney
Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky – Yamatoga
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse – Odin
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel I/II – Rufus Albarea, Valimar
Fire Emblem: Warriors – Gharnef, Oskar
Fire Emblem: Heroes – Gunter, Barst, Wrys
Fire Emblem: Fates – Gunter, Llewellyn
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma – Zero
God Eater: Code Vein – Gregorio Silva
God Eater 2: Rage Burst – Odin
God Eater 1: Burst – Player
Riders of Icarus – Wizard, Berserker
Xenoblade Chronicles X – H.B.
Persona 4: Dancing All Night – Dance Instructor
Lost Dimension – George Jackman
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – KrugerSec 1, Additional Voices
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle – Azrael
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend – Azrael
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma – Azrael
Rune Factory 4 – Dylas, Badu
Tales of Graces f – President Paradine
Tales of Vesperia Expansion – Alexei Dinoia
Tales of Vesperia – Alexei Dinoia
Nier: Replicant – Grimoire Noir
Eternal Sonata – Jazz
.hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption – Gabi, Taihaku
.hack//G.U. Vol.2//Reminisce – Gabi, Taihaku
.hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth – Gabi, Taihaku
Xenosaga Episode III -Voyager – Black Testament
Radiata Stories – Various
The Granstream Saga – Various

[WT: Sabbath] – Officer Henley (TBA 2018)
PWNED – (TBA 2018)
Hyper Universe – Curse Eye, Turner
Titanfall: Assault – Various
Robo Recall – Odin, Service Bot, Thug Bot
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Schroeder
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 2Med2
Tyranny – Lantry
Paragon – Grim.EXE
Space Run Galaxy – Simon Gibbons
Resident Evil: Umbrella Corp – Albert Wesker, Player
Resident Evil 0 – Albert Wesker (archive voice Wesker mode)
Resident Evil: Revelations 2 – Albert Wesker
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D – Albert Wesker
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – Albert Wesker
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles – Albert Wesker
Resident Evil 5 – Albert Wesker
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – Albert Wesker
Mass Effect 3 – Legion
Mass Effect 2 – Legion
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Raven
Street Fighter X Tekken – Raven, Eddie Gordo
Tekken 6 – Raven
Tekken 5 – Various
Lego Jurassic World – Various
The Crew – Bill Coburn
NBA2K14 – Über Agent
The Last of Us – Various
Star Trek – Temp Spock, Various
Starhawk – Rifters, Radio Control
Rise of Dragonian Era – Narrator
Star Wars: The Old Republic – Lekk-Ji, Kal Bedo, Various
Might & Magic Heroes VI – Archangel Michael
MotorStorm: Apocalypse – Dice, Dusklight Manager
Dragon Age II – Various
Armored Core: For Answer – Various
Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation – AWACS Ghost Eye
Dark Matter – The Companion
Caesar IV – Various
Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars – Avatar, Malacay
SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix – Various
SpellForce: The Breath of Winter – Various
Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Master

Death Race 2050 – Abe
Z Nation – Pa Kettle
Sharknado 2 – Bud
Isle of The Dead – Aiden Wexler
Apocalypse Kiss – Adrian
Titanic II – Captain Howard
Charmed – Craig
Star Trek: Enterprise – Zepht
Young Hercules – Announcer





1. Images to be used for website/promotion/print:

Images of DC Douglas

2. D.C. Douglas Unique Panels:

* The DC Douglas Notorious [zombie related] Erotic Fanfiction SHOW *
The 17+ panel SHOW that has been turning on and pleasing fans at cons across the nation is here! D.C. Douglas (voice of Albert Wesker) embarks on an erotic journey of language with the help of the “evil resident” audience members. What happens in this show stays in this show. A must see! [Language warning, 2 hours – NO LATE SEATING] Read the reviews!

Needs: Should be programmed on Saturday at 7, 8 or 9 for maximum effect. He requires HDMI or VGA connection to audio/video display (newer model that can handle throttling HD) – he has HDMI/VGA video & 1/4” audio connectors. He needs 3 microphones and podiums/lecterns/music stands (or elevated table – ie table on a stage – for 3 people) for this panel. Run time is 90 minutes but needs 10 minutes set-up time and a 20 minute buffer at the end should it be packed and go longer. It is an intimate show so please do not program it next door to a rave or other very loud panel.

Q & A Multi-Media Panel!
DC takes on questions from his audience with humor and irreverence while also illuminating certain aspects of his career with short videos, as well as playing some of the viral video game videos he’s produced for fans. [projector and wall/screen required, 1 hour minimum, 1.5 preferred.]

DC Douglas Q & A In A Hot Tub/Pool Panel!
DC takes on questions from his audience with humor and irreverence while everyone is in the water. [Hot tub works best for small VIP panels. 1.5 hours preferred.]

DC Douglas Twerking Panel!
Okay, so maybe not this one…

4. Biography:

D.C. Douglas hates third person biographies. But he loves conventions and meeting fans. So he wrote this.

VIDEO GAMES: Albert Wesker in seven “Resident Evil” games — from 2007’s “Umbrella Chronicles” to 2016’s “Umbrella Corp” — a decade of badassery. Oh, and there’s Legion in “Mass Effect” 2 & 3, Kamoshida in “Persona 5,” Pod 042 in “Nier: Automata,” Azrael in “Blazeblue,” Gafka in “Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology,” Raven in “Tekken 6,” foxy grandpa Gunter in “Fire Emblem: Fates” and many more Japanese RPGs and indie American games (see

ANIME: X Drake in “One Piece,” Shoot McMahon in “Hunter x Hunter,” Locus in “Berserk,” The Professor in “Cyborg 009,” Jasley in “Mobile Suit Gundam: IBO” season 2, Vincent Pike in “MSGT: Bandit Flower,” Genji Kamogawa in “Hajime no ippo,” Shori Shibuya in “God, Save Our King!” and several more no one cares about.

CARTOONS: Chase on “Transformers: Rescue Bots,” Colonel Rawls on the final season of “Regular Show,” Superman on “Family Guy,” Mick in “The Tom and Jerry Show,” and a few pilots that died lonely and unseen.

FILM & TV: Pa Kettle in “Z Nation,” Bud in “Sharknado 2,” Zepht in “Star Trek: Enterprise,” Aiden Wexler in SyFy’s “Isle of the Dead,” and another 200+ appearances on random shows and weird films over the last 25 years.

Check him out on IMDB and to spot more titles you know.

REMEMBER: If you only attend ONE thing of D.C.’s this weekend, make sure it’s his 2017 Notorious [Zombie Related] Fanfic Show on Saturday night!


Pictures only available to be signed at conventions:


