Voiceover: Radio Commercials

They say radio is “theatre of the mind.” Where else can you immerse yourself in the drama of asking your doctor about Viagra, or the heartache of leaving your bank for another, or the danger of using a careless muffler mechanic?
They also say voiceover actors should be heard and not seen. Whoever “they” are, they freak me out little… Enjoy these videos of radio commercials on your computer while you’re texting about your new voiceover guy.
DC adds “so suck it!” at the end of his legal tags.

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Supplemental information: Most voiceover actors enjoy radio spots the most because it's all about the voice. That goes for me. I love the absolute freedom of both the script (copy) and the voice direction. It’s like doing cartoon or videogame work because they want to really hit the nail on the head. Sure, many spots require that reserved, authoritative announcer, but many allow me to be gruff mechanic or silly sexy or an old snooty guy.


Again, many of these spots liked to use my Don Pardo style voice. But others were unexpected. Literally! I had booked Mercedes Benz of Southern California for a series of off spots patterned after Twin Peaks. I’m aloof, uppity and just a tad effeminate. Well, after they started airing - some homophobic executive heard them on the radio and told corporate to change the style. The replacement voice was generic “guy.”

That, of course, is also the downside of advertising and the art. Some people lack vision or want to put their own stamp on a process already unsteady by committee that the last breath of creativity gets snuffed out. Sorry, got a little poetic there.


Which leads me to one of the most creative folks out there: Secret Weapon Marketing
and the famous Dick Sittig. I was cast in a simple call-in style radio spot for Jack-In-The-Box. They weren’t quite ready to record, though, because their legal department hadn’t cleared the character name (something all shows and commercials have to do). I suggested they use my real name. Dick thought it was a funny name and said yes. We recorded the spot and it played all around the US. Well, my real name includes a “Jr.” and it hadn’t occurred to me that my dad might wanna have a say about his name being used! Especially by a rather effete character! Needless to say, he got a lot of calls from friends when it was airing on his local radio stations.

As a footnote, Secret Weapon Marketing no longer reps Jack-In-The-Box. Jack moved over to David and Goliath Advertising.


I have been fortunate enough to perform voiceover duties on commercials for Jack-in-th-Box, McDonalds, Subway sandwiches, Target, Sloonshine, Burger Kind, Taco Bell, Chevy, Sirius XM, Acura, Bank of the West, Barona, Colorado Lottery, HEB, Hinda, Lexus, Mercedes Benz of Southern California, Public, Papa Murphy's Pizza, Six Flags, Disney, Toyota, 7-Eleven, XO Communications, The Capital Grille, and many more commercials.