Voiceover: Promos & Trailers

There are seven guys who do 90% of all movie trailers and network promos – I’m number eight. I do have plans to make one of them “disappear” soon so I can take their place. Until then, I’ll continue to voice my share of that other 10% – including promos for HBO, Showtime, Bravo, CBS, ABC, NBC and
a myriad of those cable channels (BellyButton TV: Lint Worth Picking At). If you need that rumble-honey movie trailer guy for your project, one man, against all odds, is here to get his revenge! Or, uh, record your project.
Mimicking a trailer VO while on a date is sexy only in your mind.

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Movie Trailer Guy

Everybody will have the need to hire a movie trailer guy for their promo or teaser trailer. Always comes up! Usually they’re thinking of the Godfather of movie announcers: Don LaFontaine. But there are actually a dozen or so very well known men doing trailers for films. The actual trend of using voiceover in the traditional previews movie theaters have is declining. Many producers and film companies are opting for text, instead. But, like everything, it’s cyclical.

I’ve only ever been heard before a film in an actual movie theater once. It was a for a whacky comedy spoofing the films of the day. It was so long ago I barely remember the name. I do remember that it spoofed Clerks so you know it has to have been a very long time ago!

Television promos

The more ubiquitous venue for promo voices if television. It’s that voice telling you what’s coming up, etc. I’ve had a handful of those jobs through the years. Many voice actors are hired as a particular shows “voice” throughout the season, while others change it up. And then there are the regional stations that use local talent for syndicated shows or local ones. And within that, there are voices just for the news, etc.

While I’ve not been a the voice of an entire network yet (like legend Joe Cipriano), I was the voice for daytime TV a while back.

CBS Daytime Promos

In 2002 I landed the summer gig of “hot enough for you” campaign. It was the page for
every promo I did for CBS’ daytime soaps. I booked the gig because I had overheard their direction to the previous talent. They wanted the tag phrase to be said in a bizarre way. Not as a question “hot enough for you?” But as a statement. As they put it - “we know we are hot enough for them.” And I was like, “If that’s the case, why are you using a stupid phrase like that?” Okay, I didn’t say that. I wanted the gig and the good pay! The downside of promos is that you have to be available every day throughout the year for last minute promos. And that happens a lot! So, for an actor like me who has on-camera auditions, etc. It made things scary. If unavailable for any one recording, they would get another guy who WAS available. And then they just might stay with him.

My campaign only lasted a summer but it did fund the birth of my home studio. It was the last gig I booked while also having a survival job. After that, I quit it and only worked as an actor from 2002 onward. Oh, and a fun side note: I actually booked a few days on a CBS soap that same summer. So, I worked it for a few days. The following week I was doing the promo voiceover for MY episodes! Quite surreal.

NFL Network Promos

I am actually really proud of my NFL Network promos. The style was a subtle blend of “just the facts, ma’am” and Frontline narrator Will Lyman.

Promos and movie trailers are a whole voiceover field unto themselves. In addition to being the promo voice for CBS Daytime back in the day, I have had a blast being that deep voiced movie trailer guy for Nuclear Dawn, Dating Rules, Reality TV announcer, NFL Network, Resident Evil, Prolet, Ace Combat, House of the Wolfman, The Art of Manliness, Ophelia Radio, Crysis, Young Hercules, Rise of Dragonian Era, Sports Crash from Mighty Oak Entertainment and more...