Persona 5


Nier videogame

Regular Show and Transformers Rescue Bots

Z Nation and Sharknado 2

Star Trek Enterprise Zepht

DC Douglas IMDB page


:, MomoCon, Atlanta, GA, May 26-29,, Mega Con, Orlando, FL, May 26-29,, Anime Explosion, Norfolk, VA, May 26-29,, Anime Oasis, Boise, ID, May 27-30,, Mobicon XIX, Mobile, AL, May 27-29,, Animazement, Raleigh, NC, May 27-29,, Colossalcon, Sandusky, OH, June 2-5,, A-Kon, Dallas, TX, June 3-5,, Awesome Con, Washington, DC, June 3-5,, Arch Anime, St. Louis, MO, June 3-5,, OMG!con, Owensboro, KY, June 10-12,, Reiyacon, Rochester, NY, June 11,, Magma, Pigeon Forge, TN, June 11-12,, Cosplacon, Jefferson City, MO, June 16-19,, Anime Mid-Atlantic 16, Chesapeake, VA, June 17-19,, NipponCon, Bremen, Germany, June 18-19,, Koya Con, Midland, TX, June 24-26,, SoDak Anime Con, Rapid City, SD, June 24-26,, Florida Supercon, Miami, FL, July 1-4,, ConnectiCon, Hartford, CT, July 7-10,, Anime Midwest, Rosemont, IL, July 8-10,, Modesto Con, Modesto, CA., July 9-10,, Hoshicon, Charlotte, NC, July 15-17,, Ai-Kon, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, July 15-17,, Anime-zing!, Davenport, IA, July 15-17,, Medicine Hat Fan Round Up, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, July 18,, MetroCon, Tampa, FL, July 21-24,, Kitsune Kon, Green Bay, WI, July 22-24,, AmeCon, Coventry, UK, July 29-31,, MechaCon, New Orleans, LA, July 29-31,, RhodyCon, Cranston, RI, July 30-31,, Asheville Anime Regional Convention, Asheville, NC, July 30,, Omnicon, McAllen, TX, August 5-7,, AnimeFest, Dallas, TX, August 12-15,, Otakon, Baltimore, MD, August 12-14,, MatsuriCon, Columbus, OH, August 19-21,, Delta H Con, Houston, TX, August 19-21,, Liberty City Anime Con, New York, NY, August 19-21,, SakuraNatsu Con, Gainesville, FL, August 20,, Nan Desu Kan, Denver, CO, September 2-4,, Meta Con, Minneapolis, MN, September 2-4,, Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA, September 2-5,, San Japan, San Antonio, TX, September 2-4,, SEMO Cosplay Festival, Poplar Bluff, MO, September 10,, BlurrieCon, Erie, PA, October 14-15,, Kogata Daycon, Mitchell,SD, October 15,, ZAPPCON, Fresno, CA, October 15-16,, DerpyCon, Morristown, NJ, November 18-20,, Yama-Con, LeConte Center, December 2-4,, Senshi Matsuri, Long Island City, NY, March 4-5,, Costume-Con, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, April 20-24,, AniMinneapolis, Minneapolis, MN, May 26-28,, Anime Midwest, Rosemont, IL, July 7-9,, AniMinneapolis, Minneapolis, MN, Mega Con, Orlando, FL, May 26-29,, Shock Stock, London, Ontario - Canada, May 27-29,, ConCarolinas, Concord, NC, June 3-5,, Morbius Corpus Horror Fest, Corpus Christi, TX, June 3-5,, Scare-A-Con, Springfield, IL, June 3-5,, Calgary Horror Con, Calgary, Alberta, June 11-12,, Contamination, St. Louis, MO, June 17-19,, Scares That Cares, Williamsburg, VA, July 22-24,, CT HorrorFest, Danbury, CT, August 27,, SCARE-A-CON, Verona, NY, September 30-October 2,, Granbury Paranormal Expo, Granbury, TX, October 1,, Horror-Rama Canada, Toronto, Canada, October 15-16,, Sinister Creature Con, Sacramento, CA, October 15-16,, TusCon, Tucson, AZ, May 1 - November 15 "Oil's Well that Ends Well" (theater evening) Grapevine TX, During May JABECON Events (check website) (Multi-events, Japan, animations, books, entertainment) (Facebook) Lebanon TN, May 1 80s Toy Expo - Canadian Collectors Con (one day, toys) Mississauga ON Canada, May 1 Charlotte Comicon (one-day, comics, media, artists, cosplay) Charlotte/Concord NC, May 5 Comitia116 (one day, anime, comics) Tokyo Japan, May 5-8 Åcon (literary) Åland Finland, May 5-8 Frolicon (adult only) Atlanta GA, May 6-9 Costume-Con 34 (costuming, classes, cosplay) Madison WI, May 6-8 DFDF Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik 2016 (filk, music) Bad Salzdetfurth Germany, May 6-8 Marcon 50 Columbus OH, May 6-8 AniMinneapolis (anime) Minneapolis MN, May 6-8 Elliot's Spring Gather (Furry) Las Vegas NV, May 6-8 Fur-Eh! (Furry) Edmonton Alberta Canada, May 6-8 Sabaku Con (anime, gaming, SF) Albuqurque NM, May (6) 7-8 Ratha Con (pop culture Friday)(nerd fun, gaming, cosplay, costuming) Athens OH., May 6-8 Wizard World: Minneapolis Comic Con (comics, media) Minneapolis MN, May 7-8 Steampunkspass (steampunk) Osnabruck Germany, May 7-8 Northern Ontario Expo (comics, media, artists, cosplay) (Facebook) Archie Dillon Sportsplex and Arena Timmins Ontario Canada, May 7 The Watch City Festival (one-day, steampunk Festival) Waltham MA, May 7 Conatron (one-day, comics, media, anime, cosplay, gaming, steampunk) Somerset KY, May 7 Tsurucon (one-day, anime) Red Deer Alberta Canada, May 13-15 Chiflu 33 (science fiction, fanzine fans, FAAn Awards) Chicago IL, May 13-15 Wizard World: Des Moines Comic Con (comics, media) Des Moines IA, May 13-15 AnimeXtreme (anime, media, comics, gaming) Poro Alegre RS Brazil, May 13-15 Ottawa Comiccon (media, comics, anime, costuming, cosplay, SF/Fantasy, gaming) Ottawa Ontario Canada, May 13-15 Steampunk World's Fair: Wonders Untold (steampunk) Piscataway NJ, May 13-15 Kontakt SferaKon Zagreb Croatia, May 13-15 ACBC - Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (comics, media, cosplay, Miss Cosplay contest, workshops, Geek things) Atlantic City NJ, May 13-15 Anime St. Louis (Anime) Collinsville IL, May 13-15 Outlantacon 2016 (adults) Atlanta GA, May 13-15 Cheyenne Comic Con (comics, media, gaming,cosplay) Cheyenne WY, May 13-15 Motor City Comic Con (comics, media, gaming, cosplay) Novi MI, May 13-15 Yellow City Comic Con(comics, media, gaming, cosplay) Amarillo TX, May 13-15 Northern FanCon (media, gaming, cosplay) Prince George British Columbia Canada, May 13-16 FedCon XXV (Media, Star Trek, Star Wars, SF) Dussekdorf Germany, May 14-15 Fanboy Expo Nashville (media, comics, cosplay) Nashville TN, May 14-15 Toronto Comic Arts Festival (comics, graphic books, NO costumes) Toronto Reference Library Toronto ON Canada, May 14-15 MSP Comicon (comics, artists, costume contest) Saint Paul MN, May 14 The Lilac City Comicon (one day, comics, artists, cosplay) Spokane WA, May 14 Texas Comic Fest (one day, comics, artists, cosplay) Lewisville TX, May 15 Clovercon (one day, anime) Bridgewater NJ, May 20-21 East Coast Comic Expo (comics, art, animation) (Facebook) Moncton New Brunswick Canada, May 20-21 Nishikaze (one day, anime) Lethbridge Alberta Canada, May 20-22 Coal Hill Convention 2016 (Doctor Who) Laconia NH, May 20-22 Puerto Rico ComicCon (comics, gaming, media, cosplay) San Juan Puerto Rico, May 20-22 What the Fur (furry) Montréal QB Canada, May 20-22 Anime Central (anime) Rosemont IL, May 20-22 Yoi Con (anime) Columbus OH, May 20-22 Amazing Hawaii Comic Con (media, comics, anime, gaming, cosplay) Honolulu HI, May 20-22 Planet Comicon (comics, anime) Kansas City MO, May 20-22 Keycon 33 Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, May 20-22 Congres Boreal 2016 Montreal Quebec Canada, May 20-22 Nauticon (adult only! anime) Provincetown MA, May 21-22 Tidewater Comicon (comics, Sci Fi, anime, cosplay) Virginia Beach VA, May 21-22 3 Rivers Comicon (comics, artists, gaming) West Mifflin PA, May 22 Intergalactic Expo (one-day, multi-fandoms, media, cosplay, gaming, workshops/demos, charity and more) West Sacramento CA, May 26-29 MomoCon (anime, gaming, comics) (Facebook) Atlanta GA, May 26-29 MegaCon (media, comics, gaming) Orlando FL, May 27-29 Anime Explosion (anime) Norfolk VA, May 27-29 Anime North (anime) Toronto ON, May 27-29 CANCELLED 2016: 2016 Star Trek Marine Muster/STARFLEET Summit (Star Trek, SFMC Awards, food, costuming) Portland OR, May 27-29 London MCM Expo (comics, anime, cosplay) London UK, May 27-29 Comic Con East European (comics, anime, cosplay, art, gaming) (Facebook) Bucharest Romania, May 27-29 Arkansas Anime Festival (anime, cosplay) Springdale AR, May 27-29 Mobicon XVIII Mobile AL, May 27-29 Vandalia-Con (steampunk) (Facebook) Parkersburg WV, May 27-29 Timegate (Dr. Who and Stargate etc) Atlanta GA, May 27-29 Furlandia 2016 (furry, gaming, video) Portland OR, May 27-29 MantiCon 2016 (Military Science Fiction Literature) Bloomington MN, May 27-29 Animazement (anime) Raleigh NC, May 27-30 MediaWest Con 36 (SF/Media fans) Lansing MI, May 27-30 Anime Oasis (anime) Boise ID, May 27-30 BayCon 2016 San Mateo CA, May 27-30 MisCon 30 Missoula MT, May 27-30 WisCon 40 Madison WI, May 27-30 ConQuesT 47 Kansas City MO, May 27-30 Clockwork Alchemy (steampunk) San Jose CA, May 27-30 FanimeCon (anime) San Jose CA, May 27-30 Balticon 50 Baltimore MD, May 28-29 Mimicon Mikkeli Finland, May 28 Old Cowtown Museum Steampunk Day (steampunk) Wichita KS, May SVSCon (anime) Herning Denmark, May JABECON (Multi- events, Japan, animations, books, entertainment) (Facebook) Lebanon TN, May Mohnster Con Film, toys, comics, pop culture (toys, comics, pop culture) Youngstown OH, May Sukoshi Con: Bowling Green (anime) Bowling Green KY, May ENDING 2016: ConDuit XXV Salt Lake City UT, May Anime SouthEast (anime) Sevierville TN, May Stonefield Wild West Steampunk Festival (steampunk, wild west, fashion show, makers, next to Governor Nelson Dewey State Park) (Facebook) Casville WI, May Myth Masque (One day, Masquerade Ball, Fashion and Fantasy) (Facebook) Los Angeles CA, May Up in the Aether (steampunk) Detroit MI, May CANCELLED2013: OkamiCon (anime, gaming) Mesquite NV, June, June 2-5 Colossalcon (anime) Sandusky OH, June 2-5 Steampunk NZ Festival (steampunk) Oamaru New Zealand, June 2-5 Phoenix ComiCon (comics, media) Phoenix AZ, June 2-5 Wizard World: Philadelphia Comic Con (comics, media) Philadelphia PA, June 2-5 Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest (media, comics, anime) Glendale AR, June 3-5 Niagara Falls Comic Con(comics, media, cosplay, horror, gaming) Niagara Falls Ontario Canada, June 3-5 Cog County Faire (steampunk) Montello WI, June 3-5 Awesome Con (media, literary, comics, Anime, cosplay) Washington DC, June 3-5 Dallas Comic Con: Fan Days (media, toys, comics) Dallas TX, June 3-5 A-Kon 27 (anime, media, steampunk, literary, gaming) Dallas TX, June 3-5 ConCarolinas 2016 (Facebook) Concord NC, June 3-5 Au Contraire 2016 (37th NZ National SF&Convention) Wellington New Zealand, June 3-5 Arch Anime (anime) Collinsville IL, June 3-5 British Fest (British TV and movies, games, books, Bag End House) Omaha NE, June 4-5 WonderFest (modeling techniques, media, prop making, toys, films) Louisville KY, June 4-5 Ocala Comic Con (comics, toys, media, cosplay) Ocala FL, June 4-5 Hannover MCM Expo (comics, anime, gaming, media) Hannover Germany/p>, June 4-6 Wellington Armageddon (media, comics, anime, SF/Fantasy, gaming) Wellington New Zealand, June 4 Ninja-Con (anime, gaming) Los Angeles CA, June 4 LaffCon1 ( R.A. Lafferty) Mercer County Library 2751 Brunswick Pike Lawrenceville NJ, June 4 Maine Comics Arts Festival (art, Comic Artists) Portland Public Library Portland ME, June 5 Albany Comic-Con (one day, comics, costume contest) Albany NY, June 9-10 My Little Pony (ponies, costuming, kids) Chicago IL, June 9-10 Beijing Comic Convention 2016 (comics, media, cosplay) Beijing China, June 9-12 CoreCon 2016 Fargo ND, June 10-12 Desucon (anime) Lahti Finland, June 10-12 AnimeNext (anime) Atlantic City NJ, June 10-12 Sci-Fi in the Valley Con Altoona PA, June 10-12 C-Cubed- ConComCon C-Cubed" (convention running) Portland OR, June 10-12 Costumers Lost Weekend (costuming, classes) (for more info Dallas-Ft. Worth Costumers Guild) Addison TX, June 10-12 OMGcon (anime, gaming) Owensboro KY, June 10-12 Sausomecon (anime, manga, gaming, cosplay) Kansas City MO, June 10-12 Magic City Con (con games, gaming, cosplay, costuming) Birmingham Alabama, June 10-12 Sci Fi Summer Con (gaming, artists, music, artists) Atlanta GA, June 10-12 Utopia 2016 (Dr Who) Eynsham Hall Oxfordshire UK, June 10-12 Anime 2016 (anime) World Forum The Hague Netherlands, June 10-12 Steampunk in the Catskills (steampunk event) Blackthorne Resort East Durham NY, June 10-12 Eternal Con (Comics, anime, Collectibles, Gaming, Sci-Fi, Cosplay, Horror, pop culture) Long Island Garden City NY, June 11-12 The Ultimates (comic book hero TV, media) Heathrow UK, June 11-12 River City Comic Expo (one day, comics, cosplay) Little Rock AR, June 11-12 The Brass Screw Confederacy (steampunk, festival, music, artists, creators) Port Townsend WA, June 11-12 Oz Comic Con (media, comics, anime, cosplay) Melbourne Australia, June 11-12 Belgium MCM Expo (comics, anime, cosplay) Brussels Belgium, June 11-12 Wie.MAI.KAI (anime) Wiesbaden Germany, June 11-12 Maryland Faerie Festival (Faerie) Camp Ramblewood Darlington MD, June 11 Graphic-Con Sudbury (graphic novels, comics, film, cosplay) Sudbury Arena Sudbury Ontario Canada, June 14-21 ComicCon at Sea (cruise, media, artists, music) Barcelona Spain, June 16-19 Cosplacon (anime, cosplay, workshops, classes) Jefferson City MO, June 17-19 Q-Con (gaming, anime) Belfast Ireland, June 17-19 SunnyCon 4 (anime, gaming) Sunderland UK, June 17-19 Supanova Pop Culture Expo Sydney NSW Australia, June 17-19 Heros Con (comics, toys) Charlotte NC, June 17-19 Comicpalooza (comics, gaming) Houston TX, June 17-19 Indy PopCon (Indiana Pop Culture and Comic Convention) Indianapolis IN, June 17-19 Steam Dream Expo (steampunk) Augusta MI, June 17-19 Wizard World: Sacramento Comic Con (comics, media) Sacramento CA, June 17-19 Swecon 2016 (Swedish National SF convention) Sickla/Stockholm Sweden, June 17-19 Anime Mid-Atlantic 16 (anime) Chesapeake VA, June 17-19 Denver Comic Con (media, comics, anime, pop culture, cosplay, gaming) Denver CO, June 17-19 Hamacon (anime) Huntsville AL, June 17-19 Hypericon 11 Nashville TN, June 17-19 Contamination Defcon 5 (horror) St. Louis MO, June 17-19 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con (media, comics, anime, gaming, cosplay) Las Vegas NV, June 18-19 NipponCon (anime) Bremen Germany, June 18-19 Feria Mundo Anime Santo Domingo (anime) (Facebook) Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, June 18 Anime Tosho-Con (one day, anime) East Orange NJ, June 18 Jedicon WV (one day, Star Wars) New Martinsville WV, June 20-26 Steampunk Festival Iceland (steampunk) Bildudalur Iceland, June 22-26 UtopiaCon (literary, female perspetive) Nashville TN, June 22-27 Endless Night: Conclave Festival 2016 "Nexus" (steampunk) Castle Finstergruen Ramingstein Austria, June 23-26 PortConMaine 2016 South Portland ME, June 23-26 LepreCon 2016 Phoenix AZ, June 24-26 Supanova Pop Culture Expo Perth Australia, June 24-26 SoDak Anime 2016 (anime) Rapid City SD, June 24-26 JAFAX (anime, art, film) Allendale MI, June 24-26 SoonerCon 25 Midwest City OK, June 24-26 Fanboy Expo Knoxville (media, comics) KnoxvilleTN, June 24-26 Koya-Con (anime) Midland TX, June 24-26 BayouCon (media, gaming, anime) (Facebook) Sulphur LA, June 25-26 Con Kasterborous (Dr. Who) Huntsville AL, June 25-26 Walker Stalker Con (Walking Dead, zombis) Charlotte NC, June 25-26 Mississippi Comic Con (media, comics, anime, gaming, cosplay) Jackson MS, June 25-26 Belfast MCM Expo (comics, anime, cosplay) Belfast Ireland, June 25-26 Derby City Comic Con (comics, anime, cosplay) Louisville KY, June 29-July 3 Dexcon 19 (Gaming, LARP) Morristown NJ, June 30-July 3 CONvergence 2016 - DoublePlusGood Bloomington MN, June 30-July 3 Anthrocon 2016 (furry) Pittsburgh PA, June 30-July 10 Festival Fantazie Chotebori Czech Republic, June Sukoshi Con: Anime Paradise (anime) Ft. Lauderdale FL, June Daisuki Anime Con (anime) Chattanooga TN, June Grasp Comic Expo (comics, gaming) Grand Rapids MI, June Special Edition, NYC (comics) Pier 94 NYC NY, June Anime Salt Lake (anime) Salt Lake City UT, June LEc2 - League of Legends (major gaming, L.A.S.T. Finals) Fredericksburg VA, June CANCELLED for 2016: Duckon Wheeling IL, June CANCELLED 2016: ApolloCon 2016 Houston TX, June MidwestCon 67 Cincinnati OH, June NJCAC New Jersey ComicAnimeCon (one day, comics, anime) (Facebook) Morristown NJ, June Anime Getaway in Mobile (one day, anime) Mobile AL, June ConTemporal (Steampunk anime SF) Raleigh NC, June Steam on Queen (one day steampunk street fair) Toronto Ontario Canada, June SpoCon Spokane WA, June CANCELLED for 2016: FantasyCon Salt Lake City UT, June Wizard World: Albuquerque Comic Con (media, comics, cosplay, gaming) Albuquerque NM, June Fiesta Equestria (my Little Pony) Houston TX, June Saskatoon Blitz (anime, comics) (Facebook) Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, June Heroes and Legends (SF/Fantasy and TV/Movie Media) (Facebook)Derry Ireland, June CANCELLED2013:Hetalia Con! (anime) Indianapolis IN, June Kintoki-Con (anime) (Facebook) Sacramento CA, June Steampunk Festival (steampunk) Gävle Sweden, July, July 1-3 Finncon 2016 Tampere Finland, July 1-3 Animaritime (anime) Fredericton New Brunswick Canada, July 1-3 Otafest (anime, music, cosplay) University of Calgary Alberta Canada, July 1-3 NEFilk: Conterpoint 2016 (filk, music) Baltimore MD, July 1-3 InConJunction (Facebook) Indianapolis IN, July 1-3 Anime Blues Con (anime) Memphis TN, July 1-3 VGA - Video Gamers United (video gaming, tournaments, Demos, speakers, Celebrity Charity Event, Cosplay Contest) (Facebook) Washington DC, July 1-3 London Anime & Gaming Con Summer (anime, gaming) London UK, July 1-4 Florida Supercon (anime, comics, media) Miami FL, July 1-4 Anime Expo (anime) Los Angeles CA, July 1-4 Westercon 69 (also Portland GEAR CON) Portland OR, July 1-4 Portland GEAR Con (also Westercon 69) (steampunk) Portland OR, July 2-3 Heroes & Villains (media, comics) Secaucus NJ, July 2-3 Ireland MCM Expo (comics, anime, cosplay) Dublin Ireland, July 2-3 Otaku Palooza (anime) Regina SK Canada, July 7 Jersey Shore Comic Book Show (comics, toys, collectables)Toms River NJ, July 7-10 ConnectiCon (anime) Hartford CT, July 7-10 Japan Expo (anime) Paris France, July 7-10 Readercon 27 (literary, music) Quincy MA, July 7-10 Leviosa (Harry Potter, young adult literature) (just outside Las Vegas) Henderson NV, July 8-10 LibertyCon 29 Chattanooga TN, July 8-10 BronyCon (My Little Pony) Baltimore MD, July 8-10 BroCon (anime, gaming) Limerick Ireland, July 8-10 Ikasucon (anime) Fort Wayne IN, July 8-10 Montreal Comiccon (media, comics, anime, cosplay, costuming, music, gaming) Montréal QB Canada, July 8-10 Northwest Fan Fest (media, gaming anime, dances) New Westminster Vancouver BC, July 8-10 Anime Fest Wichita (anime, gaming) Wichita KS, July 8-10 Anime Midwest (anime) Rosemont IL, July 8-10 Tragic City AlternaCon (comics, anime) Billings MT, July 9-10 CosDay (anime, cosplay) Frankfurt am Main Germany, July 9-10 Garden State Comic Fest (comics, artists, toys, cosplay) Morristown NJ, July 9-10 Vul-Con (Star Trek) Vulcan Alberta Canada, July 9-10 ValhallaCon 2016 (anime, cosplay) Columbia SC, July 14-16 2016 Historicon (miniatures board gaming) Fredericksburg VA, July 15-16 Chibi G-Anime (anime) Palais de Congres Gatineau Quebec Canada, July 15-17 Hyper Japan (exhibition show, anime, cosplay) London UK, July 15-17 Hoshicon (anime) Charlotte NC, July 15-17 Winkie Con: Oz Con International 2016 (Land of Oz, L. Frank Baum) Portland OR, July 15-17 Tokyo in Tulsa (anime, gaming, the arts) Tulsa OK, July 15-17 Anime-zing! (anime) Davenport IA, July 15-17 Star Wars Celebration Europe (Star Wars) London UK, July 15-17 G-Fest 2016 (gigantic monsters) Rosemont IL, July 15-17 Shore Leave 38 Baltimore MD, July 15-17 TF Con (Transformers) Mississauga ON Canada, July 15-17 ConGregate 3 High Point NC, July 15-17 Ancient City Con 9 Jacksonville FL, July 15-17 TrotCon (My Little Pony) Columbus OH, July 15-17 Ai-Kon 2016 (anime, gaming) Winnepeg Manitoba Canada, July 16-17 Glass City Con (anime, cosplay, gaming) Toledo OH, July 16-17 Infinity Con (pop culture, Zombis, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Geek events, costuming, cosplay, gaming) (Facebook) Lake City FL, July 21-23 Nagu Con (anime) Helena MT, July 21-24 PulpFest 2016 (Pulp Fiction) Columbus OH, July 21-24 Camp Necon (literary, horror writers conference) Portsmouth RI, July 21-24 MetroCon (anime) Tampa FL, July 21-24 San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 San Diego CA, July 22-24 Motor City Steam Con (steampunk) Detroit MI, July 22-24 NatsuCon (anime) Collinsville IL, July 22-24 Kitsune Kon (anime) Green Bay WI, July 22-24 Genki (anime) Farum Denmark, July 23-24 Lock City Comic Con (comics, media, cosplay) Amarillo TX, July 23-24 AMA-Con (comics, anime, cosplay, music) (Facebook) Amarillo TX, July 28-31 Cascade Writers (literary, writing) WA, July 28-31 Costume College (costuming) Woodland Hills CA, July 29-30 Las Cruces Gamers Convention (gaming, media) Las Cruces NM, July 29-31 Tatsu-Con (Ryu-Con) (gaming, anime) Buffalo NY, July 29-31 Texas ComiCon (comics, anime) San Antonio TX, July 29-31 Diversicon 24 Twin Cities MN, July 29-31 Armadillo Con 38 Austin TX, July 29-31 ConBravo! Hamilton ON Canada, July 29-31 MechaCon (anime, comics, transformers) New Orleans LA, July 29-31 Confluence 2016 (literary, filk) Pittsburg PA, July 29-31 Wizard World: Ohio Comic Con (comics, media) Columbus OH, July 29-31 Tatsu-Con (gaming, anime) Buffalo NY, July 29-31 Anime Festival Orlando 16 (anime) Orlando FL, July 29-31 AmeCon (anime, comics) Nottingham UK, July 29-31 GeekyCon (Harry Potter, media, literary) Orlando FL, July 29-31 London Film and Comic Con - Summer (films, comics, anime, media) London UK, July 29-31 Anime Iowa (anime) Coralville IA, July 29-31 GlitchCon Springdale AR, July 29-31 Sukoshi Con: LAW Louisville Anime Weekend (anime) Louisville KY, July 29-31 FandomFest (anime, horror, gaming, media) Louisville KY, July 30-31 The Surrey Steampunk Convivial (steampunk) New Malden Surrey UK, July 30-31 Dutch European SteamPunk Convention (steampunk) Meppel Netherlands, July 30-31 LameCon (anime, cosplay, music) Land O Lakes FL, July 30-31 RhodyCon (anime, cosplay, video games) Cranston RI, July 30-31 Manchester MCM Expo (comics, anime, gaming, media) Manchester UK, July 30-31 Walker Stalker Con (Walking Dead, zombis) Boston MA, July 30-31 Fantasia Fest (festival fantasy, fairy, music) (Facebook) Meppel Netherlands, July 30-31 KuroNekoCon (anime, cosplay, music, gaming) Spokane WA, July 30-31 Rob-Con (comics, costuming) Bristol TN, July 30 Asheville Anime Regional Convention (one day, anime, cosplay) Asheville NC, July 30 WyvaCon (one day) Wytheville VA, July 30 - August 7 WCS - World Cosplay Summit (cosplay) (Facebook) Nagoya Japan, July 31 Galactic Con (one-day, comics, cosplay) Middletown DE, July Anime Punch: Fieldcon (camping, anime) Morgan County OH, July AVCon (anime) Adelaide SA Australia, July NELCO (LARP, designers, writers costume/gadgets, artists, players) Chelmsford MA, July Atomic Lollipop (anime, music, Harry Potter, performances) Ontario Science Center Toronto Ontario Canada, July SEE Festival fantazie: Trekfest (Star Trek) Chotebor Czech Republic, July Malta Comics Pop Culture Expo (media, anime, gaming, cosplay, costume contests) Valletta Malta, July Fanboy Expo Tampa (media, comics) Tampa FL, July AnimagiA (anime) Bonn Germany, July OsFest 9 Omaha NE, July Highland Library Comic Con 2016 (one day, comic artists, illustators, writers, publishers, costume contest, cosplay ) Highland NY, July AetherCon The Steampunk Convention (one day, steampunk) (Facebook) Auckland New Zealand, July Steampunk Doncaster 2016: (one day steampunk) (Facebook) Doncaster UK, July HIATUS: GeekFest Québec (anime, cosplay) Quebec Canada, July ENDED 2015: Pi-Con Enfield CT, July Polar Chill (relaxicon) Toronto ON Canada, July Moshi Moshi (one day, anime, cosplay, music) Amsterdam Netherlands, July InvaderCON IV: FINAL DOOM (one day) Austin Texas, July Galacticon 5 (Firefly, Battlestar Galactica) (Facebook)Seattle WA, August, August 3-7 Star Trek Las Vegas (Star Trek) Las Vegas NV, August 4-7 Gen Con (gaming) Indianapolis IN, August 4-7 QuakeCon (gaming) Dallas TX, August 5-6 The 2016 Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball Los Angeles CA, August 5-6 Coldwater Steampunk Festival (steampunk) Coldwater Ontario Canada, August 5-6 Omnicon (anime, gaming, comics, music) McAllen TX, August 5-7 Animethon (anime) Edmonton Alberta Canada, August 5-7 Go!Daikocon 2016 (anime) Pontiac MI, August 5-7 Anime Revolution (anime) Vancouver British Columbia Canada, August 5-7 Tampa Bay Comic Con (comics, toy, anime, art) Tampa Bay FL, August 5-7 Anime Overload (anime) Austin TX, August 5-7 Otakuthon (anime) (Facebook) Montréal QB Canada, August 5-7 MuseCon 6 (artists, musicians, costuming, inventors, gadgeteers, makers, tinkerers) Itasca IL, August 5-7 Megaplex (furry) Orlando FL, August 5-7 Wizard World: Orlando Comic Con (comics, media) Orlando FL, August 5-8 MythCon - The Mythopoeic Society (antastic and mythic literature) San Antonio Texas, August 6-7 Comic City Conventions: Jackson (comics, toy, anime, media) Jackson TN, August 6-7 Haunt-Faire (panels on running haunts, makeup, sound effects, live performers) Ronkonkoma NY, August 6-7 IV Steamcon Paranapiacaba (steampunk) Paranapiacaba Sao Paulo Brazil, August 6-7 Atsusacon 2016 (anime) Gent Belgium, August 6 Dover Comic Con (one-day, comics, gaming, artists, cosplay) Dover DE, August 7 Charlotte Comicon (one-day, comics, media, artists, cosplay) Charlotte/Concord NC, August 12-13 Pirate Invasion (pirates) Beaufort NC, August 12-14 Trekonderoga (Star Trek, some pop culture) Ticonderoga NY, August 12-14 Comic Market - Comiket (anime, comics) Tokyo Japan, August 12-14 Star Fleet International Conference 2016 (Star Trek) Louisville KY, August 12-14 Myths and Legends Con (myths, legends, pirates) Denver CO, August 12-14 Otacon 2016 (anime) Baltimore MD, August 12-14 Boston Comic Con (Media, comics, Anime) Boston MA, August 12-14 When Words Collide 2016 (literary, multi-genre, readercon) Calgary Alberta Canada, August 12-14 Salt City Steam Fest (steampunk) Salt Lake City UT, August 12-14 Monster-Mania Con 34 (horror, media) Cherry Hill NJ, August 12-14 CTC GeekFest 2016 (gaming, anime, Geek things: Harry Potter, Star Wars & more, cosplay, costuming) Mayborn Science Theater Killeen TX, August 12-15 AnimeFest (anime) Dallas TX, August 12-15 Tokonatsu (anime, camping) Bedfordshire UK, August 13 Long Island Retro Gaming (gaming) Hauppauge NY, August 14 NEO Comic Con (one-day, comics) Strongsville OH, August 14 New Jersey Collectors Con (comics, toys, collectables) Cherry Hill NJ, August 17-21 MidAmeriCon II - 74st World Science Fiction Convention Kansas City MO, August 18-21 Wizard World: Chicago Comic Con (comics, media) Chicago IL, August 18-22 Polcon 2016 Wroclaw Poland, August 19-21 Delta H Con (gaming) Houston TX, August 19-21 TerrifiCon Comic Con (comics, anime and SF Collectibles) Bridgeport CT, August 19-21 Sabakon (anime) (Facebook) Las Vegas NV, August 19-21 MatsuriCon (anime) Columbus OH, August 19-21 Mizu Con (anime) Miami FL, August 19-21 Liberty City Anime Con (anime) NYC NY, August 19-21 Anime Festival Asia (anime) Siam Paragon Thailand, August 20 Kantaicon (one day, anime) Mt Pleasant SC, August 20 CoTiCon (one day, anime, cosplay, artists, costuming) Cornwall Ontario Canada, August 20 The Willits Kinetic Carnivale (one day, steampunk) Willits CA, August 20 Newark Comic Con (comics, cosplay, Zombie Walk, gaming) Newark NJ, August 20-21 Flame Con (adults, comics, art, entertainment, media, cosplay, costuming, gaming, LGBTQ) Brooklyn NY, August 20-21 SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show (anime, manga, games) Rosehill NSW Australia, August 20-21 StocktonCon (media, comics, anime, gaming) Stockton CA, August 21 Comitia117 (one day, anime, comics) Tokyo Japan, August 25-28 Gradignan 2016 - The 43st (French National Convention) Gradignan Bordeaux Mtropole France, August 25-28 TempleCon 2016 (steampunk, gaming, more) Warwick RI, August 26-28 AkaiCon (anime) Nashville TN, August 26-28 CampAnime (anime, camp activities) Woodstock Valley CT, August 26-28 AniNite (anime) (Facebook) Schwechat Austria, August 26-28 Bubonicon 48 Albuquerque NM, August 26-28 SaikouCon (anime) Breinigsville PA, August 26-28 The Highlanders (Outlander, media) Heathrow UK, August 26-28 Kita-Kon (anime) Thunder Bay Ontario Canada, August 26-28 Nerd-Con (one-day, fan run, comics, cosplay contests, gaming, art) San Diego Escondido CA, August 26-28 Geek.Kon 2016 (gaming, costuming) Middleton WI, August 26-28 Omega Con (anime, cosplay, gaming) Charlottesville VA, August 26-28 Abunai (anime) Veldhoven Netherlands, August 26-29 The International Discworld Convention (Discworld) Chesford Grange Warwick UK, August 26-29 The Asylum (Steampunk) Lincoln England UK, August 26-28 Fan World (media, anime, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, costuming) Niagra Falls Both sides: United States and Canada over the Rainbow Bridge, August 27-28 Animaga Expo (anime, comics, cosplay, gaming) Carlton VIC Australia, August 27-28 Lake Count-I-Con (comics, art, gaming, cosplay idol) Greyslake IL, August 27-28 Heroes & Villains (media, comics) San Jose CA, August 27-28 Vermont Comic Con (comics, artists, cosplay) Burlington VT, August 27-28 WVPopCon (comics, media) (Facebook) Morgantown WV, August 27 InbeonCon 2016: Summer Edition (one-day, artists, comics, anime, cartooning, illustration, cosplay) Rockville Centre NY, August Confuse 2016 (Swecon) Linköping Sweden, August POSTPONED TO 2016: Idol Matsuri (Japanese "Idols" contests & classes, cosplay) Silverdale WA, August Fandemonium 2016 Boise ID, August LI-CON 3 Rockville Centre NY, August S.S. Kaizoku (anime) Muskegon MI, August Auto Assembly (transformers, toys, anime, cosplay) Birmingham UK, August Laser Tag Tournament: Costag 2016: Heroes vs. Villains (one-day, laser tag tournament, cosplay) Tampa FL, August Central Coast Comic Con (comics, media) Ventura CA, August In-CON-Ceivable 2016 (comics, gaming, media, costuming, comedy) Northampton MA, August Anime California (anime, cosplay, music) Garden Grove CA, August PAX Prime / Pax Dev (gaming, game development) Seattle WA, August Motaku (anime) Kansas City MO, August DraCon (anime, cosplay) Dubrovnik Croatia, August Sukoshi Con (Prime) (one day anime) Birmingham AL, August Japan Expo USA (Japanese culture, music, anime, games) San Mateo CA, August FANtasm - CopperCon ((Facebook)) Avondale AZ, August ENDED?: CamCon (one day anime cosplay) Cambridge UK, September, September 1-4 Alcon (ages 16+, anime, gaming) Leicester UK, September 1-4 FanExpo (East)(comics, media, anime, cosplay, horror) Metro Toronto Convention Centre Toronto Ontario, September 2-4 Memphit Fur Meet (furry) Olive Branch MS, September 2-4 San Japan: Samurai 9 (anime) San Antonio TX, September 2-4 FaerieWorlds 2016 (Faeries) Portland OR, September 2-4 Sac-Anime Summer (anime) Sacramento CA, September 2-5 Saboten-Con (anime) Glendale AZ, September 2-5 Dragoncon Atlanta GA, September 2-5 Meta Con Minneapolis MN, September 2-5 Nan Desu Kan (Anime) Denver CO, September 3-5 Big River Steampunk Festival (steampunk) Hannibal MO, September 8-12 Gatecon (Stargate, Dark Matter, Sanctuary) Vancouver Canada, September 9-11 Can-Con 2016 Ottawa Ontario Canada, September 9-11 Wizard World: Richmond Comic Con (comics, media) Richmond VA, September 9-11 Las Cruces Comic Con (comics, media, cosplay, costuming, gaming) Las Cruces NM, September 9-11 Midoricon (anime, cosplay, photoshoots) Oregon OH, September 9-11 RocCon! 2016 (Star Trek guests, media, Sci-Fi, comics, anime) Rochester NY, September 9-11 UmiCon Daytona (anime, gaming) Daytona Beach FL, September 9-11 Amazing Houston Comic Con (media, toys, comics, cosplay, gaming) Houston TX, September 10-11 Oz Comic Con (media, comics, anime, cosplay) Sydney Australia, September 10-11 Rose City Comic Con (comics, media, gaming) (partnered with StumpTown Comics) Portland OR, September 12 Anime Getaway in Jackson MS (one day, anime) Jackson MS, September 15-18 Bouchercon - World Mystery Convention (literary, mystery) New Orleans LA, September 15-18 HawaiiCon (media, Star Trek, writers, scientists, anime, cosplay, gaming ) Kona Kohala Coast HI, September 16-18 Intervention (digital media, comics, blogs, video/podcasts makers, gaming) Rockville MD, September 16-18 Animate! Miami (anime, cosplay) Miami FL, September 16-18 Anime Festival Asia (anime) Jakarta Indonesia, September 16-18 Connichi (anime) Kassel Germany, September 16-18 TopCon (comics, media, gaming, cosplay) Topeka KS, September 16-18 DoDeca-Con (anime, gaming, steampunk) Columbia MO, September 16-18 Yaoi-Con (anime) San Fransisco CA, September 16-18 Eyecon - Vampire Diaries (media, autographs, games, Halloween party) Atlanta GA, September 17-18 Oz Comic Con (media, comics, anime, cosplay) Brisbane Australia, September 17-18 Animara Con (anime, gaming, cosplay) Sherbrooke Quebec Canada, September 17-18 J1-Con (anime, music) Philadelphia PA, September 17-18 JapanFest (japanese festival) Duluth GA, September 17-18 Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo (comics, toys, media, workshops, costuming, cosplay) Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, September 17 Colossus Con Merced 2016 (one-day, comics, media, cosplay) Merced CA, September 22-25 Cincinnati Comic Expo (media, comics, anime, cosplay, films, steampunk) Cincinnati OH, September 22-25 CANCELLED DUE TO HOTEL PROBLEMS: Rainfurrest 2016 (furry) Seattle WA, September 23-25 The Steampunk Society of Vermont presents: Springfield Steampunk Festival (steampunk) Springfield VT, September 23-25 Ramencon (anime) Merrillville IN, September 23-25 FenCon XIII Dallas/Fort Worth TX, September 23-25 Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition (steampunk) (Facebook) Fort George Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Canada, September 23-25 Anime Fargo (anime) Fargo ND, September 23-25 Steamposium (steampunk) (Facebook) Seattle WA, September 23-25 Konsplosion! (cosplay, costuming, music, gaming) Fort Smith AR, September 23-25 Wizard World: Austin Comic Con (comics, media) Austin TX, September 23-25 Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (comics, toys, media, collectibles) Edmonton Alberta Canada, September 23-25 Atlanti-Con (authors, artists, gaming, cosplay, costuming) Corner Brook NewFoundland Canada, September 23-25 Nerd & Tie Expo (anime, nerd stuff) Eau Claire WI, September 24-25 Monster-Con (zombies, media, horror) (Facebook) San Antonio TX, September 24-25 Scotland MCM Expo (comics, anime, gaming, media) Glasgow Lanarkshire Scotland, September 24-25 Hartford Comic Con (media, comics, anime, cosplay, gaming)Hartford CT, September 24-25 Copenhagen MCM Expo (comics, anime, cosplay) Copenhagen Denmark, September 24-25 Retro Con 2016 (retro pop culture and memorabilia, gaming, media, costuming) Greater Philadelphia Expo CenterOaks PA, September 24-25 AniMatsuri 2016 (anime, gaming, cosplay) Tartu Estonia, September 24-25 Immortal Con (cosplay, anime, fantasy, fund raiser for research and care for those with Breast and Ovarian Cancer) Clarion Hotel Ronkonkoma NY, September 29-October 2 Anime Weekend Atlanta (anime) Atlanta GA, September 29-October 2 Wyrd Con VII (gaming, story telling, game development, costuming workshops, cosplay) Costa Mesa CA, September 30-October 1 J-Con 9 (anime, manga, cosplay) Derby UK, September 30-October 2 Klingon Feast 2016 (Klingons!) Daytona Beach FL, September 30-October 2 Tsubasacon (anime) Huntington WV, September 30-October 2 FilkCONtinental (filk, music) Wernigerode Deutschland, September 30-October 2 VCon 41 Vancouver BC, September 30-October 2 Convolution 2016 Burlingame CA, September 30-October 2 Archon 40 Collinsville IL, September 30-October 2 RealmsCon (anime, comics, gaming) Corpus Christi TX, September 30-October 2 Monster-Mania Con 35 (horror, media) Hunt Valley MD, September 30-October 2 TitanCon 2016 (science fiction, fantasy, media, gaming) Belfast Ireland, September 30-October 2 EerieCon 18 Grand Island NY, September 30-October 2 CONtraflow VI New Orleans LA, September 30-October 2 Arizona Fur Con (furry) (Facebook) Scottsdale AZ, September FandomVerse Expo (anime, comics, Sci-Fi, horror, fantasy, gaming, costuming) Lancaster CA, September Aurelio Voltaire's Necrocomicon(horror/macabre art and music) Piscataway NJ, September Blurriecon (anime, gaming, comics) Erie PA, September F.A.C.T.S. 2016 (comics, Sci Fi, anime) Flanders Ghent Belgium, September Steamposium Seattle (steampunk) Seattle WA, September Canadian Collectible Toy Expo (Toys: One Day) Mississauga ON Canada, September ESC - The European Steampunk Convention - Budapest (one day, steampunk) Budapest Hungary, September - October ESC - The European Steampunk Convention (steampunk) Many Cities and dates throught Europe, September Weird West Fest (one day, steampunk, wild west) (Facebook) Giddings TX, September CANCELLED 2015: Steampunk Invasion (steampunk) (Facebook) Dallas TX, September AyaCon Cosplay Ball (one day, anime) Stratford London UK, September Mid Con Comics Show 2016 (cosplay, comics, gaming) Iowa City IA, September Sci-Con Tampa (media, prop display, cosplay, costuming) Tampa FL, September CANCELLED FOR GOOD: Brony Fan Fair (for My Little Pony, cosplay) Austin TX, September CANCELLED 2015: Sugoicon (anime, cosplay, costume) Ft. Mitchell KY, September Nmacon (anime) (Facebook)Traverse City MI, October, October 1-2 Cleveland Comic Con (comics, artists, costume/cosplay, game show) Independence OH, October 1-2 Senshi-Con (anime, gaming) Anchorage AK, October 1-2 Walker Stalker Con (Walking Dead, zombis) Philadelphia PA, October 6-9 New York Comic Con (comics, anime, media) New York City NY, October 7-9 G.A.M.E (gaming, LARP, cosplay, costuming) Springfield MO, October 7-9 Capclave 2016 Gaithersburg MD, October 7-9 Gaslight VI: The Expedition (steampunk, victoriana) San Diego CA, October 7-9 Gaylaxicon 2016 (adults) Minneapolis MN, October 7-9 ConClave XXXX Livonia MI, October 7-9 Snafu Con (anime) Reno NV, October 7-9 Spooky Empire's Ultimate Holloween Weekend (horror, Halloween) Orlando FL, October 7-9 Behold the Red Dragon (Red Dragon TV, media) Heathrow UK, October 7-9 Dimensions 2016 (Doctor Who) Newcastle upon Tyne UK, October 8-9 APE2016 (Alternative Press Expo) (Facebook) San Francisco CA, October 8-9 FantastiCon Birch Run (media, comics, costuming, anime, gaming) Birch Run MI, October 8 Nor-Con 6 (one day, media, TV, anime, cosplay) Norwich UK, October 8 Anime Getaway in St. Louis MO (one day, anime) St. Louis MO, October 9 Time Lord Fest (one day, Dr. Who) Tampa FL, October 14-15 Kabochacon anime, cosplay, gaming) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base OH, October 14-16 Octocon Dublin Ireland, October 14-16 RuffleCon (Alternative Fashions, classes, cosplay) New Haven CT, October 14-16 Central City Comic Con (comics, artists, media, costume/cosplay, gaming) Yakima WA, October 14-16 ConStellation XXXIV: Mensa Huntsville AL, October 14-16 Steampunk unLimited (steampunk train ride, food, music) Strasburg Railway Strasburg PA, October 14-16 Another Anime Convention (anime) Manchester NH, October 14-16 Steampunk unLimited (steampunk train ride, food, music) (Facebook)Strasburg PA, October 15-16 Unplugged Expo (cosplay, costuming, anime, comics, SF, game developers, media) (Facebook)Toronto MississaugaON Canada, October 15 Kokomo-Con (one day, media, comics, steampunk, anime, cosplay) Kokomo IN, October 18-20 ICON TLV Festival (Isreal) Tel Aviv Isreal, October 20-23 ReaperCon 2016 (minature making, some class good for prop makers, costume award) (Organizers) Lewisville TX, October 21-23 Arcana 46 (dark fantasy) St. Paul MN, October 21-23 HallowRead (literary, horror, paranormal/urban Fantasy, steampunk) Ellicott City MD, October 21-23 Cosplay America (anime cosplay, costuming) Chapel Hill NC, October 21-23 Nightmare Nights (My Little Pony) (Twitter) Dallas TX, October 21-23 Wizard World: Tulsa Comic Con (comics, media) Tulsa OK, October 21-23 Anime USA (anime) Washington DC, October 21-23 Santa Fe Comic Con (media, comics,horror) Santa Fe NM, October 21-23 Grand Rapids Comic Con (comics, cosplay) Grand Rapids MI, October 21-24 2016: Auckland Armageddon (media, comics, anime, SF/Fantasy) Greenlane Auckland New Zealand, October 21-24 Anime Banzai (anime) Layton UT, October 22-23 Central Missouri Renaissance Festival (renaissance/music fair) Kingdom City MO, October 22-23 Colorado Cosmic Con 2016 (comics, cosplay, media, gaming) Colorado Springs CO, October 22-23 Super Sac-Con (media, comics, toys, anime) Sacramento CA, October 22 Zombie Con 2016 (one day, zombi, horror) San Antonio TX, October 27-30 World Fantasy Convention 2016 (literary) Columbus OH, October 28-30 MileHiCon 48 Denver CO, October 28-30 It Came From ICON 41 Cedar Rapids IA, October 28-30 AniMaCo 2016 (anime, cosplay) Berlin Germany, October 28-30 Alamo City Comic Con (media, comics, cosplay, costume contest) San Antonio TX, October 28-30 Aki Con 2016 (anime) (Facebook) Seattle WA, October 28-30 Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo(comics, anime, gaming, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Horror) Los Angeles CA, October 28-30 Kumoricon 2016 (anime) Portland OR, October 28-30 CANCELLED 2016: Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (art, artists) San FranciscoCA, October 28-30 Bakuretsu Con 2016 (anime) Colchester VT, October 28-30 HonorCon 2016 (Military SF Literature) Raleigh NC, October 28-30 Walker Stalker Con (The Walking Dead, media) Atlanta GA, October 28-30 Winnipeg C4 - Central Canada (media, anime, comics, toys) Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, October 28-30 Necronomicon: 2016 (SF/Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Gaming, Costume/Cosplay, Filk) Tampa Bay FL, October 28-30 Walker Stalker Con (Walking Dead, zombis) Atlanta GA, October 28-30 The Festival of Fantastic Films (films, indi films, directors, actors) Manchester UK, October 28-30 ?Gateway Geekinomicon (anime) St. Louis MO, October 28-30 Furpocalypse (furry) Cromwell CT, October 29-30 FantastiCon Fort Wayne (media, comics, costuming, anime, gaming) Fort Wayne IN, October 29 Campbell Con 2016 (one-day, comics, media, cosplay, toys, collectables) Campbell CA, October 29 Bristolcon 2016 (one day) Bristol UK, October 28 - November 1 Lucca Comics & Games Festival (comics, cartoons, anime, gaming, cosplay, illustation, literary, music,) (LuccaFan - more info) Lucca Italy, October Fallcons Bloomington MN, October Nashville Anime Day (one day, anime) Murfreesboro TN, October Oxnard Steampunk Fest (one day, steampunk) Oxnard CA, October ENDED 2016: ConChord 28, October Time Eddy (Doctor Who) Wichita KS, October NyanCon (one day, anime, comics, gaming) Kirtland OH, October Anime Fusion (anime) Bloomington MN, October Sun City Sci-Fi (media) El Paso TX, October PROJECT: Comic Con (comics, cosplay) St. Louis MO, October Mondo Con (anime, gaming) Budapest Hungary, October CANCELLED 2015: International Steampunk City (steampunk) Morristown NJ, October Chiller Theater (media, comics) Parsippany NJ, October ChaseCon Expo (media, cosplay, gaming) Saratoga NY, October Oni-Con (anime, cosplay) Galveston TX, October Geek Media Expo (techy, multi-media) Nashville TN, October WasabiCon (anime) Jacksonville FL, October Elliot's Fall Gather (Furry), October ESC - The European Steampunk Convention (steampunk) Around Europe, October CANCELLED 2015: GenreCon (literature, cosplay, costuming) Guelph Ontario Canada, October Encounters (science fiction, comics, anime, steampunk and gaming) Wichita KS, November, November 3-6 Metatopia 2016 (game design and publishing) Morristown NJ, November 4-6 Ohio Valley Filk Fest (filk, music) Worthington Ohio, November 4-6 Eurocon 2016 (Wikopedia) Barcelona Spain, November 4-6 Hal-Con 2016 (media, animation, authors, comics) Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, November 4-6 PAX Melbourne (gaming) Melbourne Australia, November 4-6 FaerieCon East 2016 (fairies, music) Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn Hunt Valley MD, November 4-6 Ohio Valley Filk Fest (filk, music) Worthington OH, November 4-6 Nekocon 19 (anime) Hampton Roads VA, November 4-6 FaerieCon East (faeries, music) Hunt Valley MD, November 4-6 Tol-Con (Middle-Earth themed, costuming, gaming) Minneapolis MN, November 4-6 CONjuration Con (all kinds of Magic themed books, movies and TV show fandoms) Atlanta GA, November 4-6 Anime Nebraskon (anime, gaming) Omaha NE, November 4-6 Hurricane Who (Dr. Who, media) Orlando FL, November 4-6 Wizard World: Pittsburgh Comic Con (media, comics, gaming, cosplay) Pittsburgh PA, November 4-6 Stockholm 2016 MCM Expo (comics, anime, cosplay) Stockholm Sweden, November 4-6 12-13 Lady of the Lake Renaissance Faire (Renaissance Fair) Tavares FL, November 5-6 Jet City Comic Show (comics, toys, costume contest, gaming) Tacoma WA, November 5-6 12-13 19-20 Medieval Fair (Renaissance Fair) Sarasota FL, November 5 Pulp AdventureCon (one day, pulp fiction, vintage paperbacks, movie collectibles) Bordentown NJ, November 11-12 NerdaCon (anime, gaming, LARP, Costuming) Columbus GA, November 11-13 Pandoracon (cyberpunk, media, gaming, costuming) Cincinnati OH, November 11-13 Pacific Media Expo (anime, media) Los Angeles CA, November 11-13 Supanova Pop Culture Expo Brisbane Australia, November 11-13 Novacon 46 Nottingham UK, November 11-13 TusCon 43 Tucson AZ, November 11-13 Banzaicon (anime) Columbia SC, November 11-13 Long Island's Doctor Who Convention (Dr. Who) Ronkonkoma Long Island NY, November 11-13 Animaine (anime) South Portland ME, November 11-13 FanExpo Vancouver (Media, comics, Anime, gaming) Vancouver British Columbia Canada, November 11-13 Mace 2016 (gaming) Charlotte NC, November 11-13 FANdom Con Year 6 (anime, gaming, cosplay) Emerald Coast Convention Center Fort Walton Beach FL, November 11-13 Rhode Island Comic Con (media, comics, anime, gaming, costuming, cosplay) Providence RI, November 11-13 WindyCon 43 Lombard IL, November 11-13 Steampunk November (steampunk) Mansfield TX, November 12-13 FantastiCon Mt Clemens (media, comics, costuming, anime, gaming) Mt Clemens MI, November 12-13 Quinte Mini Con (anime, cosplay, gaming) Belleville Ontario Canada, November 17-20 TeslaCon 7: La grand Expo Scientifique (steampunk) Middleton WI, November 18-20 Philcon 2016 Philadelphia PA, November 18-20 DerpyCon 2016 (media, gaming, anime, cosplay) Morristown NJ, November 18-20 Orycon 38 Portland OR, November 18-20 Supanova Pop Culture Expo Adelaide Australia, November 18-20 Memphis Comic & Fantasy Convention (comics, toys, cosplay, anime) Memphis TN, November 18-20 AtomaCon (media arts: makup/props/costuming/film/etc, science, literature, gaming, media) North Charleston SC, November 18-20 Shadocon (anime, comics, video) Palm Harbor FL, November 18-20 Pandorica 2016 (Dr Who) Bristol UK, November 19-20 Heroes & Villains (media, comics) Atlanta GA, November 25-27 Kollision Con (anime, cosplay, comics, gaming) Rosemont IL, November 25-27 Chessiecon 2016 Timonium Maryland, November 25-27 Loscon 43 Los Angeles CA, November 25-27 Chicago TARDIS Lombard IL, November 25-27 Tomadachi Fest 9 (anime) Boise ID, November 25-27 Anime Festival Asia (anime) Singapore, November PerryCon (one day, comics, artists, media, costume contest) Perry GA, November GeekFest Montreal (anime, cosplay) Montreal Canada, November Doki Doki (anime) Manchester UK, November Doctor Who Festival (Doctor Who) Doctor Who (Official Events!) ExCel London UK, November Eirtakon (anime, cosplay, modeling) Dublin Ireland, November Chibi-Pa (anime) (Facebook) Deerfield Beach FL, November The Seventh Annual Vampire Ball (Buffy, Angel, True Blood) Heathrow UK, November Daisho Con (anime, gaming, cosplay) Wisconsin Dells WI, November SFContario Toronto ON Canada, November Emerald City Steampunk Expo (steampunk) (Facebook) Wichita KS, November Boston Super Megafest (media, comics, music) Framingham MA, November Starbase Indy (Star Trek +) Indianapolis IN, November Upstate Steampunk Events (steampunk) Greenville SC, November Emporium Vernesque (steampunk) Willemeen Arnhem The Netherlands, November Anime Blast (anime) Chattanooga TN, November Hyper Japan - Christmas Market (exhibition show, anime, cosplay) Olympia London UK, November Eirtakon (anime, cosplay, modeling) Dublin Ireland, November Ottawa Pop Expo (media, comics, anime, cosplay, costuming, music, gaming) Ottawa ON Canada, November AetherCon The Steampunk Convention (one day, steampunk) Auckland New Zealand, November Atlanta Anime Day (one day, anime) Atlanta GA, November Wales Comic Con (one day, media, comics) Wrexham UK, November Doctor Who Festival (Doctor Who) Doctor Who (Official Events!) Sidney Australia, November Atlanta Anime Day (one day, anime) Atlanta GA, November Anime Festival Asia (anime) Singapore, November 201 UberCon XIV (gaming, LARP) NJ, November CosyCon, the Benelux Convention 2016 Helmond Netherlands, November 201 Gaslight Industries Expo - 201? (steampunk) Tallahassee FL, November Winnsboro Wild West Fest (steampunk, vendors) (About) (Facebook) Winnsboro TX, November 20 Timey Wimey (one day, Doctor Who) Brighton UK, November Aetherfest III (steampunk) San Antonio TX, Brit Con (British SF, Fantasy, media) St. Louis Park MN, December, December 2-4 ?Smofcon 34 (convention running) Chicago IL, December 3-4 Walker Stalker Con (Walking Dead, zombis) New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center Edison NJ, December 11 Charlotte Comicon (one-day, comics, media, artists, cosplay) Charlotte/Concord NC, December Yama-Con (anime) Pigeon Forge TN, December Comic City Conventions: Nashville (one-day, comics, media) Nashville TN, December Geekonomicon (media, gaming, anime, comics, cosplay, movies) Biloxi MS, December Nerdtacular Bazaar (Scifest)(Nerdish gifts, daytime market at Wonderland Mall of the Americas) San Antonio TX, December InbeonCon 2015: Winter Edition (artists, comics, anime, cartooning, illustration, cosplay) Islandia NY, December Holiday Matsuri (anime) Orlando FL, December Con Alt Delete (anime, cosplay, My Little Pony, Video Games) Lisle IL, December Ichibancon Concord NC, December Dickens of the Strand (Dickens Festival, steampunk, walkabout) Galveston TX, December Mini Comiccon (one day, media, comics, anime, cosplay, costuming, music, gaming) Montréal QB Canada, December Jump Festa (anime) Tokyo Japan, December Sukoshi Con (Prime) (anime) Birmingham AL, December Farragut Fest 2014 (fan films) Kingsland GA, January, January 6-8 GAFilk 2017 (filk) Atlanta GA, January 6-8 Izumicon (anime) Oklahoma OK, January 9-15 SOLD OUT: Star Trek Cruise (Star Trek) Miami FL, January 13-15 MarsCon 2017 (Virginia) Williamsburg VA, January 13-16 Arisia '17 Boston MA, January 27-29 Conflikt 10 (filk, music) Pacific Northwest, January KotoriCon (anime) Sewell NJ, January ShadowCon XXI (SCA/Sci-Fi, gaming) West Memphis AR, January IllogiCon v Cary NC, January Ohayocon (anime, cosplay, gaming) Columbus OH, January Stage Select Gaming Expo (gaming, developers, educators) Toronto ON Canada, January Ikkicon (anime, cosplay, gaming) Austin TX, January Sac-Anime Winter (anime) Sacramento CA, January Anime-ZAP! 2017 (anime) Peoria IL, January KotoriCon (anime) Sewell NJ, January Ahn!Con (anime) Kansas City MO, January Albuquerque Comic Con (comics, cosplay, media, wrestlers) Albuquerque NM, January Albuquerque Comic Con (comics, costume contest, modeling, gaming) Albuquerque NM, January Further Confusion (furry) San Jose CA, January Rustycon Seattle WA, January Desucon Frostbite (anime) Lahti Finland, January Magic City Comic Con (comics, media, anime, cosplay, gaming) Miami FL, January Taiyou Con (anime) (Facebook) Mesa AZ, January Otakon Vegas (anime) Las Vegas NV, January Ohayocon (anime) Columbus OH, January Comic City Conventions: Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Kon (comics, media) Murfreesboro TN, January Central Florida Scottish Highland Games (Ren-Scottish festival, Quidditch) Winter Springs FL, January Anime Blues Winterfest Remix (one day, anime) Memphis TN, January ConFusion 2017 Detroit MI, January A Taste of Animethon 2017 (anime) Edmonton Alberta Canada, January COSine Colorado Springs CO, January G-Anime (anime) Palais de Congres Gatineau-Ottawa Quebec Canada, January Anime Apocalypse Con (anime) Schaumburg IL, January Renningers: Steam Punk Industrial Show (steampunk market) Mt. Dora FL, January Las Cruces Anime Days (anime) (Facebook) Las Cruces NM, January Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention (one-day, retro gaming, video, charity) (8 Bit Evolution) Pittsburgh PA, January AniMore 2017 (anime) Baltimore MD, January Tampa Anime Day (one day, anime) Tampa FL, January Orlando Anime Day (one day, anime) Orlando FL, January Angoulême (anime, cartoons, screenings) Paris France, January PragoFFest (gaming) Prague Czech Republic, January Animé Los Angeles (anime) Los Angeles CA, January Conflikt 9 (filk, music) Seattle WA, January Faebles 3 (Fairy Tales, TV, Media) Heathrow UK, January PAX South (gaming) San Antonio TX, January Comitia115 (one day, anime, comics) Tokyo Japan, January Steamathon: Las Vegas World Steampunk Convention (Steampunk) (Facebook) Las Vegas NV, January ChattaCon 42 Chattanooga TN, January Elliot's Winter Carnival (Furry) Las Vegas NV, January Setsucon (anime) State College PA, January Anime Shogatsu (anime) (Facebook) Bathurst Centre for the ArtsToronto Ontario, January StellarCon (one-day, student run, gaming) (Facebook) High Point NC, January UChi-Con (one day, anime) Chicago IL, January Knoxville Anime Day (one day, anime) Knoxville TN, January DarkCon 2016 (fantasy, steampunk) Phoenix AZ, January Evil Con (multi-media with an evil theme, cosplay, gaming, music) Tampa FL, February, February 3 - 5 Conrunner (convention runners - like Smofcon) Nottingham UK, February 16 - 19 Capricon 37 Wheeling IL, February 17 - 19 Radcon Pasco WA, February 17 - 19 Gallifrey One: 28 years Latter (Dr. Who) Los Angeles CA, February 17 - 19 Pensacon (media, voice actors, writers, artists, cosplay, wrestlers) Pensacola Fl, February 24-26 Galaxyfest 2017 (SciFi, Fantasy, Anime, SteamPunk, Horror, and more) Colorado Springs CO, February 25 AnniCon (one-day, anime, cosplay, gaming) Anniston AL, February The Bay Area Renaissance Festival (Renaissance Festival) Tampa FL, February CON-Voluted (cruise) Jacksonville FL, February Costal Magic (literary, urban Fantasy, paranormal, romance) Daytona Beach FL, February Foolscap Seatle WA, February CON2BIL8: The 28th UK Filk Convention (filk, music) Colchester Essex UK, February Amelia Con (media, comics, anime, gaming, cosplay, steampunk) Amelia Island FL, February SeishunCon (anime) (Facebook) Atlanta GA, February MythicWorlds (faeries, music) Seattle WA, February Military History Fest (military history and reenactors) St Charles IL, February Ushicon (anime) Round Rock TX, February AlmaCon (anime, LARP, gaming) (Facebook)Alma College Alma MI, February Star City Anime (anime, cosplay) Roanoke VA, February Bak-Anime (anime, gaming) Bakersfield CA, February London Anime & Gaming Con (anime, gaming) London UK, February Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show (media, Sci-Fi, comics, anime, gaming, pop culture) Paris France, February AniMangaPOP (one-day, anime, manga, pop culture) Plymouth UK, February YumeCon USA 2016 (one-day, anime) Los Altos Hills CA, February Cedar Rapids Comic Con (one-day, comics, gaming) Cedar Rapids IA, February SSA+S: Toracon (middle school oriented) (one-day, anime, gaming) Sarasota FL, February Retro Expo Montreal (one-day, gaming, comics, toys, cosplay) Montreal Quebec Canada, February Life, The Universe and Everything (literary, writers) Provo UT, February Farpoint (media, gaming) Timonium MD, February ConDFW XV Dallas TX, February Katsucon 2017 (anime, cosplay) National Harbor MD, February Amazing! Arizona Comic Convention (comics) Phoenix AZ, February St. Valentine's Horror Convention (horror, media, comics, costumes) Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, February Tsukino-Con (anime, gaming, cosplay, anime) University of Victoria Victoria BC. Canada, February Colorado Anime Fest (cosplay, anime) Denver CO, February SwampCon (Facebook) Gainesville FL, February AOD - Animation On Display (cosplay, anime, cartoons, gaming) San Fancisco CA, February Dallas Comic Con Fan Days (comics, media, cosplay, costuming, gaming) Irving TX, February WENDED 2016: Ponycon NYC (My Little Pony) Brooklyn NY, February Grape City Con (one-day, media, comics, anime, gaming) Lodi CA, February Chibi Chibi Con (one-day, Anime) Olympia WA, February Mighty Con (one day, comics, cosplay) Wheaton IL, February Midlands MCM Expo (one-day, comics, media, anime, gaming) Telford Shropshire UK, February Infinity Toy and Comic Con (one-day, comics, toys, costuming) Orlando FL, February POSTPONED: WAI-Con Heros Edition (one-day, anime, cosplay, gaming) Perth WA Australia, February Introduction to Steampunk (one day, steampunk) Lodi WI, February 8th Annual Artopia Miami (one day, steampunk, art) Coral Gables FL, February Intercon P Pirates (LARP, players) Westborough MA, February Total Confusion 31 (gaming, minitures, costuming welcomed) Mansfield MA, February Dreamation 2017 (Gaming, LARP) Morristown NJ, February Boskone 54 (literary, gaming, filk) Boston MA, February Wizard World: Portland Comic Con (comics, media) Portland OR, February Wicked Faire (Adultish +16yrs, Renfair, music) Princeton NJ, February Anime Crossroads 2017 (anime) Indanapolis IN, February Con Nooga 2017 Chattanooga TN, February Japan Expo Sud (anime) Parc Chanot-Marseille France, February The Surrey Steampunk Convivial VI (steampunk) New Malden Surrey Great Britain (UK), February Comic Con Express Pune (comics, cosplay, media) (Facebook) Deccan College Ground Deccan College Rd Ranjeet Nagar Yerawada Pune Maharashtra India, February Walker Stalker Con (Walking Dead, zombis) London UK, February Pulp AdventureCon (one day, pulp fiction, vintage paperbacks, movie collectibles) Fort Lauderdale FL, February Kita-Kon Winterfest 2016 (anime) Lakehead University Thunder Bay Ontario Canada, February Zipcon (one day, anime) University of Akron Akron OH, February Digi-Con (one day, media, anime) Doncaster UK, February The Toronto Comic Book Show (one day, comics, toys) Toronto Ontario Canada, February BeyondCon (Costuming Convention) sponsored by the Beyond Reality Costumers Guild Gig Harbor WA, February Wizard World: Cleveland Comic Con (comics, media) Cleveland OH, February Anime Matsuri (anime) Houston TX, February MystiCon 2017 Roanoke VA, February Concave XXXVIII Bowling Green KY, February ConDor 24 San Diego CA, February Supernatural Official Convention (Supernatural, media) Nashville TN, February AnachroCon 2017: The Weird Wild West (steampunk) Atlanta GA, February VisionCon 2017 (comics, media, gaming, anime, cosplay) Branson MO, February Wizard World: Cleveland Comic Con (media, comics, cosplay, gaming) Cleveland OH, February PokéCon (Pokémon) W Atlanta GA, February Great Lakes Comic-Con (comics, toys, costuming, cosplay, gaming) Warren MI, February ETSU-Con (anime) Johnson City TN, February Endless Night: Tampa Vampire Ball 2016 "Secrets of the Crimson Rose" (ball theme: vampire, steampunk, more) Tampa Florida, February Ai-Kon - Winterfest (anime, gaming) Winnepeg Manitoba Canada, February Steampunk Emporium And Bazaar (steampunk) Sacramento CA, February Tanibata (art, anime, cosplay) Rostov-na-Donu Russia, February CANCELLED 2015: Canadian Haunted Attractions Conference (Haunts, Halloween) Guelph Ontarion Canada, March, March 3-5 Marscon 2017 (Minnesota) Bloomington MN, March 3-5 Agamacon (anime, cosplay, gaming) Aiken SC, March 3-5 MinamiCon 23 (anime, cosplay) Southhampton UK, March 4 Big Apple Con (one day, comics, media) NYC NY, March 10-12 HELIOsphere Tarrytown NY, March 18-19 Dunedin Armageddon (media, comics, anime, SF/Fantasy) Dunedin New Zealand, March 18-20 RevelCon (relax-a-con, zinefest, TV) Houston TX, March 24-26 Furry Fiesta 2017 (furry) Dallas TX, March 30-April 2 Game Storm 19 (gaming) Vancouver WA, March 31-April 2 Albacon 2017 Albany NY, March NordicFuzzCon (furry, steampunk murder mystery theme) Stockholm Sweden, March Vancoufur 2017 Vancouver BC Canada, March CoastCon 40 Biloxi MS, March Consonance 2017 (filk, music) MilpitasCA, March Wild Wild West SteamPunk Convention (steampunk) Old Tucson AZ, March Omni Expo (anime, gaming, comics) Orlando FL, March Genericon XXX (Facebook) Troy NY, March Gnome Con 6 Savannah GA, March AniBlaze Anime & Fan Convention (anime, cosplay, gaming) Atlanta GA, March Horror Realm (horror, media) Pittsburgh PA, March Treasure Coast Freak Show (horror, media) Ft. Pierce FL, March CONjure (media, comics, costuming, anime, gaming) Orlando FL, March Film & Comic Con Cardiff Expo (comics, anime, Dr. Who) Cardiff Wales UK, March Manukau Armageddon (media, comics, anime, SF/Fantasy, gaming) Manukau New Zealand, March FantastiCon Lansing (media, comics, costuming, anime, gaming) Lansing MI, March Walker Stalker 2017 (The Walking Dead) Dallas TX, March Valiant 2017 (Dr Who) Workstation Sheffield UK, March Anime Evolution - Harumatsuri (one-day, anime) Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre Burnaby BC, March Tupelo Comic Con (one day, comics, cosplay, music) Tupelo MS, March CardboardCon 2017 (one day, cardboard costuming) Atlanta GA, March Jacksonville Anime Day (one day, anime) Jacksonville FL, March Steampunk Cruise (cruise, steampunk) (Facebook) Galveston TX, March Mondo Con Spring (anime, gaming) Budapest Hungary, March Supernatural Official Convention (Supernatural, media) Las Vegas NV, March JoeLanta (G.I. Joe, Toys, costume contest, media and wrestling guests, diorama/figure contests) Atlanta GA, March Eyecon - Vampire Diaries (media, autographs, games, Halloween party) Wilmington NC, March Naka-Kon 2017 (anime) Overland Park KS, March Cleveland ConCoction (media, gaming, art, costuming, comics, literature) Cleveland OH, March Kamicon (anime, cosplay) Birmingham AL, March Madicon 26 Harrisonburg VA, March Anime Milwaukee 2016 (anime) Milwaukee WI, March FOGcon 7 (literary) Walnut Creek CA, March Monster-Mania Con 36 (horror, media) Cherry Hill NJ, March StarFest/HorrorFest/ComicFest/RoboFest (SF media/horror/comics) Denver CO, March Triad Anime Con (anime) Winston-Salem NC, March Shumatsucon (anime, cosplay) Columbus OH, March Lexington Comic & Toy Con (comics, media, toys, gaming, cosplay) Lexington KY, March Geneva Steam Convention (steampunk) Delavan WI, March Tucson Festival of Books (literary) Tucson AZ, March Christchurch Armageddon (media, comics, anime, SF/Fantasy) Christchurch New Zealand, March Fanboy Expo Lakeland (media, comics) Lakeland FL, March Super Sac-Con (media, comics, toys, anime) Sacramento CA, March RESCHEDULED 2016: BobaFest (media, Jeremy Bulloch) El Paso TX, March Liverpool MCM Expo (comics, media, anime, cosplay, gaming) Liverpool UK, March Heroes & Villains (media, comics) Rosemont IL, March "Memories, Moments and Mayhem" Convention and Wrestling Event (Wrestling, memorbilia, comics, collectable dealers) Ballston Spa NY, March Queen City Kamikaze (one day, anime, gaming) (Facebook) Manchester NH, March Rai-Con (one day, anime, cosplay, gaming) Glasgow Scotland, March Genesis: A Steampunk Ball (one day ball steampunk) Indianapolis IN, March ASSAP Symposium: Seriously Enchanted (fairies) University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol England, March, March The 37rd International Conference on the Fantastic in Arts (academic, literary) Orlando FL, March All-Con Dallas TX, March DeepCon 18 Fiuggi Italy, March Manga-Comic-Convention (anime, manga, cosplay, gaming) Leipzig Germany, March Lunacon 2017 (Facebook) Rye Brook NY, March MidSouthCon 35 Memphis TN, March FantaSciCon - A Glitch in Time (literary, gaming, fan fun) Dalton GA, March ROFCON- Ring of Fire (general SF) (with Fursonacon) Hampton VA, March Fursonacon (furry)(with ROFCON- Ring of Fire) Hampton VA, March TexanCon V (anime, cosplay) Stephenville TX, March Wizard World: Las Vegas Comic Con (comics, media) Las Vegas NV, March (Re)Generation Who (Doctor Who) Cockeysville MD, March EvilleCon (anime) Evansville IN, March High Desert Steam Con (steampunk) Sparks NV, March Toronto Comic Con (Media, comics, Anime) Toronto ON Canada, March Shuto Con 2017 (anime, gaming) Lansing MI, March Con-Nichiwa (anime, gaming) Tucson AZ, March Furnal Equinox 2017 (furry) Toronto ON Canada, March Vericon XVII (literary, gaming, anime, Masquerade Ball) Harvard Cambridge Massaschusetts, March Kawa Kon (anime) St. Louis MO, March Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 (comics, Stan Lee, media, anime, SF/Fantasy) San Jose CA, March AICON (anime) Wrest Point TAS Australia, March CANCELLED 2016: SoKomics Expo(comics, illustration, gaming, music) Bowling Green KY, March Galactic Con (comics) Middletown DE, March Philadelphia Comic Con (one day, comics) Essington PA, March Kelowna Fan Expo (one day, comics, cosplay, anime, media) Kelowna BC Canada, March Cruise Trek 2017 South America(3 ways) (Star Trek, Cruise) Buenos Aires Argentina Valparaiso Chile more, March Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 (media, comics, cosplay) Salt Lake City UT, March Norwescon 40 Seattle WA, March Swancon 42 Perth Australia, March WonderCon 2017 (comics, media) Anaheim CA, March Anime Boston 2017 (anime) Boston MA, March Sakura-Con 2017 (anime) Seattle WA, March Con-GT (Doctor Who) Clarksville TN, March AnimeLand Wasabi (anime) Denver CO, March AnimeJapan (anime) Tokyo Japan, March LouisiANIME (anime) Baton Rouge LA, March MTAC - Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (anime) Nashville TN, March AnomalyCon (steampunk) Denver CO, March Mancunicon ?? (Facebook) Manchester UK, March Art Pop Comic Expo (comics, comic artists, cosplay) Jonesboro AR, March Ultracon: Geekfest Florida (cosplay, cosplay contests, media, gaming, toys, comics) Boca Raton FL, March Animarathon XXX (one day, anime) Bowling Green OH, March Animaia 2017 (anime, cosplay) (look under upcoming events) Monmouth County Library - Headquarters Manalapan NJ, March BelleCon (anime, Japanese culture) University of North Florida Jacksonville FL, March Conference on Middle Earth 2017 (Literary, Tolkien and his writings) Albany NY, March Karoshi-con (one day, anime) (Facebook) Dekalb IL, March Ark-Con 2017 (gaming, cosplay) (Facebook) Springdale AR, March Midwest Costume Academy (one day costume classes) Collinsville IL, March Scream-a-Rama (horror, films) Gettysburg PA, March A-Lot-A-Con (anime, cosplay, gaming) (Facebook) Oneonta NY, March Twisted Gears (one day Steampunk - University of Houston) (Facebook) Houston TX, March ??Steampact (steampunk) Rome Italy, March American Music & Pop Culture Expo (toys, collectables) Hershey PA, March ?River City Steampunk Fair (one day) Vicksburg MS, April, April 2-5 Emerald City Comicon (comics, media) Seattle WA, April 7-9 Anime Detour (anime) Bloomington MN, April 7-9 CyPhaCon (anime, gaming, SF) Lake Charles LA, April 7-9 Wizard World: St. Louis Comic Con (comics, media) St. Louis MO, April 14-16 Minicon 52 Bloomington MN, April 14-17 Eastercon 68: Innominate! (British National SF Convention) Birmingham England, April 20-24 Costume-Con 35 (costuming, classes, cosplay) Mississauga Ontario Canada, April 21-23 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (comics, media) Chicago IL, April 21-23 JordanCon 9 (literary, costuming, gaming) Atlanta GA, April 21-23 Supanova Pop Culture Expo Gold Coast Australia, April 22-23 Tora-Con (Anime) RIT Rochester NY, April 28-30 Supanova Pop Culture Expo: Melbourne 2017 Melbourne VIC Austrailia, April 28-30 Odyssey Con 17 Madison WI, April 28-30 Steampunk Symposium (steampunk) Cincinnati OH, April 29 Columbia Antique Toy, Comic & Collectible Con (one day, toys, collectibles) Columbia SC, April Hurrican Who: Bon Voyage Paradox (Dr. Who, media) Orlando FL, April Collective Con (media, comics, music) Jacksonville FL, April Sci-fi on the Rock 10 (authors, artists, media) St. John's Newfoundland/Labrador Canada, April NashiCon 2017 Columbia SC, April Zenkaikon (anime) Lancaster PA, April Professor Mondo's Dangerworks Conclave (steampunk) Sacramento CA, April AggieCon 48 Bryan TX, April ConBust (anime) Smith College Northampton MA, April Nadeshicon (anime) Quebec QC Canada, April Kitacon Karnival (anime) Birmingham UK, April 221B Con (Sherlock Holmes) Atlanta GA, April FCD2017 (media, Star Trek, cosplay, gaming, charities) The International Centre Telford UK, April Spooky Empire Retro (horror, Halloween) Orlando FL, April Oz Comic Con (media, comics, anime, cosplay) Perth Australia, April F.A.C.T.S. Spring 2017 (comics, Sci Fi, anime) Flanders Ghent Belgium, April L.I. Geek (media, TV, movies, cosplay, costume, gaming) Coram NY, April Mizuumi-Con 10 (anime) San Antonio TX, April Walker Stalker Con (Walking Dead, zombis) Denver CO, April MoCCAfest (anime, manga) (Society of Illustrators) NYC NY, April Anime Dublin (one day, anime) Dublin Ireland, April Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Collectors Show (authors, artists, comics, books) Glendale Los Angeles CA, April Jersey Shore Comic Book Show (comics, toys, collectables)Toms River NJ, April New Jersey Collectors Con (comics, toys, collectables) Cherry Hill NJ, April Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016 (comics, anime) Dubai United Arab Emirates, April Tekko (anime, music, gaming) Pittsburgh PA, April BotCon 2017 (transfomers, toys) Louisville KY, April Wizard World: Madison Comic Con (comics, media) Madison WI, April FILKONtario (Filk) Mississauga Ontario Canada, April ConGlomeration 2017 Louisville KY, April AnimeCon Arkansas (anime) Little Rock AR, April Kawaii Kon (anime) Honolulu HI, April Motor City Furry Convention (furry, gaming) Novi MI, April Bangor Comic & Toy Con! (comics, animay, cosplay, gaming, media) Bangor ME, April WillyCon XIX Wayne NE, April Ottawa Geek Market (market for SF, comic books, fantasy, anime, steampunk, gaming, toys more) Nepean ON Canada, April Boston Super Megafest (media, comics, music) Marlborough MA, April Pirate Fest (pirates) Las Vegas NV, April Walker Stalker 2017 (The Walking Dead) Nashville TN, April Jaycon 7 (anime, cosplay) Elizabethtown PA, April Oz Comic Con (media, comics, anime, cosplay) Adelaide Australia, April Sci-Fi Scarborough (comics, media, cosplay, gaming) The Spa Complex Scarborough UK, April SteamFest Maitland (Steampunk, trains) (Facebook) Ipswich Queensland Australia, April Winnipeg Pop Culture (comics, toys, gaming) Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, April March in Time to Steampunk and Wine (steampunk) Florence CO, April Ocean City Comic Con & Memorabilia (comics, artists, 1 mile hero run) Ocean City Free Public Library Ocean City NJ, April Dee Con (one day, comics, anime, games) (Twitter) (Facebook) Dundee UK, April Steel City Con 2017 (toys, comics) Monroeville PA, April Treklanta (Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and Babylon 5) Tucker GA, April Midwest Media Expo (comics, anime, gaming, media, steampunk) Dearborn MI, April G7 (Glee) Heathrow UK, April Mang'Azur (anime) Toulon France, April Steampunk Expo & Gothic Con (steampunk) Chattanooga TN, April Animation and Gaming Ohio 2017 (anime, gaming) Cincinati OH, April No Brand Con (anime, gaming) Wisconsin Dells WI, April East Coast Comicon (comics, art) Meadowlands Exposition Center NJ, April Alaska Steamposium 2017 (steampunk) (Facebook) Anchorage AK, April USA Science Festival 2017 (science, STEM education) Washington DC, April FantastiCon Toledo (media, comics, costuming, anime, gaming) Toledo OH, April Space Coast Nerd Fest (media, comics, cosplay, music, entertainment) Melbourne FL, April Cascade Writers (one-day, literary, writing) Tacoma WA, April Kappa Kon (one day, anime) (Facebook) Milwaukee WI, April ComicCard (one day, comics) Bloomington MN, April FantastiCon Montreal (one day, anime) Lonqueuil Quebec Canada, April Palace Theater Horror Fest (all year, films, concerts) The Palace Theatre Syracuse NY, April Time Travelers Bazaar (bazaar, steampunk, future science, Dr. Who, fantasy, Golden Age, science fiction, medieval, fable) Sacramento CA, April Atlanta Comic Convention (one day, comics) Atlanta Ga, April EVE Fanfest 2017 (EVE, game development, gaming, entertainment) Harpa Reykjavik Iceland, April ConStellation 8 Lincoln NE, April The Great Philadelphia Comic Con (media, comics, cosplay, gaming) The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks PA, April Florida Anime Experience (Anime) Orlando FL, April Figments & Filaments Convention (costuming, cosplay) Overland Park KS, April Chiller Theater Parsippany NJ, April WhoFest 4 (Dr Who) Dallas TX, April Oasis 29 Orlando FL, April HavenCon (cosplay, gaming) Austin TX, April CONgregation 2017 (comics, cosplay, music, gaming) Omaha NE, April PAX East (gaming) Boston MA, April Monsterpalooza (monsters, media) Burbank CA, April BABSCon 2017 (My Little Pony) Burlingame CA, April Flower City Comic Con (comics, cosplay, gaming, science fiction, fantasy) Rochester NY, April Kraken Con (anime, comics, cartoons) Oakland CA, April Marble City Comicon (comics, cosplay, anime, media, costume contest) Knoxville TN, April ChaseCon Expo (media, cosplay, gaming) Saratoga NY, April FanExpo (Central) Canada (comics, media, artists, cosplay) Cornwall Ontario Canada, April CAPE - Cornwall & Area Pop Event (comics, media, artists, cosplay) Canada Centre East at Evraz Place Regina Saskatchewan Canada, April Castle Point Anime Convention (one day anime) Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken NJ, April Wales Comic Con (one day, media, comics) Wrexham UK, April FanExpo (Central) Canada (comics, media, artists, cosplay) Cornwall Ontario Canada, April Wild West Steam Fest (Steampunk, Performers, Wild West) (Facebook) The Heritage Museum of Orange County Santa Ana CA, April Boston Japanese Festival (one-day, Japanese Culture) Boston MA, April The World Horror Convention, April Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (media, comics, cosplay, gaming) Stampede Park Calgary Alberta Canada, April RECON 2017 (Historical Miniatures Gaming) Richmond VA, April RavenCon 2017 Williamsburg VA, April Sukoshi Con - Anime Southwest (anime) Denver CO, April Texas Frightmare Weekend (horror media) Dallas TX, April Ad Astra 2017 Toronto ON Canada, April Animatic (anime) Cincinnati OH, April Animefest (anime) Brno Czech Republic, April Oz-Con (anime, gaming, cosplay) West Plains MO, April Penguicon (SF and Open Source Software) Pontiac MI, April Miracle Day 3 (Torchwood media) Heathrow UK, April Undiscovered Realm Comic-Con (comics, media, cosplay, anime) White Plains NY, April Eastern Shore Fan Con (one day, anime, comics, cosplay, video games) (Facebook) Princess Anne MD, April Aethercircus 2016 Stade Germany, April DoKomi (anime) Dusseldorf Germany, April Shikacon (Anime) Bristol VA, April Quinni-Con (anime) Quinnipiac University Hamden CT, April EM-Con (media, cosplay) Nottingham UK, April Lebanon MEGA Con (comics, media, cosplay, wrestling, gaming, charity) Lebanon MO, April Gènérations Star Wars et Science Fiction (Star Wars, SF) Cusset France, April Taiga Con (anime) Atlanta GA, April T-Mode (anime, gaming) Rockville MD, April Anime Punch: Armageddicon Reborn! (anime) Columbus OH, April Four Winds - Steampunk and Kozaky Weekend (steampunk, anime) Troup TX, April ENDED FOR NOW: Lucky Con (anime) (Facebook) Lincoln UK, April GameFFest (gaming) Prague Czech Republic, April Vulcan Events: Away Mission Tampa FL, April CANCELLED 2016: Anime Conji (Anime) San Diego CA, April CANCELLED 2015: Shinboku Con (anime, role playing) Huron OH, April Chaoticon (gaming of all types) (Facebook) Green Bay WI, April Knoxville Comicom and Animecon (anime, comics) Knoxville TN, April ?? Steampunk Industrial Revolution (steampunk) Nashua NH, April HIATUS: Nova Albion SteamPunk Exhibition (steampunk) Santa Clara CA, April NYC 19th Century Extravaganza (19th century life, costuming, steampunk) NYC NY, May 5-7 Demicon 27 Des Moines IA, May 18-22 MISTI-Con 2017 (Harry Potter!) Laconia NH, May Dimension Jump (Red Dwarf) Nottingham UK, May National Haunters Convention 2015 (all about haunted houses) Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks PA, June 3 WausaubiCon (anime) (Facebook) Wausau WI, June CANCELLED 2015: ShinkouCon (anime, cosplay) (Facebook) Secaucus NJ, July 1-4 Westercon 70 Tempe AZ, April 15-23 Sci-Fi Sea Cruise: Doctor Who Cruise (Dr Who) (Facebook) Port Canaveral FL, July 21-23 Wizard World: Raleigh Comic Con (comics, media) Raleigh NC, July MinCon (one day, anime, cosplay, comics, science fiction, fantasty, gaming) Mineola NY, July DeepSouthCon - ConGregate (literary, costuming, gaming) High Point NC, July Nom-Con (anime) (Facebook) Dublin Ireland, September 8-10 Wizard World: Nashville Comic Con (comics, media) Nashville TN, November 2-5 World Fantasy Convention 2017 (literary) San Antonio TX, November 17-19 Wizard World: Reno Comic Con (comics, media) Reno NV, North American Discworld Convention